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53 Hourly Hotels in Hyderabad
53 Hourly Hotels in Hyderabad
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About Hyderabad

For the people living there, it is an emotion as well. As they say "Dilli hai dilwalon ka" truly it is as the people are very large-hearted and does everything from their heart. The people of Delhi are like a family they can sacrifice their lives for their near and dear ones. They can be sometimes aggressive too but that would definitely for some valid reasons. It's a matter of fact there is no finito from dilwalon ki dilli once charmed by it. Let's beat gums about the food in the city, you can go on & on about the borderline obsession with rich 'n' creamy butter chicken that's been made well, as well as juicy momos with their red-hot chilli chutney. Nothing beats Pandara Road ka butter chicken & Nagaland stall ke momos for us.

The city was named after Qutub Shahi's beloved Bhagyamati in 1590. Once she entered the royal household and embraced Islam, she was rechristened Hyder Mahal and as a result it got changed to Hyderabad. Because it was under the rule of nizams and mughals, it has that islamic influences and one can see those characteristics in all the aspects including food, lifestyle and the city architectures. The Taj Falaknuma Palace, is one such example that shows the nizami touch i hyderabad. Even in the attire of the hyderabadi people you can see the nizam influence and the obvious influence can be traced from the food there like the famous hyderabadi biryani. Majorly four languages are spoken in the city they are English, Hindi, Telugu, and Urdu.

When it comes to places to visit in Hyderabad, there is a long list that follows and varies as per the choice of the person looking and the one who is recommending. But there is one thing we can agree on, and that is how Hyderabad is the perfect place to spend your time and enjoy it all. From exploring the Ramoji film city, shopping at Laad bazaar, traversing to the marvelous Golconda Fort, Witnessing the magnificent Charminar, Head for a drive at Necklace road, experience the greenery at gardens of Hyderabad and the activities goes on. And about food, Biyani comes first also biryani. Hyderabad boasts of its various restaurants that serve a variety of mouth-watering biryanis. Head to Dumpukht Begum's, ITC Kohenur if you want a royal dining experiences with an array of Awadhi as well as local Hyderabadi delights. Read more...