Keep your face always towards the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you.”- Walt Whitman

Bad memories, teary eyes, and a broken heart? What to do with it? Breaking up a relationship is always painful, whether done mutually or from one side. Years of togetherness transform into lonely days and your mind keep on going back and forth from past to present. Suddenly, the person whom you thought you knew your entire life became a stranger. Those long weekend getaways at a couple-friendly hotel nearby remain a bad memory in your life. You start missing the old days, the long talks on the phone, the walking or shopping together and even dining together. Breakups are soul rendering and blinding. They do leave a temporary void in your life and if not handled properly, it can leave a very strong permanent void in your life as well.

Generally, people tend to get very silent or show signs of hyper anxiety behavior. It means they show extreme behavior which is not normal. Some either indulge in random hookups and some chose to travel around to heal themselves. Traveling after a breakup is one of the best solutions to your broken heart. It will be the best healing process that one can go through either with friends or solo. Going on a trip, meeting new people, and indulging in good food/drinks are the things that should be done after a breakup. You can always book a nice hotel room on an hourly basis at the destination and can enjoy your days healing your life to the best. Here are the 10 reasons why you must travel after a breakup.

1-Meeting new people on your trip

When you travel you get to meet many kinds of people along the way. Starting from your co-travelers, new friends, and hotel staff at the hotel on an hourly basis and many more. When you meet people, you will realize that there are many other people along the way with you in similar situations and even with more heartbreaks. You can befriend them and talk openly about everything. Just keep your eyes open and be smart about the people you chose to talk about your life.

2-You will learn the joy of being single

After a long span of relationship, singlehood might come like a big blow to you. You never knew what being single feels like. Whenever you were on a fun getaway with your partner at a couple- friendly hotel nearby, you always seem to sacrifice your wishes to make your partner happy even for small matters. But after being single, you can fearlessly do whatever you can and go wherever you want to go without killing your dreams and wishes. You can guiltlessly gorge on that huge piece of buttery chocolate cake at a hotel in Bangalore and also you can drink many pints of beer at a pub without anyone judging you. So enjoy being single and drink your pain away.

3-Travel means Distraction

A breakup means lots of pain and loneliness. But when you travel, you get to meet many new people, get to see beautiful monuments, try all the local delicious cuisine and surrounded by art and culture. This will keep you distracted and will take you away from all the pain.

4-Time to grow

When you travel, you tend to grow a lot emotionally and spiritually in the process. You get a lot of time to revisit the past and think about all the good things. Forget the unpleasant memories and start planning for the future. While traveling, you have time to think about prioritizing yourself, to plan your goals and how to achieve them. This is a path towards self-growth, a way to heal your wounds.

5-Emotional healing

During your travel, you get a lot of time to reflect upon your former relationship without any external influence. With a mind and soul of your own, you get to process everything and vent out the emotions openly. This is how you will break your inner bubble and heal emotionally.

6-Trip of your choice

Imagine the time when you wanted to go on a trip to Mumbai but your partner wanted to go on a trip to Bangalore. So you had to sacrifice your wishes. Though it is nice to give priority to your partner’s wishes what about your wishes? Sacrificing your wishes is one of the things we all do when we are in a relationship. But, now that you are single, you can just plan on that long-awaited trip on your wish-list without anyone’s influence. Make sure to book a couple-friendly hotel in Mumbai before you reach there for a hassle free trip.

7-You observe the world

While on the road, you will notice that while you are busy lamenting for your wounds, the world is going on normal. The sun does not stop rising, the birds do not stop chirping and even the people are busy with their daily lives. You being a broken piece of human is doing nothing good by keeping yourself to yourselves. When you will observe the world around you, you get inspired to be normal. This will motivate you to leave the hotel room and go around and spend a normal day in your trip. Slowly, you will heal.

8-Out of sight, out of mind

After a breakup, a person remains in a vulnerable state for quite some time. Any familiar place or mutual person will trigger some memory by which you might end up crying shutting yourself indoors. So, instead of facing such a situation, you can simply pack your bags and go on a trip. When you are out on a trip, you get to do sightseeing, breathing in the fresh air and meeting new people rather than repeatedly checking his or her Facebook. Also, when you stay in a hotel on an hourly basis, there will be nothing in that room that might trigger your memory. Hence, out of sight, out of mind.

9-Adrenaline rush in adventure sports

There are so many adventure sports in some spectacular locations in India like water sports in Goa, Rafting at Rishikesh, etc. Getting to do these adventure sports will make you feel happy and you end up with an elevated mood.

10-You start loving yourself again

After going through all the above experiences on your trip, you end up feeling peaceful and relaxed. Moving on and starting life afresh will be your new agenda. You will be in a much better position after this trip and you can think very clearly about your wants and needs. You can make decisions that can make you happy and live life at your own pace.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule the flight tickets and book a hotel room on an hourly basis and get going to heal that broken heart.

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”- Marilyn Monroe

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