Blockchain 101 With Prudhvi Dharmana, IIT Kharagpur
Bangalore, Jan. 27, 2019, 2 p.m. - Jan. 27, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

HSR Layout Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

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I think we all agree without doubt, that there is a lot of hypesurrounding blockchain and the way it will "revolutionize" our future. I'm sure you have heard things like how blockchain startups are going after a trillion dollar industry that includes finance, health, education, energy and what not. So was I, bombarded with all this hype, went around and read the original bitcoin whitepaper in full. I've realized this is an application of distributed systems that I've taken in my final year of CSE at IIT Kharagpur. But then I still did not understand how the heck this technology is going to revolutionize things in energy, health and education! After all, this is a distributed database with no central authority. I've researched more, signed upvarious online courses, blogs, podcasts and of course "white papers" and over a period of time, I've understood thehype vs realityof blockchain and what it can promise in future.So, here I am to share my findings! Also, I've been particularly researching aroundsustainable startups with blockchain and will discuss in detail about them.

Topics that I wish to cover broadly:

  1. Introduction to Blockchain Concepts and the Cryptographic Principles behind it
  2. Blockchain vs Distributed databases
  3. Proof of Work, consensus
  4. Smart Contracts
  5. Etherium as a protocol
  6. Detailed discussion of the application of blockchain in the following sectors:
    1. Finance
    2. Renewable Energy
    3. Health
    4. Education

Who am I:

I'm Prudhvi Dharmana, graduate from IIT Kharagpur, 2016. I am deeply enthusiastic in robotics, renewable energies, and distributed systems. I worked as software engineer in Microsoft and currently in Rubrik. Planning to start something in renewable energies soon!

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