Walking through the sandy beaches, climbing the Pidurangala rock, roaming around the floating market in Pettah, exploring the ancient ruins, monuments etc are just a few things which you would love to do while you are in Sri Lanka. You would be stoked to see some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This land is best known for its tea production so undoubtedly you should also visit some of the tea factories there. Though Sri Lanka is not a much-known tourist destination, there is a lot hidden and undiscovered in here.

However, there are certain things you need to be aware of before you hit the road:

Do not travel without carrying your official photographic ID proof

According to Foreign travel advice of UK govt, Sri Lanka has certain local laws and customs which need to be adhered like carrying a photographic ID proof is a must or else you could be detained.
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Do not drink water from the taps

Due to agricultural waste and fertilizers, the water there has been contaminated. This is one of the reasons for the growing water-related health problems. So refrain from drinking tap water.
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Don’t start your expedition with the three-wheelers without asking for fare or having meter check

Yes, this is a serious problem in Sri Lanka of being exploited by the Tuk Tuk auto wallas. They may just take you on a journey costing you too much. So be cautious while you travel on Tuk Tuks.
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Do not engage in PDAs

People generally don’t entertain PDA in most of the South Asian countries. Be it India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, PDA is a big no, in fact in some countries it is a criminal offense. Though we know it’s completely fine for couples to pour out their heart and express their love. However we need to respect the law, so try not to indulge in affection publicly. It’s safer to find a couple friendly hotel where you’ll get the required privacy to share the affection with your loved one.
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Do not try to get people’s attention

If you are a foreigner then chances of being exploited is high. And there are many problems like being groped, robbed etc. so as we say prevention is better than cure, try not to grab public attention and be safe from all the above problems. For that, you can dress modestly try to cover your legs and shoulders.
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Do not carry drugs

As many countries, Sri Lanka is also a country where drugs are illegal, almost all drugs are banned in Sri Lanka including Marijuana. There are raids conducted by the local police very often so better not to get caught and end up in real trouble.
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Don’t dress heavily

Try not to wear thick clothes as the weather in Sri Lanka is mostly sunny and with a lot of humidity. Wearing light and light shade clothes will help you in beating the heat.
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Don't forget to carry an insect repellent

you should be extra careful about your health when you are on your vacation. Sri Lanka is a country where you are prone to get insect bites, mostly mosquitoes. So do not forget to apply insect repellents before you head out for your journey.
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Don’t miss out to ask permission before clicking pictures

There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to clicking pictures in Sri Lanka. As per the customs in Sri Lanka, taking photos of some Buddhist temples and Government institutions are not allowed. Even if allowed, the photo must be respectful enough, not adhering to these might get you in trouble.
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Don’t fly the Rainbow flag

Homosexuality is not accepted legally in Sri Lanka. So beware of publicly showing your orientations for the same.
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