As the ripple of COVID19 is spreading across the world day by day, it is forcing mankind to innovate and change the way they work and live. The theory of “New Normal” has been the way of life nowadays. With the entire lifestyle that humanity has adopted in the last century since the last pandemic has gone into rags in the year 2020. It has not been easy for the families, government, businesses, institutions, etc. to carry on with this pandemic. The changes made were immense and the conclusions are yet to be found. But everybody did what has to be done for survival during this period.

The upside of where everybody might find themselves right now is that individuals and corporations will be more resilient in a post COVID19 world.

Here are the 10 expected trends that might become real in the Post corona era.

1-Traveling with sanitizers and masks

Since the day COVID19 has been declared as a pandemic, using sanitizers, wearing masks, and maintaining hygiene have been the norms that everyone has to follow in their daily lives. Post-Corona pandemic people will come out of their homes to go on trips, travel for some important work, or go to a hotel nearby to spend a vacation. In that case, everyone will carry a small bottle of sanitizer with them. More than a trend, this has become a habit that everyone is honestly following. People have realized that wearing masks can prevent them from communicable diseases to some extent. Hence, this trend will also continue. Especially while traveling on flights or trains, a mask will be something that everyone will abide by.

2-Virtual concerts and tours

Post-corona traveling will resume, but not that much frequently. People have got the taste of virtual traveling to many music concerts and museum sitting on their sofa at their home. With so many days under lockdown, many people will prefer to resume their work on a serious note rather than going on some museum tours or concerts. Hence, all the music lovers and history buffs can tune in to a respective website for the same. Many museums will give special attention to the live streaming of the galleries as well. The same goes for the live streaming of musical concerts. Even the couple going to honeymoon and staying a couple-friendly hotel has become a distant dream during COVID19. Post Corona era will bring in a few changes. Tours will increase but not immediately.

3-More focus on hotel sanitization

Traveling will resume after the pandemic ends. But that will happen with proper precautions and hygiene instructions. People will start traveling for business meetings, leisure, office works, vacations, and various other reasons. They will eventually book hotel rooms for their stay. Many couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai have formulated plans to maintain special sanitization techniques during this pandemic and it will continue post corona. Many hotel rooms on an hourly basis and 24 hours check-in room who get guests on a frequent interval are taking special care in house keeping, in the small window of time they get between guests. . This will help in the proper sanitization of these rooms before a new person comes. Though post corona pandemic, the threat of getting infected by the virus will be less this trend will continue later also, to keep any new infection at bay.

4-More Online shopping and Shop streaming

Post corona the trend of online shopping will rise. People have been ordering groceries and daily essentials online during the corona pandemic. It was safe, hygienic, and easy. Hence, this will continue in post corona era as well. Adding to the trend, the shops will start live streaming their products to make the people virtually present at the stores.


During this Pandemic, many people are coming forward to seek help from the doctors via telephonic consultation for different diseases. There has always been some confusion when it came to seeking telephonic consultation from doctors. Some countries allowed this norm while others banned it. But during this pandemic, when people are advised to stay inside the home, they are bound to take doctors to help from telephonic consultation or via telemedicine. This has become a way of life and is expected to continue post covid19 as well. Video consultations are being encouraged rather than rushing to hospitals or clinics.

6-Online national and international meetings and events

The government meeting, Parliament discussions, International events, and seminars have started happening via online mode. They are done virtually and with great success with decent attendance. There were attendees logged in from all over the world. While it is hard to predict the in-person events will be entirely replaced by the online mode, but the event organizers will surely find out ways about how the digital aspects can complement the in-person events. It is highly predicted that there will be a steep rise in hybrid events where part of the event will take place in person and others are delivered digitally post covid19. Hotels nearby can be one of the best option to host a hybrid meeting event which can cater to both offline and online mode.

7-Increase in Live Streaming of Sports

Sporting events, organizations, and fans have to deal with the cancellation of many sports seasons and game events due to COVID19. But E-sports have come into the picture in a big way. Unlike mainstream sporting events, live streaming of sports events can easily transition online. Similarly to events, there will be more hybrid sports coverage where physical events are complemented with digital offerings

8-No big fat weddings

This pandemic has given the world a realization that big fat weddings are not required. Small weddings are even more fun and intimate rather than a very big celebration. Especially in India, where people are known to spend beyond their capabilities for a wedding, this realization can be a very thing to consider. Now that people have got a hang of it, they might want to continue doing small weddings post covid19 as well.

9-A rise in “work from home” trend

Covid19 has caused people to adapt to working from home and go under isolation. There is a rise in “work from home” trend in the corporate field, educational institutions, and also government institutions. It will continue for a while before people can come back to the office and work like during the pre COVID19 era. People are finding it extremely comfortable to attend board meetings and seminars sitting at home through video conferencing. They are equally effective as well. Hence, the scope is immense. Even post COVID19, this trend will continue but in a hybrid way.

10-Online Education

Right from the Harvard school to IITs in India, everyone is gearing up for online classes in the year 2020. Law, Business, Engineering, Medical School, and even the government primary and senior secondary classes are being held in the online thought. The situation of “New Normal” has completely changed the definition of the classroom. This is the new age classroom. Students are even taking Physical training sessions and piano lessons online. This tells us the amount of technological innovation the world has achieved in this decade that is making our lives easier in this pandemic. This will continue in the future post COVID19 era in a hybrid model.

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