Mumbai as a city is full of life and bustling with energy all year around. There is no cap to the enthusiasm and spirit among the people in Mumbai. Hotels and restaurants are continuously offering several events and activities for visitors and tourists to spend a day out here. Most day use rooms in Mumbai are ideal for those who would like to visit the city for special occasions like shopping, festivals, New Year’s eve or even making a religious visit to the temple. Although there are options to stay for over a day and enjoy other things in the city, the idea of spending a day and just availing of day use rooms in Mumbai is quite appealing. Adults who have visited Mumbai once and visiting again will be thrilled to discover these ideas of having fun in Mumbai.

Book day use rooms in Mumbai and enjoy the beauty of the city. Source:INDIABULLS

A few ideas to make complete use of a day visit to Mumbai

Many hotels where one can rent hotel rooms for a few hours in Mumbai help adults visiting the city enjoy their trip.

  • Shopping Malls

Mumbai is filled with shopping malls stretching from the suburbs to the upmarket areas. Many day use hotels in Mumbai arrange for transport to some of these malls, especially when there are any major marketing events going on. Shopping malls in Mumbai are bustling with activities ranging from film promotions, paid premiers of films, marketing promotions by brands and a lot more. From entering into contests to impromptu singing competitions, a visit to any shopping mall could make one’s day trip an affair to remember. Just like hotels for a few hours in Bangalore arranging shopping visits, you can avail of this in Mumbai too.

  • Visit the Siddhi Vinayak temple

Considered to be one of the most auspicious temples in Mumbai and frequented by celebrities, the Siddhi Vinayak temple is worth a visit if one is spending time in day use rooms in Mumbai. Dayuse hotels in Mumbai offer guided tours with transport to the temple and arrange for a hassle-free and satisfying visit to the temple. One can easily do away with queuing in serpentine lines to get a glimpse of the Lord. With a special entry, adults can now pray in peace and return with a sense of satisfaction.

  • Private Mumbai Sightseeing tour

It is practically impossible to cover the entire city of Mumbai in one visit. So if you are visiting it for just a day, then there is a private sightseeing tour that lasts for just five hours. Hotels for a few hours in Mumbai arrange these sightseeing tours to give tourists a glimpse of the fashion and film capital of India. One can discover exciting facets of the metropolis in this intimate and customized guided visit in a comfortable and private car. Dig deep into the soul of the city with a custom-made itinerary for a seamless experience. Experience the magic of cruising through the city just from your hotel booking just like spending time in hourly hotels in Bangalore.

  • Refine your culinary skills

Mumbai is known to be the food capital of India too. The cosmopolitan milieu of the city has led to it becoming a melting pot of culture and diversity. With several communities now calling the city home, the city is home to several cuisines that are typical to various parts of India. The people of Mumbai have also seeped the culture and most families cook different types of cuisines. Many families love hosting outsiders as a cultural exchange event to help them learn more about the different cuisines in India. Couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai offer packages where you can avail of a five-hour private class in a local home learning about the fragrant spices, traditional cooking techniques and curated recipes that you can recreate anywhere in the world. One can enjoy a private tutorial to learn cooking and also enjoy a meal with hosts before returning to the hotel. Hotels for unmarried couples in Gurgaon also bring such unique experiences to travelers.

  • Bollywood Dreams

Mumbai is where Bollywood originated and still continues to thrive. If you are a fan of anything and everything Bollywood, then avail of the half-day tour organized by couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai. You will be part of a small group which will dive deep into the Bollywood film industry. Visit the Bollywood museum and brush shoulders with megastars and superstars. One can even get the chance to try costumes used in movies. For those who wish to take up filmmaking as a career, get a tutorial on music production and go behind the scenes of a film set. You never know which star you will bump into! The Bollywood tour is similar to the one offered to Ramoji studios by some day use rooms in Hyderabad.

  • Go on a gastronomical fantasy tour

If you are one who loves to taste local delicacies, then eat your way through the city on some private tours arranged by hotels renting day-use rooms in Mumbai. A tour that takes a couple of hours, you will travel by the local train to get around and stop for snacks, savories, ice creams, curries, kebabs and more. A guide will take you through the nook and crannies and also explain the highlights of each spot. Hotels for a few hours in Delhi offer the same kind of food tour for those food aficionados.

  • Visit the iconic spots that define the city

Dharavi, Dhobighat, Dabbawalas and Chatrapati Shivaji terminals are sites that have stood the test of time and define Mumbai and its soul in a nutshell. Many couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai organize a four-hour small group tour to visit the landmarks of the city. Ride the local train to get a true flavor of the traditional flower market, Gateway of India, Dharavi slum, and more

  • Interact with the Dabbawallas

There is hardly any international media channel that has not covered the popularity and vivacity of the Dabbawallas. An institution in itself, they still continue to carry on the tradition of delivering food to office-goers with a system that is unique to them. Harvard Business School certified their process as Six Sigma and it would be a treat to see how they function in real life. Many hotels for a few hours in Mumbai organize tours to spend time with them for a few hours.

  • Visit the Wankhede Stadium

If you are a cricket buff, then make a visit to the Wankhede Stadium to experience the magic of cricket.  You can book a tour or simply walk on your own depending on the time you have. Take a stroll through the facilities, and hall of fame and learn more about the history of cricket. One can even learn more about the significance and importance of the game in modern India. Day use rooms in Pune also offer this tour as part of their package.

  • Experience bliss at the Global Vipassana Pagoda
Enjoy the beauty of Global Vipassana Pagoda with MiStay. Source:Mumbai Tourism

Mumbai is home to the Global Vipassana Pagoda, an incredible meditation arena that can accommodate up to 8000 people at a time. Towering into the sky, the structure has an impressive golden spire over the dome-shaped top. The inspiration for this center was to be seen as a center of peace and compassion through the practice of silent meditation. One can walk the grounds and facilities or engage in the course oneself.


Hotels are the best place to merge and contact to undertake new and thrilling adventures. Many day use rooms in Mumbai organize day trips, tours and interesting events for tourists who have limited time in their hands yet want to experience a lot. By availing of these offers and events, one can definitely be assured of a fun time when visiting Mumbai for the second time or more.