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About Patna

Patna, formerly known as Pataliputra is situated to the south of the river Ganges. Ruled by many dynasties this city reflects the influences of many culture and lifestyle. This ancient city has seen the rise & fall of many empires, and has served as the centre of culture, spirituality, politics and commerce for many years. You may want to explore this city to enjoy the essence of such prestigious history.

There are many stories which explains how the city got its name. Patna formerly known as Pataliputra was changed the modern name Patna. It is etymologically derived from "Patan", the name of the Hindu goddess, Patan Devi.

The people of the city follows the traditional ways of living, though it is ever changing. The people here mostly live in joint families. The society comprises of people of many religions, which is further divided into many castes and sub castes.However, the city is secular with no feelings of hatred and people live together peacefully.The language of Patna has been evolved as a culmination of various regional language. Though, Hindi is the official language of the State and widely spoken, yet it differ greatly from the pure Hindi (Khadi Hindi) when spoken. Read more...