If the thought of travel give you goosebumps, there is good news for you. The world of travel is going to change. The rigid hospitality traditions are going to be broken to bring flexibility and fairness to travelers. Now you have more reasons to give wings to your love for travel.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be excited if you love to travel:

1. Only pay for time you stay

Has it happened in any of your trips that you needed a place just to freshen up or relax for few hours? You didn’t want to wait at the airport terminal during long layover? Or you only wanted a place just for the night to sleep after roaming around the city whole day?

Why pay for entire day when you require the room for only few hours?

MiStay is advocating fair pricing. You can be able to book a room and pay only for the time slots for which you require the room.

2. No waiting till noon to check-in

Remember the last trip when you reached the hotel early morning only to realize the hotelier won’t let you check-in till 12 noon? And you were asked to pay extra to check-in early?

This may not happen again!

MiStay allows you to book room for the slots whose timings suit you. So if you require the room early, just book the morning slot and avoid the hassle of negotiating with the hotel or waiting at the reception.

3. Luxury in your Budget

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the luxury of 5 star hotels, but unfortunately not so often you could burn the hard earned money to pay the fat bills. Until now!

What if you could experience the luxuries within your budget?

The MicroStay model of MiStay allow travelers to book room at only a fraction of the full-day rate as you can book it for a time-slot of few hours rather than entire day. We are partnering with some of the best hotels whose hospitality and services you have always wanted to experience. Now you can upgrade to luxury while staying within your budget by being smart & efficient :-)

MiStay has been launched on April 12th. Book your rooms now for the slots you want – surprise gifts for the first 5 bookings :-)