Why partner with MiStay?

MiStay is bringing a revolution in the travel industry and empowering the hotels to boost occupancy & revenue through innovative concept of micro-stay.

Increase Occupancy
Tap a new segment of customers(e.g.-business travellers, people in transit) who require a room for only few hours.
Increase RevPar
Sell the same room up 3 times in a day to increase your revenue per avilable room.
Control on Rate & Inventory
Control the room rates and availability of room in real time using our extremely easy-to-use extranet.
Optimize Resources
Decide which slots you want to sell based on the time of day when rooms remain unoccupied to optimise the inventory.
Higher revenue, yes. But there are more.
MiStay has really changed the way of booking hotels by successfully bringing the day-use format to India. The concept is really beneficial to both the hotel and the guests, especially business travelers. We are able to sell the same room up to three times a day now and optimize our inventory. I believe it is a revolutionary change and it is here to stay. We started seeing results in a very short period of time after partnering with MiStay. I would recommend all hoteliers to do it.
Sudhir Awasthi
Chief Business Officer, 1589 Hotels
We are using MiStay from last 6 months and have seen tremendous growth in our revenue and has been able to maximize the revenue with proper inventory management. It is a great platform where we can maximize the room revenue by selling the room on time slot basis. This gives us the option to sell the room twice/ thrice in a day.
Gurpreet Singh Kandhari
Front Office Manager, Park Inn by Radisson IP Extension
MiStay concept is a good way for hoteliers to boost revenues as hotels can increase room inventories by selling one room twice a day. It has really helped us in terms of increasing room bookings as well as restaurant footfalls.
Vikash Kumar
Assistant Hotel Manager, Lords Eco Inn
The customers we get from MiStay are usually business travellers who usually take the room prior to their meeting or day-use, and this actually optimizes our revenue by selling the same room twice a day. I think this is a revolution in the hospitality industry.
Prashanth Acharya
Assistant Manager, Pai Group of Hotels
As a hotelier, I would definitely recommend MiStay to everybody - it gives the result which will be visible in very limited time. I am very much sure that with the help of MiStay, it will help most of the hotels in using the time slots a way they are more revenue and occupancy oriented.
Imtiyaz Ahmed Beigh
Head - Sales & Marketing, Davanam Sarovar Portico Suites
Mistay is one of its kind, and really helpful for the hotels in terms of enhancing the revenue from each inventory. It solves big problems for both guests and the hotels. Our hotels are really happy in generating the maximum yield from MiStay portal. I wish MiStay a great innovation and success in the future.
Nilesh Pandey
Founder, Hospitality Minds
Our Story
Partner with MiStay and join the movement
In a bid to change the rigid hotel booking rules in India, MiStay is bringing a lot of change with flexibily and fairness
Key aspect that differentiates MiStay from other players in the industry is the extreme due diligence...
They are unlocking value in hotel inventory, making this a win-win solution for individuals and corporates...
We’re here to help you
How does the model work?
MiStay is an Online Travel Agency (OTA) which helps hotels increase occupancy & optimize revenue by accessing a new segment of customers. A full-day has been divided into 3 smaller slots:

• Morning (8 am – 11 am)
• Day (12 noon – 7 pm)
• Night (8 pm – 7 am)

Hotels can sell out the rooms during the parts of the day when it goes unutilized to generate additional revenue.
How does pricing work?
The price for a slot would be a fraction of the full day rate. We’ll share the recommendation of the rates to maximize the bookings, though you’ll be able to control and manage the rates.
We charge for a full day even if the Guest requires rooms for a few hours.
That’s how most hotels used to operate in past, though in that case most Guests who require room for a few hours do not book a hotel (as they don’t want to pay for entire day for stay for few hours) and they rather wait at the airport/ railway station/ café, shopping malls, etc. This leads to loss of potential customer.

By charging the Guest for those respective slots of few hours, a new segment of customers is created so that hotels can generate revenue from the rooms which would have otherwise gone empty. ~1,500 hotels including many premium hotel brands are working with us and have adapted to this model to access this untapped customer segment and increase their revenue.
Multiple check-in in same room in a day will lead to increase housekeeping expense.
Till the occupancy is less than 100%, the room which would have gone empty will be used once for additional revenue without additional increase in housekeeping expense.

After occupancy goes beyond 100% and the same room has to be sold more than once in a day, the increased housekeeping costs in those rooms will be compensated by the additional revenue, because the total revenue from a room sold multiple times in a day will be lot more than the regular full-day revenue.
Will this concept bring any particular type of customers such as couples?
We are solving problems for travellers, we see a big market opportunity lies in the segments such as business travellers looking for place to freshen-up before meeting, people in the transit looking for a room for taking nap, and various others such scenario. Our marketing and branding efforts are focussed around that. In case of couples, while law does not prohibit genuine couples from staying at hotels as long as valid ID proof is produced and age-limits criteria are met, though hotels have the right to impose their own policies and restrictions which are accepted by MiStay. The right to admission lies with the hotel.
Are you connected to any Channel Manager?
Yea, we are connected to a few Channel Managers such as Axis Rooms, Maximojo, Easerooms and others. In case you are using a channel management which is not connected to MiStay, you can raise the request to them for connectivity with us and we’ll be happy to integrate with them. Nevertheless, we also have extremely easy-to-use Extranet which can be used for inventory & rate management in case of non-connectivity with Channel Manager. Our support team will also be always reachable for any changes to be made on your behalf, if required.
How many minimum room nights you can assure every month?
The volume of business that you can get from us is dependent on factors such as rates, hotel content, location, etc. which are more often controlled by you than us. Hence, the number of bookings will depend on how well you optimize these parameters on our platform. Having said that, many of our partner hotels get 6-7 bookings per day from us (could be more in case hotel is located in prime location and gives very competitive rates)
We don’t want to reduce our full-day rate as this will compromise our brand value.
Unlike other forms of discounting where the full-day rates of hotels are reduced affecting the brand value, in case of MiStay the full-day rate remains same and not reduced. Since the rates are reduced only if the room is being offered only for a few hours – this is only advocating fair pricing without reducing full-day rate or worth of the room, thus there will not be is no compromise on the brand value.
How does the payment work?
There are 2 modes of payment offered to guests. During the hotel registration, you can select whether you want to enable both payment modes and either of them:

a) Pay Online: Guest pays the complete amount to MiStay during booking, we deduct our commission and settle the remaining amount to the hotel before the Guest check-in (or on next working day in case of last-minute booking/ bank holiday)
b) Pay at Hotel: Guest will make a partial payment to MiStay during the booking in order to book the room, and the remaining amount would be paid by the Guest directly at the hotel.
How does GST work?
The applicability of GST is based on the guidelines of the GST council of India.

• For the hotel stay service provided by the Hotel to the Guest coming through MiStay, Guest pays the GST as per the slab in which the room rate lies, and the GST invoice for hotel stay is provided by the hotel to the Guest.
• For the online reservation service provided by MiStay to the Hotel, hotel pays GST on the commission to MiStay and the GST invoice for the commission is provided by MiStay to the hotel
Can this lead to any issue with respect to rate parity?
No. You’ll provide us the rates for full-day as well as the rates for the slots of few hours. The rate parity will be applicable with respect to the full-day rate and as long as the full-day rates given to us are on par with full-day rates given to other OTAs, there will be not be any instance of rate disparity.
How will you market my hotel, to make sure we get maximum booking?
Our marketing efforts spread across a variety of channels, though with larger emphasis on the digital channels. We have invested over the years in Search Engine Optimization so that for most of the queries related to short-stay, day use rooms, hourly hotels, etc. in Google search, MiStay organically comes as the top (or first few) recommendation. We also spend in Google advertisement. We leverage most of the social media platforms via mix or organic as well as paid promotion, apart from leveraging PR and influencers for brand awareness. Additionally, we are entering into many strategic partnerships to tap into the customer segment looking for short-stay/ day use rooms.
How many hotels you have partnered with?
MiStay has partnered with ~1,500 hotels across ~90 cities in India. Some of our partner hotels include The Park, Lemon Tree, Holiday Inn, Radisson, Pride Hotels, Sarovar Hotels, Keys Hotel, Ramada Hotel,1589 Hotels, Mango Hotels, Treebo Hotels, Mint Hotels and others.
Is MiStay a funded company?
Yes, MiStay has raised two rounds of investment from a group of investors, including Axilor Ventures, Infosys founder Kris Gopalakrishnan and other investors.
What is the process to get my hotel listed at MiStay?
Please fill the hotel registration form given below and e-sign the e-contract you’ll receive after submitting the form. Our team will then review the details and shortly get in touch with you to get the hotel listed.
My query is not listed here.
Please write to us at hello@mistay.in or contact us at +91 9821344568, we’ll promptly resolve your any query and help you. We look forward to working together.
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