YS Kid's Rocket Workshop, from Young Scientist
Chennai, Feb. 16, 2020, 11:30 a.m. - Feb. 16, 2020, 1 p.m.

IIT Madras Research Park No.32, Kanagam Rd, Kanagam Periyar Nagar, Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600113.

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Brought to you by Young-Scientist
Please note that this is a kids-only event.
Eligibility:Class IV to VIII

Joining the revolution of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement, Young-Scientist.in is presenting a workshop for kids in basic rocketry. The kit for this workshop comes with all the necessary materials, instruction manual and the participants will be carefully guided to build their own rocket using their own hands. You will build it, test it and take it home!

Thisair-powered rocketuses manually compressed air to propel the projectile. Theangle of the launch can be adjusted and the rocket can reach up to 50 ft into the air.

The workshop will help you understand the basics of pneumatics and the working of an air-powered rocket. The participants will develop reading comprehension and the ability to follow technical instructions.

The participants are recommended to wear shoes.

Note:The registration fee includes the cost of the rocket material kit. Each participant will receive the kit at the venue and use it to build the rocket and the launcher.

Carry Item:
You are requested to bring one 1-litre easily-crushable plastic bottle.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of rocket science
  • Build an air-powered rocket launcher
  • Test the rocket launcher

Key Concepts:

  • Newton's III law
  • Compressed air (Pneumatics)
  • Basic engineering
  • Thrust
  • Parts of a Rocket

Note:The participants are requested to view this video before attending the workshop.

Event link: https://www.eventshigh.com/detail/Chennai/26c5cfedec232a6d942bf70b1b37b2ce-YS-Kid-s-Rocket-Workshop?src=mypoolin

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