Chennai, the city located near the Bay of Bengal, the city of delicious food and the city of the largest centers of education and culture in India. If we go through the pages of history, we get a very descriptive idea of the rich culture and heritage of Chennai. Many people right from French, Portuguese to English came and settled at Chennai for a brief period. During their stay, they have done their sincere bit in beautifying the city by constructing many religious monuments and architectural buildings. They have constructed many churches of high architectural standards in and around Chennai which are worth visiting. Many newly wedded couples visit these places to seek some blessings for their new journey in life. They also book couple friendly hotels in Chennai in order to make their trip comfortable and hassle free. The beautifully constructed churches of the city not only attract the Christians but every visitor to witness the splendid architectural designs of these holy places.

Here is the list of 10 best churches in Chennai you can visit while traveling to the city.

1-Santhome Church

Santhome church was first constructed by the Portuguese who came to India for trading around the 16th century. It was again rebuilt by Britishers in 1893. It is one of the most popular and significant churches of the city because it is believed that St Thomas stayed at this place for 20 years which makes the place divine. St Thomas was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ. Many tourists around the country visit this church during Christmas celebration. They also book hotels in Chennai to make their stay comfortable.

Location- Santhome High Road

Timings- 6 AM-9 PM

2-St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church was built by the East India Company in the year 1679 and was the first Anglican Church. It has a very strong architectural structure with walls being 4 feet thick to resist the attack of explosives and other weapons during wartime. The interior of the church is one of the most beautiful ones which will enhance the spiritual experience.

Location-  Rajaji Salai

Timings- 8:30 AM-6 PM

3-Armenian Church

Built-in the year 1712, Armenian Church is one of the oldest churches in India. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is believed to be the source of great power and holiness. It is a common belief of the devotees that the wishes made at this church are miraculously granted. Hence, many devotees visit here with utmost love. They also book hotels in Chennai to make their stay comfortable. It has a very simple architectural pattern giving it a very serene and old-world charm but during the festive days like Christmas, it looks magnificent with all glittering decorations.

Location- Armenian Street

Timings- 9:30 AM-2:30 PM

3-Velankanni  Church

Being one of the most famous churches in India, Velankanni Church attracts many devotees from all over the country. The church is dedicated to Madonna, the lady of health for the Christians. The church is blessed with a unique architectural style that depicts beautiful sculptures of Jesus on its walls. Generally, people visit this church expecting for the grant of their wishes. Many couples book couple friendly hotels in Chennai and visit this place to seek special blessings and wishes.

Location-  Annai Velankanni Road

Timings- 6:30 AM-7 PM

4-CSI Holy Cross Church

CSI Holy Cross Church is one of the oldest churches in Chennai. It was built around 120 years ago and was taken care of by the Chennai railways authorities. Because of this reason, it was earlier called as Perambur Railway Church. It is also known for being the successor of the Anglican and Protestant domination of India. it surely does attracts a lot of devotees from all over the country. You can book a hotel near Chennai Railway station and can go ahead in visiting this beautiful Church.

Location- Siruvallur High Road

Timings- 9 AM-9 PM

5-St Andrews Church

Known as the queen of the Scottish churches in the east, St Andrews church is one of the magnificent, huge, and architectural rich churches of Chennai. It is constructed with a clever selection of white and black marbles. The sky blue dome of the church gives an impression of the real sky and is completely breathtaking. The church is also known as “Kirk”. St Andrew is the patron saint of fisherman, pregnant women, and all kinds of illness, hence the church attracts devotees from all over the country that needs blessings. Many couples visit this place to seek special blessings for their married life. They also book couple friendly hotels near Egmore area to make their stay comfortable.

Location- Poonamallee High Road,  Egmore

Timings- 7 AM-6 PM

6-Descanso Church

Built-in the 17th century, Descanso Church has its significance in the blending of cultural and religious beauty. The church is located at the place where St Thomas preached and rested. This church gives the perfect calmness to seek rest for a disturbed soul. It is a perfect place to do meditation and seek the blessings of God.

Location- St Mary’s Road

Timings- 6 AM-8 PM

7-St Thomas Mount

St Thomas Mount has a very rich architectural style with painting on its walls depicting St Thomas and his doings. Situated near the International airport, this church is dedicated to the “Our Lady of Expectation”. The altar of this shrine is believed to have been constructed at the very spot of St Thomas's death. Because of this, this church is very special to Christian devotees.

Location- Parangi Malai

Timings- 6 AM-8 PM

8-St George’s Cathedral

Being one of the most famous and oldest churches of Chennai, St George’s Cathedral attracts many devotees from all over the country. It has been constructed in the year 1815 and stands in the center of a pretty little patch of foliage. This church is built in the graveyard with emblems of war. It will be an immense appreciation of the past while you walk through the graveyard. The 23rd of April is regarded as St George’s Day and is celebrated as a feast at this church. Make sure to book a hotel in Gopalapuram in Chennai near the Church.

Location- Gopalapuram

Timings- 6 AM-6 PM

9-St Theresa Church

St Theresa Church was built by the Britishers in the year 1970. St Theresa’s festival falls on the first Sunday of October and attracts lots of devotees around the country. During Christmas time, the beauty of the church is enhanced to multiple times. Making a booking of a hotel in Chennai before visiting this place will be the best way to plan this trip.

Location- Nungambakkam High Road

Timing-  9 AM-8 PM

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