Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and a city with a rich culture and heritage. It is one of the most important cities in India and has a rich background that can be traced back to ancient times. Chennai was ruled by many dynamic rulers like the Cholas and Pallavas.  With time, Chennai has become one of the preferred places for many foreign traders like Portuguese, French, and Britishers. Slowly, it has turned into becoming an important economic as well as an industrial hub. Chennai features a very tropical climate, humid and dry. With this climate, the people of Chennai and the tourists seek some pleasant climate. Many couples plan their honeymoon by booking a couple friendly hotel in Chennai and then going on with their plan. Even, many solo travelers who want to spend some peaceful time amidst nature make sure to book dayuse hotels or hotels on hourly basis for a hassle free trip.  Chennai has a bunch of hill status that you can visit under 10 hours or less. These not just serve as a relaxing getaway but also provides you with many adventurous opportunities.

Here are the top 10 hill stations near Chennai where you can visit for a relaxing time with your loved ones.


Situated at a distance of 230 kilometers from Chennai, Yelagiri is one of the most popular hill stations in and around the city. It is one of the closest hill stations too. The place is blessed with some of the breathtaking naturals beautifies like lakes, valleys, hills, orchards, and rose garden. It has some notable landmarks such as Punganoor Lake and the Jalagamparai waterfalls. It is one of the sort after place for adventure junkies where they get indulged in trekking and hiking. Yelagiri is also known for the summer festival. They book a dayuse hotel or hotel on hourly basis in Chennai for a hassle free trip.

Distance from Chennai- 230 kilometers

Duration- 5 hours


Located in the Shevaroys hills in the Salem district, Yercaus is called the Jewel of the South. Known for its rich and diverse flora and fauns, it is one of the top favorites among chennaiites. Some notable place includes Yercaud Lake, National Orchidarium, Bear’s cave, pagoda point, and Fairholme Bungalow. It also has some trekking options.

Distance from Chennai- 360 kilometers

Duration- 7 hours

3-Horsley hills

Located at the foot of the Eastern Ghats, Horsley Hills is named after W D Horsley, who was a British era district collector. It has some promising scenic views and waterfalls. It is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

Distance from Chennai- 270 kilometers

Duration- 6 hours

4-Kolli hills

Located in the Eastern Ghats, Kolli Hills is one of the hidden treasures of Tamil Nadu. It is also 1300 meters above sea level. Monsoon season is the best time to visit this place. Sometimes, it is also called as the next Ooty due to its climate and scenic view. Vasalurpatti is famous for boasting. Many hills are located in the hills where you can visit. Many couples plan to visit this place for a romantic weekend getaway from various places in India. Also, they make sure to book a couple friendly hotel in Chennai to plan a proper trip to Kolli Hills and then get started with their trip to this amazing place.

Distance from Chennai- 360 kilometers

Duration- 7 hours


Commonly known as the Honeymooner’s paradise, Kodaikanal is one of the most popular and most visited hill stations in the country. It is also known as “The Gifts of the Forests” because of the massive forests that surround the hill station. It is filled with Acacia, Cypress, and Eucalyptus trees. This Princess of Hill stations, Kodaikanal has always served as a getaway from the heat. This is one of the favourite place for many newly wedded couples. They make sure to book a couple friendly room at Chennai and then plan a trip to Kodaikanal.

Distance from Chennai- 527 kilometer

Duration- 9 hours


Located in the Eastern Ghats and 1600 meters above the sea level, Sirumalai is one of the hidden gems of Tamil Nadu. It is blessed with a rich variety of flora and fauna. This place is perfect for those who enjoy the wilderness and staying amidst nature. Some of the popular tourist attractions in this town are Sirumalai Lake, Saathiyar River, Vellimalai Murugan Temple, and Observation Tour.

Distance from Chennai- 460kms

Duration- 9 hours


Surrounded by an immense amount of greenery with several tea and cardamom plantations, Meghamalai is a town that looks like just pulled out of a fairytale. The word Meghamalai means “Cloudy Mountains”. For all the nature and adventure lovers, this palace is nothing less than a heaven. It has Meghamalai Wildlife sanctuary just at the corner with exotic animals like gaur, deer, sambar, wild boar, and porcupine. Periyar tiger reserve is also under proximity.

Distance from Chennai- 554kms

Duration- 10 hours

8-Palani hills

Being a part of the Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Palani Hills attracts a lot of tourists. The place offers plenty of options for camping, hiking, mountaineering, bird-watching, rock climbing, and more. It is a haven for nature lovers and is a must-visit whenever you are in Chennai. They also book hotel in Chennai and make plan for the adventure of a lifetime before they hit on the road for Palani Hills.

Distance from Chennai- 530kms

Duration- 10 hours


Kotagiri is a small town in Tamil Nadu which is mostly untouched and unknown to most people. It is an enchanting hill station that has Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar, Elk Falls, Catherine Falls, and Lady Canning’s Seat.

Distance from Chennai- 537kms

Duration- 9 hours


The situation in the Nilgiri hills, Coonor is the second largest hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated at a height of 1800kms above the sea level and is a popular place for trekking also. The scenic views in Coonor are mesmerizing with beautiful tea plantations. The Sim’s Park, the Catherine waterfalls, and Dolphin Nose are some of the popular spots in Coonor.

Distance from Chennai- 540kms

Duration- 10 hours

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