Get upto 70% off on hotel bookings

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We are changing the rules of hospitality to bring flexibility and fairness into hotel bookings

Book hotel for a few hours and save money

Only pay for time you stay

We advocate fair pricing. Why pay for entire day if you use the hotel only for few hours? At Mistay you pay only for the time you stay at the hotel.
Flexible check-in at hotels on MiStay

Flexible check in & check out time

You don't need to wait till 12 noon to check-in. You don't have to check-out at 11 am if your flight is late in the evening. You can select the slots that suits your timings.
MiStay gives you a delightful hotel experience.

Delightful hotel experience

We only partner with the best hotels. Our average rating on TripAdvisor is 4+. We ensure the staff, location, amenities & services of hotel are such that you'll love to come back.

Hotel booking online by hour

Transit hotels

Have a long layover before a connecting flight/ train and wondering if you could book hotel rooms by hour?
Struggling to find hourly hotel to relax for a few hours?
You can now book hotels near airport or hotels near railway station by pack of hours and refresh yourself before the onward journey.

Day use hotels

Do you travel often on business trips and require a room only to freshen-up before the meeting or conference?
You no longer need to book room for entire day. You can book a day-use hotel at MiStay if you require it only for day stay.

Flexible check-in

Reached city early morning and want to check in early? Have a flight late evening and do not want to check-out early?
You no longer need to struggle to find a 24 check-in hotel. At MiStay, you get flexible check-in & check-out times.