Catering to every whim and fancy of any urban bred individual, Chennai offers enough reasons for you to fall in love with it. What is it that makes this Detroit of Asia stand out?The movies, the beaches, the filter coffee, the Kanjivaram sarees or the churches and the temples? What is it that the people living in Chennai cannot stop talking about the city with so much fervor and the people not residing in Chennai keep Chennai on their travel list all the time? Let us jump straight in and have a look at the charisma this city exudes!

1. The Movies

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Movies are a serious business in Chennai! Chennaites cannot be missing the first day, first show of their favourite stars. That’s sinful! Cinema is the lifeline of this city.Multiplexes,single screen theaters and preview theaters are always radiating with excitement and enthusiasm of regular movie goers!It is not just about the movie.The entire experience of watching a movie in Chennai is fabulous.Spacious,neat and clean theatres, tasty snacks as your company(it goes beyond samosas and popcorns) and tickets that are pretty decently priced as compared to other cities.

2. The food

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“Tummy full of Yummy” is the mantra you should be following in Chennai.It is not just about Idli,Vada,Sambar,Dosa,Uthappam or the other South Indian delicacies that the locals bring to your platter. It is also about the Biryanis,Fried Rice,Soups and Chicken and all the yummilicious delicacies from across the country that you are treated to! The people migrated from other states living in Chennai bring their own specialities to Chennai’s food fantasies!If you got a sweet tooth, be assured, your every craving will be satisfied in Chennai.Foodies get set go!You will be left craving for more!

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Beaches in Chennai leave you enchanted!Marina Beach,Elliot Beach,Olive Beach,Uthandi Beach,ECR Beach and we can go on and on and on.Whether you are a local or a tourist, no human soul can resist the fun of flocking to the beaches here and soaking in some sand and sun.Catch an early morning divine sunrise or have an evening date on the sands, indulge in the most exciting water sports or enjoy the lip smacking snacks served on the coastlines, beaches in Chennai will always leave you asking for more.To summarise a long story, short-Whether an adult or a child, beaches in Chennai guarantee the next level of epic fun!

4. Shopping

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A shopaholic’s paradise-Chennai offers you the ultimate shopping experience.Whether a fan of labels and brands or a street shopping fan, Chennai offers you options to shop for all that you desire. Get a stylish edge not just to your personality but also to your homes by purchasing not just the most beautiful clothes but also the most enchanting and luxurious house accessories. The ethnic markets,the malles or the wholesale stores, the markets in chennai infuse so much of colour and life into this already pulsating city of Chennai.T nagar,Sowcarpet,Ritchie street,Pondy bazar,Spencer Plaza,Parry’s corner,Mylapore Luz Corner,
Nungambakkam are some places where you can overload your shopping bags!
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5. Temples

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Well, you cannot be in Chennai and not visit the temples there! Known for its culture, tradition and ethnicity this timeless city of beauty boasts of some of the most ancient and glorious temples.Make sure you take a break from the fun and seek divine blessings from the Almighty.You are going to love every bit of this spiritual and religious time that you spend at these temples. Parthasarathy Temple, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Navagraha Temples, Ashtalakshmi Temple and the Kalikambal Temple are some of the renowned temples in Chennai. Time to dive in divinity, folks!

6. Culture

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Chennai is the “Gateway to South India”.Every Indian has a reason to love this place because it has not only embraced people coming from diverse backgrounds, it has also uplifted and moulded their culture with great respect and care.Chennai holds some of the most soul-stirring and sensational cultural events.From the classical Indian dances to vibrant theatre acts, from regular exhibitions of the work of emerging artists to holding various cultural fests, Chennai provides a platform to various artists to showcase their fine art as well as performing art skills.This land is a gift of cultural diversity to our country.

7. Architecture

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Thanks to its historically rich records, beautiful buildings adorn a large part of the city.Since Chennai, then Madras, was a favourite hub of the Britishers, they have left behind a number of prized heritage monuments scattered across the city. You will love watching the British Era architecture.Some of the attractive buildings and monuments that you must enjoy watching are the High Court Building,the Ripon Building,Fort St. George,Senate House,Santhome Bascilica Church,Central Railway Station and the Napier Bridge.The architectural skills of the British Era is definitely going to leave you spellbound.

8. Education

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When it come to striking a balance between education and entertainment, the people of Chennai know it best.The quality of education is pretty high and the Chennaites treat education as priority!It can boast of some of the best schools,colleges and premium institutes in the country.

9. Healthcare

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Well,what can we say about the India’s healthcare capital.It is the people of Chennai who believe wholeheartedly in the saying “Health is Wealth”. Chennai attracts a lot of medical tourism thanks to its multi speciality and super speciality hospitals.You will love this city because of the availability of just the right doctors, for any sort of ailment, at any time of the day.

10. Tech Hub

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After Bangalore, Chennai could qualify to be the next Silicon Valley of our country, with a number of factors that work in its favour. The tech community is growing in Chennai by leaps and bounds and so are the Start Ups!A lot of institutions as well as industries here belong to the IT Belt.With top notch IT infrastructure that matches world class standards, Chennai is rapidly emerging as a major hub for outsourcing IT services from all across India.

Our love for Chennai is not limited to the above mentioned things.You will definitely also love the greenery, the public transport, the peace and the politics in the city!Chennai calling, people! Bye Bye!