“If someone asks you what is Masala Dosa?  
The only legitimate answer will be – It is Potato wrapped in love.”

The South Indian dish Dosa has taken home in the hearts of all Indians. Not just in India, it has been famous all over the world. It is an age-old dish dated back to 1st century AD. Its existence has been mentioned in South Indian literature like Sangam literature and also in Manasollasa (Sanskrit Encyclopedia). According to many food historians, the exact birthplace of dosa is unknown but some say it has been originated in Udupi, a town in Karnataka. The texture, size, and style of dosa are completely different from one place to another. At someplace it is a bit thick, while others might serve you a very crispy dosa. The stuffing will be different along with the compliments.

Bangalore and dosa are a match made in heaven. If you are on a trip to the electronic city, then Benne Masala Dosa is a must-have there. Bangalore city will enrich your palate with a unique variety of dosas which you cannot find anywhere in the world. Ghee rich, spicy, crispy dosa is all that you could ask for when you visit your breakfast buffet at a hotel in Bangalore. Many foodie couples book couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore and search the entire city for the best dosas in the city. Many food bloggers come to the city daily and stay at a hotel room on an hourly basis or 24 hours check-in just to gorge into the buttery rich dosas with coconut chutney. Many places in Bangalore serve some delicious dosas but here are top 10 that you just cannot afford to miss.

1-Vidyarthi Bhavan

If you talk about having the best Dosa in Bangalore, this 74-year-old establishment tops it all. When you enter the place, you will see waiters carrying plates of soft fluffy golden dosas with potato fillings inside and unique chutney on the side in a unique fashion. The dosas are generously loaded with ghee (clarified butter). Many food bloggers around the country book hotels in Bangalore and visit Vidyarthi Bhavan to try the famous dosa. It was initially for students, but now it serves everyone. During the weekends you will witness maximum walk-ins, around 3000 people in a day. This restaurant has bagged many awards for this particular dish as well.


Started in the year 1920, this iconic restaurant is the pride of the city of Bangalore. The Benne Masala dosa served at Central Tiffin Room (CTR) is the best in town. Loaded with a generous amount of butter, this dosa is worth relishing to the last bite. Though they are famous for benne dosas, people also like to gorge on the yummy set dosas and plain dosas that CTR has to offer.

3-Indian Coffee House

Started in the year 1940 and now with more than 50 outlets, Indian Coffee House is yet another iconic establishment in the city. Its specialty is Wafer-thin crispy dosas with spicy filling and chutneys. Apart from the dosas, the coffee, omelets, and mutton cutlets are something to try here as well. All their dishes are modestly priced as well.


Mavalli Tiffin Room, famously known as MTR, is a 95-year-old legendary breakfast joint in Bangalore. Now it has several outlets around the city, but the Lalbagh one remains the most famous and retains its old charm. It serves the authentic South Indian dosa with spicy masala topped with melted ghee. The dosas are smeared with their signature chutney. It is also equally famous for coffee (filter kappi) which is served in a tiny glass and bowl. Their food will make you feel homely and will melt your health with happiness. If you are on a honeymoon trip with your partner and staying at a couple friendly hotel in Bangalore, then it will be a good idea to include visiting here and having this dosa in your breakfast.

5-Airlines Hotel

If you want to enjoy your dosa amidst the greenery and away from all noises and pollution, then the Airlines Hotel is the one for you. Started in the year 1968, this place is sheltered under banyan trees and serves the best masala and plain dosas in the city. It serves amazing coffee with the dosas and it also has a corner house franchise for some lip-smacking sundaes.

6-Sidhappa Hotel

This is a 30-year-old stall in the city famous for breakfast. It is opened for just 3 hours between 8 am to 11:30 am. It is a very well-known place in Sampangiram whose specialty is mini masala dosas with spicy chutneys. It is a run by a former weaver, Sidhappa who serves crispy golden and yummy dosas. This is a go to place for many solo travelers and food bloggers who visit and stay at a hotel in Bangalore and come here exploring some magnificent authentic South Indian breakfasts.

7-RK Dosa Camp

Talk about the family dosa, and RK Dosa camp comes into mind. It is a 4 feet long paper masala dosa especially made for families but if you are a solo dosa lover, then they can make it for you as well. Chutneys and stuffings are also served with it in a very generous amount. Though it is a low key outlet at Wilson Kitchen, their dosas are the ones to look for.

8-Dosa Aunty

Vaishnavi and Deepak Jain Fast Food in JC Road near Jain College is an 18-year-old fast food joint in Bangalore famous for serving 9 varieties of dosas. The aunty is famously known as “Dosa Aunty”. The crowd is mainly of the young college-going students who stop at the joint for delicious breakfast and snacks. The Dosa aunty is famous for making the Noodle dosa. Apart from noodle dosa, she makes 8 other varieties which include Sada, Masala, and cheese and rava ghee roast dosa.

9-Real Fresh Dosa Corner

The real fresh dosa corner is completely different from all other dosa places in Bangalore. It focuses on making a unique variety of dosas like Kerala Masala Dosa, Mysore Cheese Dosa, Paneer Dosa, Chinese dosa, and Pav Bhaji Dosa. The Pav Bhaji dosa is one of the famous in here.

10-Hotel Janatha

There are many outstanding eateries at Malleshwaram in Bangalore but Hotel Janatha tops all of them. The thin and crisp Mysore Masala Dosa is one of its all-time specialties with a combination of potato stuffing and spicy chutney. They also serve the best of filter coffee to compliment the breakfast.

Bangalore is not just an electronic city but a food paradise. Dosa is just the start of the ultimate food extravaganza that will experience in the city.

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