It is not always about the question of holidaying and relaxation. Sometimes booking a room in a hotel could be a plain necessity. For newcomers in the city who have an interview to attend, it is a huge question. There would be long hours of waiting, and you would desperately need to groom up for that first impression. If you have an interview to attend in Kolkata and have nowhere to stay or no acquaintance to ask for help, then some Dayuse rooms in Kolkata might be the right solution for you. You would want a secure place to freshen up and, at the same time, look for lower prices as you are yet to start your financial journey. Hotels for a few hours in Kolkata are meant for travelers whose requirements are limited for the day and who do not intend to stay for the night.

Get a Good night sleep for the perfect interview next day. Source: Ixigo

In MiStay, you can find some good hotels for a few hours in Chennai and many other metro cities where you don’t need to worry about the various concerns of staying out of home and keep your focus on the interview. You may be worried about the poor reputation that these short-stay hotels are known for, but times are changing, and travellers are looking out for these hotels for their restricted stay. Let’s find out how these hotels could be the saviour for your big day.

Benefits of hourly hotels for newcomers in the city attending interviews

There are various benefits to staying in Dayuse hotels in Hyderabad. The requirement is just for a few hours or less, and paying the full rent for a hotel room is not always a smart thing to do in such cases. So, let us see how booking hourly basis hotel rooms can be beneficial for the newbies.

No place to stay

You are new in the city and have no place to freshen up and recoil before the big event. You would never want to face the interview in a haggard condition, increasing the chances of rejection. When you know no one in the city and do not want to spend hours on the streets, a good hotel room is the best fit for the purpose.

You need a room for a short time

Sometimes candidates travel from one place to another and return on the same day. This involves a hectic schedule and thus requires a soothing place to recoil in the time between. When you are not a local, you would surely want to stay near the venue within a distance that is easily commutable. For such stays, Dayuse rooms in Chennai are a very good choice.

Relax and spend quality time with yourself at Day Use rooms in Kolkata


Why pay for the entire day when you need the room for a few hours? Traditionally, hotels take bookings for an entire day and night, nothing less than that. However, short-stay hotels have come up with the idea of providing for short-term travellers. So, you no longer need to pay a lump sum amount for a short stay and, thus, are very pocket-friendly.  

Gives flexibility for check-ins and check-outs

Flexible check-in and check-out timings are the advantages that the hotels for unmarried couples in Gurgaon come with. If your journey is being delayed for some reason, you can extend your stay and also, if you want to leave early, you can always check out at whatever time you wish to. This is a comfortable option for travellers who are facing a delayed flight or train schedule and also for those who have a change of plan and no longer need to stay at the hotel.

Looking for a comfortable place to stay

You want a comfortable stay but find no need to spend much for such a short period of time. If you are looking for a clean washroom, a nice bed, and cosy and secure rooms, then you must check out the hotels for unmarried couples in Kolkata because of their excellent facilities at an affordable rate.

A tranquil place to prepare for the interview

You have time, and you do not want to waste it. Why sacrifice that last-minute preparation when these hourly basis hotels are there for you? Just check in, freshen up and buckle yourself up for the final groundwork with nothing or no one to disturb you.

No questioning eyes

Booking hotels for a few hours has always been looked down upon. Most hotels did not allow such bookings to maintain their reputation. However, times are changing, and now the hotels are coming up with a special setup for micro stays shrugging off the stigma behind it. Now, you can book a room for your limited stay and need not worry about being judged about it.

Enjoy a special evening with your loved one. Source:MiStay

Special offers and amenities

The online platforms are full of special discounts and offers for Dayuse rooms in Kolkata. Check the websites and hotel booking apps for such offers and take advantage of them. Who knows, you may land up in dedicated rooms and staff for an hourly basis and can even access their amenities like spa and gym!

A luggage room

Whether you are travelling with expensive things or a lot of things, Couple friendly hotels in Mumbai typically entertain luggage rooms for the traveller who needs to just dump their belongings and go about without much worry. Also, attending an interview with luggage is not a very welcoming sight indeed. Just keep your extra luggage and enter the interview venue with confidence.

Hourly hotels in Kolkata

If your interview day is coming near and you are yet wondering where to stay for those unoccupied hours, then here is a list of Dayuse rooms in Kolkata with their pricing for you to check out.

  • The Park Kolkata
  • Howard Johnson by Wyndham Kolkata Airport
  • Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport
  • Pride Kolkata
  • Hotel BH Boutique
  • Giriraj Stay Hub
  • The Maureen
  • Hotel Sheldon
  • YMCA Seacom Inn
  • Pipal Tree hotel
  • Royal Castle
  • Hotel Diamond Suites
  • New Town Room

These are some of the best hotels where you can take some rest and freshen up after the journey required to reach the city and before the interview. Also, these hotels are low-priced and affordable, even if you are not employed yet.


You may be a frequent traveller for professional or educational purposes or simply like to indulge in travels for pleasure. Finding a safe and enjoyable place is always a huge task to tick off. It gets even harder for micro stays, primarily because of the stigma that lurks behind booking a hotel for a few hours.

However, the hospitality industry is now changing its approach to make things easier for day-use travellers. A lot of big names now have separate facilities for short stays and provide the best amenities at low prices. So, if you are new to the city and are already tense about the upcoming interview, you need not pester yourself for a place to stay. Just ask MiStay, and you will get all the answers regarding the hotels for a few hours in Bangalore.