What comes to your mind when we talk about Bangalore? Amazing weather, long drives, big corporate giants, traffic etcetera, etcetera. A diverse blend of people from all parts of India, all living peacefully in the Garden city.  We already talked about the 10 places that are just a day-long drive away from Bangalore and the 7 most amazing roadside cafe's you need to check out in Bangalore when on your next road trip. But let's come a bit closer to the heart of the city and see what this beautiful city has to offer to its residents and visitors. All these places are inside the city boundaries or very close to the city so if you want to have fun without travelling a lot you can surely hit these places. Just tag along with your friends, family or your loved one and we are sure you would be left wanting for more at the end of the day. Couples, we have also kept in mind your affinities so come visit, book hotels in Bangalore and have a gala time exploring these wonderful places. Though the city is full of amazing places we have carefully come up with the list of 10 best fun places in Bangalore for the Ultimate enjoyment.

1) Bangalore Palace

Sprawling across 454 acres of land the Tudor and Scottish Gothic-inspired estate of Bangalore Palace was completely build in 1887 by King Chamaraja Wadiyar. The king was inspired by the Windsor Castle and other structures of Normandy and the architectural style reflects a resemblance to these structures. The interiors are mainly wooden and resembles more of Hindu style of decor with pillars and arches, ornate cornices and patterned walls along with luxurious chandeliers. The palace is surrounded by gardens and it also houses an amusement park named Fun World in its campus. The management also hosts several Rock shows, exhibitions, marriages, tennis, cricket, golf and horse riding academies here. If you love ancient architecture, come witness the lavish and elegant splendor of this majestic palace and get lost in its grandeur. There are several hotels in Bangalore nearby to this place. Make sure you stay close for having easy access.

Bangalore Palace
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM
  • Entry Fees: Rs 230 for Indians, Rs 460 for Foreign tourists
  • Location: Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru – 560052

2) Bannerghatta National Park

At just 22 km from the city, the Bannerghatta National Park is a National Park that is home to a large variety of flora and fauna. The park was established in 1971 and is spread over an area of 104.27 sq. km. There are a number of attractions within its campus such as a zoo, a pet corner, an animal rescue centre, a butterfly enclosure, an aquarium, a snake house and a safari park. Wonder in awe with 48 varieties of colourful butterflies or get closer to the wildlife via the jungle safari. Unlike other National parks where you cannot guarantee to see a wild animal, Bannerghatta National Park has special zones for animals where tourists can go in caged vehicles and are most likely to spot an animal. Leave from your hotel in Bangalore early in the morning so that you reach here on time and have enough time to see all that this National Park has to offer.

A Tiger at Banerghatta
  • Timings: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Entry fee: 260 Rs. Per person for adults 130 Rs. Per person for children 150 Rs. Per person for senior citizens 400 Rs. for foreigners 300 Rs. for foreigner's children
  • Location: Bannerghatta Rd, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

3) Wonder La Amusement Park

Wonderla Amusement Park is around 22 km from the city and is spread over a massive 82 acres. It is one of the largest amusement parks in India. Wonderla offers an umpteen number of rides. Just name it and its there. It offers high thrill rides, water rides, dry rides and specializes in kid rides designed especially for children. Musical fountain, hang glider. pirate ship, net walk, wonder splash, Techno Jump, etc are some of the exciting rides. It also has XD Max and Cinemagic 3D theatres that offer high definition virtual reality cinema along with physical movements to give you a breathtaking experience. The place also houses 5 multi-cuisine restaurants. Couples, this is the most fun-filled place in Bangalore so make sure you visit Wonderla. Don't worry about your stay in the city. Bangalore has a lot of couple friendly hotels so plan your vacations without any hesitation.

  • Timings: 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM
  • Entry Fees: Rs 815, Rs 1015 on weekends and holidays
  • Location: 28th Km, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109

4) Gaming Cafes

Bangalore also has a lot in its Pandora box for the gamers. If you are a gaming enthusiast and you miss your X-box or PS4 or your gaming PC, fret not Bangalore has a multitude of Gaming cafe's that offer lag-free, seamless gaming experience. Almost all the cafe's boast of latest hardware, LED lights, gaming chairs and high-speed broadband in their facilities. The gamers here are very organized and are committed to creating a community and culture that takes E-Sports to the next level. The surreal gaming environment and fellow gamers at the cafe will get you right into the zone and have you pumping your fists.  There are some amazing hotels in Indiranagar locality that offer hourly booking of hotels which you can check out for a budget-friendly stay.

League of Extraordinary Gamers

Recommended: League of Extraordinary Gamers

  • Timings: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM.
  • Entry Fees: Starts from Rs 60 per hour to Rs 2000 for 50 hours
  • Location: #15, Ground Floor, 12th Cross, Indiranagar Double Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

5) Go Karting

If you love speed Go Karting is your thing. While Bangalore's traffic makes everything crawl at snails pace you can satisfy your need for speed at the several Go-Karting locations of Bangalore. The small cars in Go Karting are not a child's play and have very high powered models too. You will find many fellow speedsters in Banglore trying out Go Karting and testing their skills on the tracks. The thrill and adrenaline rush you get while steering away your car on the corners makes you feel like a Formula1 driver. So if you are in Bangalore check this out and make Micheal Schumacher proud.

Meco Kartopia

Recommended: Meco Kartopia

  • Timings: 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM.
  • Entry Fees: Starts from Rs 540 and goes up to Rs 1150
  • Location: 49, 51, 53/1-2-3, Hennur Bagalur Rd, Mitganahalli, Chaggalagatti Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562149

6) Snow City

Snow city is Bangalore's first snow and ice park spread across 12,500 square feet. You will feel like "Winter has come" as if Ned Stark's words came true when you enter this place. You can have the feel of being in Manali on the coldest day of winter with their so-called ‘winter wonderland’ of the city and experience the chills with temperature as low as -5 degree Celcius. There are snow castles with eco-friendly snow, a rocky snow mountain and several other fun activities like snow sliding and rafting. The last 15 minutes of your trip to snow city is not to be missed. You can even shake a leg in the snow with colourful disco lights and peppy music. Snow City also boasts of a 9D theatre that screens short films. You can also enjoy games like laser tag and shooting but you'll have to shell out extra bucks for these.

Snow City
  • Timings: 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM
  • Entry Fees: Rs 500 on weekdays, Rs 600 on weekends
  • Location: Jayamahal, Fun World Complex, opposite TV Tower, J.C.Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560006

7) Escape Rooms

The escape room is like a live riddle wherein you are placed in a centre of a maze and you have to use your brain, solve riddles, make some choices as per the storyline and create your escape. Beware if you fall short for the challenge you will be stuck inside the maze forever. Oh, don't be scared I was kidding. There are several options for these escape rooms in Bangalore some of which are mentioned below.

Recommended: Riddle Room Bangalore, Mystery Rooms Bangalore, Breakout Escape Rooms, Mystery Junkies Escape Rooms

8) Flight 4 Fantasy

Flying an airplane can easily be voted as the top dream that is unfulfilled for the majority. Well now you can turn the odds in your favour. Flight 4 Fantasy is one and only flight simulation centre in India where you can virtually experience how to fly a plane. You get to be in a simulator that is the life-like replica of an aeroplane cabin and you can fulfil your desire of becoming a pilot. With around 2 lakh airports included in the simulator you get plenty options to take off and land your flights. The simulator is equipped with 3D Surround vision, force feedback and motion capability and produces sound effects and vibrations that mimic the actual conditions so well that its almost like flying a real plane.

Flight 4 Fantasy
  • Timings: 11:00 AM to 09:30 PM
  • Entry Fees: Rs. 1600.0 per person per half an hour, 2750.0 per person per hour
  • Location: Magrath Rd, Chikku Lakshmaiah Layout, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

9) Lazer Castle

Bangalore can easily be called our gateway to western civilization. All the fun games that originate in the west are brought to us via Bangalore. The Escape rooms, Flight simulator and now the Lazer Castle. If you remember Takeshi's Castle on Pogo you would have seen players with water guns trying to get the other one by breaking his paper film with their water guns. Well here, the water is replaced with a laser. If you are up for a gun battle get vested up and pick up your laser guns. Strategise, co-ordinate with your teammates and tag your opponents the maximum number of times to score the highest and win the game. There are several couple friendly hotels in Indiranagar which even allow unmarried couples. So plan your stay here and enjoy the excitement in the Lazer castle with your partner. \

Lazer Catle, Indiranagr
  • Timings: 11 AM to 10 PM
  • Entry Fees: Rs 600 per person
  • Location: #3, 80 Feet Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075

10) Play Arena

If you are a '90s kid you would remember how we used to spend our days playing out there in open grounds. With modernisation and rapid urbanisation, there has been a lack of open space and this is where Play Arena comes in picture. They provide an open area to play games, do adventure activities and to have fun. Enter Play Arena to relive those childhood days and make friends as you do it. You can be part of a group in some activities and there are many solo activities as well. Play Arena is a place to get into physical sports like the '90s with a touch of sophistication. Several activities like paintball, target practice, head rush, skating are popular among the visitors.

Play Arena
  • Timings: Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 9 PM
  • Entry Fees: Starts from Rs 380 for 2 activities and ranges till Rs 740 for 4 activities
  • Location: Silverwood Regency Apartment, No. 75, Central Jail Road Opp Near Total Mall, Sarjapur Main Rd, Kasavanahalli, Karnataka 560035

You might have only heard that Bangalore is the IT capital or the Garden City but there is much more to the city which cannot be fathomed by merely reading blogs. At a glance, Bangalore looks like a city for affluent but you will be surprised by the convenience this city offers for e.g. there is a concept of booking hotels on hourly basis here that makes your stay very pocket friendly. So, If you don't live here plan a vacation, enjoy these fun places and explore the secrets of Bangalore and I am sure you will fall in love with this city.

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