Microsoft Power Bi
Kolkata, Feb. 19, 2020, 9:30 a.m. - Feb. 19, 2020, 5 p.m.

The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata 1, 2, 3, Old Court House Street, Dalhousie Square, Near Raj Bhavan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700069

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Go from data to insights in minutes.
Any data, any way, anywhere. And all in one view.

Less than five minutes. Thats all it takes to start transforming your data into live dashboards and reports thatll help you find answers to your companys most important questions.

Power BI is a radically new tool in the hands of business enterprises that are overwhelmed with the amount of data at hand and until now did not have a cost-effective tool to extract insights from it. Enter Power BI which is a set of tools and applications that lets you extract data from multiple unrelated sources and convert it into a neatly managed and coherent set of information, visually appealing insights, interactive data, charts, graphs, and reports.

What you will learn in thisPowerBICourse?

  1. Get an in-depth understanding ofPowerBIand how it works in different scenarios
  2. Learn about the three vital components the Desktop, service, and Mobile apps
  3. Visualize and analyze data, derive insights from Excel spreadsheet or local database
  4. Create compelling reports, visualizations, derive real-time insights and deploy it on demand
  5. Create, share, collaborate and benefit from business information with purpose-built dashboards
  6. Know how to get work done without being a Business Intelligence professional
  7. Use Salesforce Data, Azure SQL Database & SQL server analysis tabular data
  8. Deploy content packs to work with Quick Books online and Adobe analytics
  9. Complete live Projects onPowerBIto get hands-on experience.

What are the prerequisites for taking thisCourse?

You dont need any prior knowledge to benefit from thisPowerBItraining.

Why should you take this Power BI Course?

Today every business enterprise and department needs extensive business insights and power BI puts the power in your hands. You can easily work with multiple sources of data, convert it into a report, graph, or data visualization of your choice. Get real-time insights and deploy it faster than any other BI tool available in the market. It is open-source and highly intuitive and does not need technical knowledge or IT support.

PowerBICourse Content

  • Introduction toPowerBI
  • Introduction to MicrosoftPowerBI,
  • The key features of Power BI workflow, Desktop application, BI service, and file data sources, sourcing data from the web (OData, Azure)
  • Building dashboard, data visualization, publishing to cloud, DAX data computation, row context, filter context, Analytics Pane, creating columns and measures, data drill down and drill up, creating tables, binned tables, data modeling and relationships, thePowerBIcomponents likePowerView, Map, Query, Pivot,PowerQ & A, understanding advanced visualization.

Hands-on Exercise Demo of building aPowerBIdashboard, Source data from web, Publish to cloud, Createpowertables

  • Extracting Data
  • Learning aboutPowerQuery for self-service ETL functionalities,
  • Introduction to data mashup, working with Excel data, learning about Power BIPersonal Gateway, extracting data from files, folders, and databases, working with Azure SQL database and database source, connecting to Analysis Services, SaaS functionalities of Power BI.

Hands-on Exercise Connect to a database, Import data from an excel file, Connect to SQL Server, Analysis Service, Connect toPowerQuery, Connect to SQL Azure, Connect to Hadoop

  • PowerQuery for Data Transformation
  • Installing Power BI, the various requirements and configuration settings, the power Query,
  • Introduction to Query Editor, data transformation column, row, text, data type, adding & filling columns and number column, column formatting, transpose table, appending, splitting, formatting data, Pivot and UnPivot, Merge Join, relational operators, date, time calculations, working with M functions, lists, records, tables, data types, and generators, Filters & Slicers, Index and Conditional Columns, Summary Tables, writing custom functions and error handling, M advanced data transformations.

Hands-on Exercise InstallPowerBIDesktop and configure the settings, Use Query editor, Write apowerquery, Transpose a table

  • PowerPivot for Data Modeling and Data Analysis Expression
  • Introduction toPowerPivot, learning about the xVelocity engine.
  • Advantages of Power Pivot, various versions, and relationships, strongly typed datasets, Data Analysis Expressions, Measures, Calculated Members, Row, Filter & Evaluation Context, Context Interactions, Context over Relations, Schema Relations, learning about Table, Information, Logical, Text, Iterator, Table, and Time Intelligence Functions, Cumulative Charts, Calculated Tables, ranking and rank over groups, Power Pivot advanced functionalities, date and time functions, DAX advanced features, embedding Power Pivot in Power BI Desktop.

Hands-on Exercise Create a Power Pivot Apply filters, Use advanced functionalities like date and time functions, Embed Power Pivot in Power BIDesktop, Create DAX queries for calculating column, tables, and measures

  • Data Visualization with Analytics
  • Deep dive intoPowerBIdata visualization
  • UnderstandingPowerView andPowerMap
  • PowerBIDesktop visualization, formatting and customizing visuals, visualization interaction, SandDance visualization, deployingPowerView on SharePoint and Excel, top down and bottom up analytics, comparing volume and value-based analytics
  • Working withPowerView to create Reports, Charts, Scorecards, and other visually rich formats, categorizing, filtering and sorting data usingPowerView, Hierarchies, mastering the best practices, Custom Visualization, Authenticate aPowerBIweb application, Embedding dashboards in applications

Hands-on Exercise Create aPowerView and aPowerMap, Format and customize visuals, DeployPowerView on SharePoint and Excel, Implement top-down and bottom-up analytics, CreatePowerView reports, Charts, Scorecards, Add a custom visual to report, Authenticate aPowerBIweb application, Embed dashboards in applications, Categorize, filter and sort data usingPowerView, Create hierarchies, Use date hierarchies, use business hierarchies, resolve hierarchy issues

  • PowerQ & A
  • Introduction toPowerQ & A
  • Intuitive tool to answer tough queries using natural language
  • Getting answers in the form of charts, graphs and data discovery methodologies, ad hoc analytics building,PowerQ & A best practices, integrating with SaaS applications

Hands-on Exercise Write queries using natural language, Get answers in the form of charts, graphs, Build ad hoc analytics, Pin a tile and a range to dashboard

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