“Yeh sheher nahi,mehfil hai” can we ever forget these lines from the movie Dilli 6? It rang a bell in our hearts! Whether you belong to Bade Dilwalo ki Dilli or no, you can love it or you can hate it, you cannot ignore this city!It is magnificent, vivacious, colourful and has its own unique charm.History peeps through its ancient monuments and architecture. Modernisation is evident through its sprawling malls and markets!Delhi has the best of both worlds.
Whether you need to travel far and long, stat at a guest’s house or need to do a hotel booking in Delhi ensure you experience the life in this city at least for a few days.
So what makes our capital dazzle?What makes the Dilliwalas the liveliest citizens of our country?

The weddings:

delhi-audacious-lavish-weddings Source: Amaanta

Have you ever attended a Delhi wedding? No? Well, all the glitz and glamour, all the fun and frolic, all the food and fiesta and all the dance and drama.That is what a kick ass Delhi wedding is all about!Hospitality such that you would have never witnessed in your entire life.Such pump and power you would never witness in any other festivity in the whole country..Bolo tara rara!

The Night Life

delhi-night-life Source: Traveltriangle

Delhi’s night life is full of colours. Sleep is secondary! Delhi believes in brightening up its night with the party goers dancing to the latest beats in over flowing clubs.Booze and savouries on your platter.Eateries are open all over Delhi.No partying soul should go hungry!Go with your family or a bunch of friends, go to clubs or restaurants, enjoy at ice cream parlours or pan wala shops, Delhi’s night life has no boundaries.Infusing light in the dark,forever.

The street food

delhi-street-food Source: Traveltriangle

Food for Delhites is God.You cannot spend a day without worshipping it.LOL.The fast food on the streets is a foodie’s paradise.You can hog all day on the street, fill your stomach till your throat and still have only a few hundreds spent on food.Street food in Delhi is that affordable, lip smacking and filling!Kebabs,Chaats,Rolls, Pakwans,Parathas...You name it.You get it.Not just these,you will be served delicacies of state in India.So much love on your plate!Such foodies ought to be lively!Any body drooling?Even if you book a hotel in Delhi, ensure you savor upon these street foods by giving your hotel food a miss!

The weather

delhi-clear-weatherSource: Newsx

Okay!So Delhi experiences a weather that is like two ends of a spectrum.They live through burning hot summers for first half of the year.Walk twenty steps out in the scorching sun and fill a drum of sweat!They then live through freezing cold temperatures for the next half of the year.Wear multiple layers of clothing and yet have your bones frozen.Such brave-hearts are Delhites! No doubt they are full of life, unaffected with sun or storm!

The Metro

delhi-metro-rail Source: United News

Metro is the pride of the people of Delhi.They could boast and brag about it all day long and why not!It is a life saver and such a successful infrastructure project.Easing out the lives of the people living in an ever throbbing city.The hustle and bustle who experiences at the Metro station is another example of how the people of Delhi live their life with full zest and enthusiasm, each day!


delhi-street-shopping Source: whatsuplife

Shop till you drop!If there is one thing that people in Delhi can never be tired of, then that is got to be SHOPPING.From mega marts and malls to Dilli haat and Chandni chowk, these teeming markets can make you go berserk!Go shopping for your wedding or buy bulk stuff at the wholesale rate.There is no end to the amount of shopping one can indulge in, in the capital city of our country!
PS-There are the yummiest of fast food items sold at these markets.Fill your shopping bags and your stomach at one go!Such Contentment!

Travel and Transportation

Source: blogger

With such lively people living in a city, it is obvious that the city is well connected not within itself, within the country and with the whole world.You got flights that take you to any state in the country and most countries in the world.Rickshaws and air conditioned buses are always on the go just like the people who are always on their toes.Metro, of course, is of prime importance as far as travel is considered in Delhi.Hotel booking in Delhi is as easy as travelling in Delhi.A quick and easy ride from your hotel can take you to a tourist spot of your choice.

Cosmopolitan Crowd

Delhi-cosmopolitan-crowd Source:Thefinancialexpress

You got friends that are from Haryana,Punjab,Chandigarh, Himachal,Rajasthan,UP....and you got friends in Delhi from the whole of India.People belonging to every caste,creed or community live in Delhi and every soul ,mind you,every single soul speaks a Special Delhi Hindi! So pure and loving!This mixed culture also has one thing in common,the cuss words!It is their way of showing brotherhood and affection after all.

The History

delhi-history Source: india.com

The people of Delhi take pride in the way the city has kept its history so alive.The city so cool and modern and yet so rustic and ancient.A number of rulers came and ruled this land and added their own charisma and charm to the city in the form of various monuments and heritage buildings.Wont such a place be full of people that are a complete blend of trend and tradition both?

The Tourism

delhi-tourism Source: youtube

Infusing so much of liveliness in the city are the tourist spots in the city.Crowded with people who are travel hungry, these places are sneak peek into the diversity of the city.Architectural brilliance,modern and ancient, both form an integral part of Delhi. Qutub Minar,India Gate,Rashtrapati Bhawan, ISKON temple,Akshardham temple,Lotus temple,Chandi Chowk and the list goes on and on.You can never have a dull day in Delhi with so many places to visit.Make sure when you visit Delhi next time, book a hotel in Delhi, and travel across the length and breadth of this city to make it the most overwhelming trip ever!

What are you waiting for people?Pack your bags and Chalo Dilli!