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24 Hourly Hotels in Ahmedabad
24 Hourly Hotels in Ahmedabad
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About Ahmedabad

The proud city of Gujarat Ahmedabad is a popularly known as "Manchester city of India". The soul reason being that ahmedabad's similarity with the famous cotton textile center of Manchester. This city resides near the sabarmati river and enjoys all the benefits it can ever get. This city has a tale behind it's name, that is the founder of the city named as an honour to 4 ahmads. Himself, his religious teacher Shaikh Ahmad Khattu, and two others, Kazi Ahmad and Malik Ahmad, named it Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is also known as Amdavad by the locals in the city. People of this city are generally considered as very perspicacious and canny. However, people of Ahmedabad still possesses the humility and politeness passed on to it from the times of Mahatma Gandhi. Respecting that, Ahmedabad was declared safest city in India, previous year, by a travelling portal (on 100% votes by Woman, pan India). For the outsiders, this city has a story to tell, with it's beautiful monuments, Pols, and historic places. It is a mix of magnificent temples, striking mosques, interesting museums, picturesque lakes, calming river-front and bits of Gandhi heritage.

Talk about the culture and traditions of the city, then we have a lot to say as this city very much reflects its culture and traditions in almost everything, be it food, clothing or the the festivals they have. There is lots happening in Ahmedabad throughout the year including the festivals Navratri and garba, Kite festival, Makar Sankranti Fair, Folk Dance festival etc. About food, how can someone not mention about the classic gujju heavy-sounding snacks; Khakhra, Fafda, Khaman-Dhokla, Thepla, Ganthiya, Patra, Dalvada Undhiyu and Chola Fali, Dabeli, Sev, Farsan and the list goes on. These mouth watering food can be found in the streets of ahamedabad that is in khau gallis. Some of the places are Indu ben ka khakra, Asharfi Ni Kulfi, Manek Chowk, Bhatiyar Gali. Read more...