“I don't want to grow up,' she thought. There can't be anything nicer in the world than this - being with the others, having fun with them. No - I don't want to grow up!” ― Enid Blyton

In life, sometimes we face certain situations when our entire existence comes under serious questioning. Our present go with fear and our future has got no certainty. COVID19 pandemic is one such situation that the entire world is facing in the year 2020. With great joy, we entered the year 2020 and suddenly a pandemic hit us hard. Things started to take a toll when people were shut inside their homes and the entire humanity is under lockdown. Not for minutes or days, but for months altogether. The streets were barren, shops were closed, airport and railways stations were shut and social functions were canceled. Social distancing became the new norm in the world. The holiday plans to visit a hotel nearby for summer vacations were canceled. Couples were seen postponing their honeymoon travels to a couple-friendly hotel to an extended timeline. But as usual, Human Beings can acclimatize to any possible situations slowly and steadily. Focusing on the positive aspect of this scenario is the only way to start living life normally. What could be the thing that can make us go on with life during this lockdown period?

The answer is Revisiting our Childhood.

Lockdown means lots and lots of time. We can choose to do anything but provided staying safe and sitting at home. When was the last time we had such carefree time at home? Probably during our school days when we used to visit our grandparent's home for summer vacations. This lockdown feels just the same except the fact that we are forced to stay inside due to a pandemic. So, let’s focus on the positive aspect of life and get on with it. Here are the top 10 reasons that explain why this lockdown is the perfect time to revisit your childhood.

1-Nostalgia hits hard with Ramayana and Mahabharata

Out of all the background music in the world, the tunes of the Mahabharata and Ramayana in the Doordarshan hits the nostalgia like no other. The 90s born people would completely relate with the feel of having the rush of watching these 2 epic sagas telecasted on a Sunday morning. The entire family would sit together with a cup of tea or breakfast in front of a bulky television. In the year 2020, when the epic sagas again telecasted on television, then the joy of the entire family was like anything. Just like old times, everyone would sit together and watch together.

Interesting fact- everyone knows every particular scene and ending, but still just for the sake of a nostalgic feel, interest, and respect towards Indian mythological stories, the Ramayana and Mahabharata telecast became an epic hit in the year 2020

2-Cooking healthy dishes

This lockdown calls for no cheesy pizzas, no fried chicken, no greasy chole bhature, no going to a hotel nearby to eat that Chinese buffet, and no junk. Hence, you are bound to eat the home-cooked healthy meal with your family. Since necessity is the mother of all inventions, everybody started digging into the age-old recipes and traditional food items that we used to love during our childhood and now we have forgotten it. Due to the sudden pace of life and western food influence, everyone has forgotten about the delicious grand mom recipes. But this lockdown is a perfect time to try out those recipes and then flaunt about it.

Interesting fact- digging into home-cooked food, especially traditional food will not make you obese

3-Revisiting old traveling photographs

You must be heartbroken when that vacation you have planned this summer must-have got canceled due to a sudden pandemic. Well, life is unpredictable. Isn’t it? Might as well let it go and focus on the positive side. Take out all your old photographs and try to revisit the time you had in the past. That winter trip to a hotel in Delhi where you had has the best experience of a wintery chilly morning. That summer camp you had in primary school. Look at the photos along with your family members on your side and discuss it. This will give you as much joy as going on a vacation.

Interesting fact- you can recreate some photographs ad before and after version after being an adult and flaunt it on social media. This will make you viral.

4-Summer vacation feels

When was the last time you relaxed at home, slept without setting an alarm for the next day and no deadlines to complete by the end of the day? It’s been long, right! Now is the perfect time to relax a bit and concentrate on yourself rather than thinking about work or studies all the time. Summer vacation always calls for some fun at a distant place with a stay nearby. But getting up late and having the entire day to yourself has a charm of its own.

5-Catching up with an old friend and relative

With time, responsibilities grew and your loved ones became distant. That old friend with whom you used to share a bike to go to school, where is he? That friend who always use to back u up when you had a breakup, where is she? This pandemic has taught us a valid lesson that, everything is temporary including life, so, let’s celebrate life with our loved ones. This lockdown is a perfect time to catch up with your long lost friend. Just randomly call them or set up a video call and spend some time with them. You will feel lively as no one else

Interesting fact- do not go back to being you after the lockdown is over. Now that you have managed to be in contact with them, continue this habit even after this pandemic is over

6-Dating through messages

In this time of dating apps and new age romance, there is no place for old age conservative sweet romantic affair. Nowadays, it is all about spending some quality time at a couple-friendly hotel nearby or meeting whenever you want. But, this lockdown calls for some interval in all these. Why not experience the age-old romance for a change? You can’t go out of your home to meet your partner or go for a date. So, plan something at home, like writing love letters through e-mails or planning a dinner date through video calls. This has its charm. Experience a long-distance relationship for a change.

Interesting fact- consider this pandemic situation as a test of your relationship. If you win the long-distance relationship game, then it is a forever thing

7-Painting and sketching with family

Take out the painting box from the cupboard and let the brush do all the talking. This lockdown period is a perfect time to get engaged in a hobby like painting or sketching single-mindedly. Try out different techniques like mandala sketching, kalamkari painting, Madhubani painting, etc. Later on, you will be proud to see how productively you have spent the lockdown days.

Interesting fact- you can create a time-lapse video of your painting/sketching and post it in social media.

8-Ludo and monopoly days are back

With the entire world is busy fighting a tough pandemic game, then there is no need to complicate it by playing even more intense and thrilling games on your smartphone. Switch to some fun board games that you used to play in your childhood like Ludo, snake & ladders, and Monopoly. Let your entire family play with you. Now, these board games are available in your smartphones as well.

Interesting fact- try to schedule a tournament among your family members. This will nurture a healthy competitive spirit.

9-Evening hang out at the terrace

The evening time during the lockdown calls for some outing at the terrace or balcony if you have one. Go there with a hot cup of tea or coffee. You may not be able to go on a vacation with your partner in a couple friendly hotel near by but you can always Feel the cool breeze and enjoy the sunset right at your own home. This will indeed calm your nerves.

10-Spending time with family

Most of all, just spend time with your family as much as you can. Whether you spend time with them by going on a vacation at a hotel nearby or by spending some quality time inside the home during lockdown, the moment spent is always precious. You never know when you will get such a golden time to spend some quality time with your parents and relatives. With the pace of life, everyone is so busy that they cannot give much time to their loved ones. Now is the time to put that guilt aside.

This lockdown, this pandemic is temporary. The only thing that can get us going through this difficult period is social distancing and a positive approach. The sun will rise again, the lockdown will be over along with the pandemic. We will again get to live our lives normally. But this family time and revisiting childhood time won’t come back. So, get soaked in the feeling and enjoy as much as you can but with proper precautions. As said by Francs Mayes,

“Sometimes you have to travel back in time, skirting the obstacles, in order to love someone.”

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