Personal Goal Setting OR Vision Board Session (at your preferred time)
Mumbai, Nov. 30, 2019, 10:30 a.m. - Nov. 30, 2019, 3 p.m.

Purple Feather Coaching Opposite Model Town, Andheri West (5 minutes from Kokilaben Hospital)

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In this session, I guide you through the process of defining your goals ORcreating your own Vision Board.This will be a creative cum mentally stimulating session.

This is a one-on-one,Goal-Setting/Vision Boardsession. You know Your life as it is now. But where do you want it to head? Who do You want to be? WHAT IS YOURPOINT 'B'?

This is a holistic, detailed and ever so slightly intimidating (but only briefly, don't worry!) BUT ultimately satisfying way to SET YOUR GOALS!

HOW ARE SESSIONS CONDUCTED? - You can either choose to come for a face-to-face session in my office inAndheri West, MumbaiOR have anonline session, over Skype (with video). In case you're wondering,online sessions are just as effective in-office sessions. I regularly conduct online & over-the-phone coaching, which tells me that clients are at ease and appreciatethe process just as much.

You already have the energy, the basic dream and adesire to change. This Processincreases your will, inspires you, makes you focus & seize opportunities AND even create them for yourself! It helps you start livingintentionallyYes, a Vision Board is about sticking images, quotes and text on it. But it's much, much more than that!

Together, we refine it - by understanding the WHY, HOW and maybe even What's STOPPED you from having all that you want, until now.

As a Life Coach, I bring my experience of helping people understand their desires & goals in life - and this is not just about what you want but what you NEED in your life too. I will question and challenge you, in an empathetic manner.

All materials are provided. Please feel free to bring along with anything that you feel will help personalize your Vision Board to your liking. Note that this session is dedicated either tosetting goals or to making a Vision Board - due to limited duration, it is essential that we focus on either one to get maximum benefit from the session.

Note: There is NO printer available. The Vision Board provided is a sturdy, chart-paper size sheet.

How to book a Session?: To book a session, please call the organizer and request an appointment for your preferred day and time.

Number of Sessions: 1

Duration: 2.5 hours

You can take an appointment for your preferred day and time. Office timings are from 10 AM to 6 PM (Mon-Fri) and 10 AM to 3 PM (Sat). Closed on Sunday.

Fee - Rs. 2200/- (Includes in-office session plus limited phone assistance post the session, related to the topic of the discussion)

Note: This is a one-on-one session, meaning the session will be personalized and designed around You and your needs.

Office Location - Close to Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai. I also conduct online coaching sessions, which means you need not visit my office for a session.

In case you choose to make a Vision Board, you will need to have all the materials in place at your location. I will guide you through the entire process of creating thevision board along with coaching you on each area. Post the session, once the visionboard is finalised, I shall also review and helpyou refine it further.

How I Help- Sometimes, we get overwhelmed or scared just thinking about our future. Other times, we become confused thinking about our diverse & at times, indescribable goals and may even get tired or frustrated with the whole process.

As a Coach, I enable you to think about your future and determine your goals in different areas of life. Along with usingin-house tools, I also encourage you to be open & confront your own desires and reasons. I also question your statementsand guide you in an empathetic manner.

I then help you streamline your thinking and focus on the things that you truly desire and matter to you.

About Me

I Am Priyanka Shankar, And I'm ATrained & Experienced Life Coach &Personal Development Coach. I Have Trained On The Neuro-scientific Method Of Coaching Under Some Of The Best Coaches In The Industry At The Neuroleadership Institute. My Certification is better known in the industry as 'Results Coaching'. I Am Also The Founder Of Purple Feather Coaching.

The Office

My Office Is A Unique Space - It Is Creative, Spacious, Fun And Well-lit. It's Equally Serene & Fun For Youngsters And Adults Alike!It is locatednear Model Town Area Of Andheri West (close to Lokhandwala), Mumbai.

(Please Note: The Organiser Has The Right To Use My Discretion To Decline Or Refuse To Coach An Individual And/or On A Topic. She isUnder No Such Obligation, Whatsoever).

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