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About Chandigarh

The City Beautiful is internationally known for its architecture and urban design. It was designed by the famous architect of that time Le Corbusier, a french architect. The city got its name from the famous Chandi Mandir Temple, which is now a famous tourist destination. This city also carries the tag of first planned city in India. The city was conceptualized as a human so the 'Head' being Capitol Complex in Sector 1, 'Heart being City Centre Sector-17, 'Lungs' being the open space and greenery, 'Circulatory System' being the 7V's and 'Brain' being the Educational Institutions.

The city will truly impress you with the punjabi crowd and their liveliness. There is no match for the hospitality which the punjabis offer. And the food there will make you fall in love with the city. And yes! Fo those who have lived there would tell you that this city is not just another city but an emotion for them. Road trip on a bullet and stopping it on the midway to have the elishing food in a dhaba is the perfect tripping in chandigarh. So touted as the perfect city in the world by a BBC article, you should definitely give this town a visit if you haven't already.

About the whether, Chandigarh enjoys an extreme climate with hot summers (March to June) and chilly winters (November to February). The monsoon season, though pleasant in the evenings, is humid during the daytime. The best season to visit Chandigarh is autumn (August to November), when the weather is pleasant, neither too hot, nor too cold. Read more...