The food capital of India, Delhi has many sweet sights to offer. But what really attracts people the most is the food. From chaats and golgappe to Rabri and Kulfi, Delhi has it all! You’ll be a fool if you visit Delhi and don’t try its amazing restaurants and cafes. And don’t even get me started on the street food. Delhi is the KING, of course!

So, this one is especially for all the foodies out there! Get your taste buds in the active mode because here we are with a list of 11 finger-licking dishes to try out in Delhi and where to get them from. Also, a special bonus for you here to get the best deals on hourly hotels in Delhi. So, fasten your seatbelts, because this is gonna be a hell of a ride!


Momos; Source: Holidify

Momos are one of those dishes which have become native to India over the years. Every Delhiite is crazy for momos and hence this has given birth to many amazing momos points and unique inventions. You can have the simple traditional one, the fried one, the tandoori one, or even the gravy one. And regardless of which one you like the most, the basic dish remains the same and you will never be able to go back once you try it!

Where to get them from:

  • Giri Momos and Chinese Fast Food, Pitampura

Specialiases in: Afghani and cocktail momos

  • QD’s Restaurant, Lajpat Nagar 2

Specialises in: Tandoori momos

  • Yeti, Connaught Place

Specialises in: Jhol and buffalo meat momos

2. Ram Ladoo

Ram Ladoo; Source: Manjula’s Kitchen

Ram Ladoo is one of the best and most popular street food dishes in Delhi. It is prepared from moong dal and complimented with green chutney and radish on the top. If you’re vegan, then this is a must-try for you! These crispy delights are often called gulgule. You’ll find many street vendors selling these gulgules here and there but many Delhiites will agree that the one in the Lajpat Market is the best they have tried.

Where to get them from:

D-35, Veer Savarkar Marg, Block D, Lajpat Nagar II, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

3. Paranthe

Paranthe; Source: India Today

Bored with your dull breakfast routine? Guess what Delhiites and especially Punjabi Delhiites have for their breakfast: paranthas and trust me, you have to give it a try. You must have tried your mom’s paranthas that are obviously divine but look at some of the Delhi spots. You won’t believe it but Delhi has its very own Paranthe wali Gali, so there has to be something special to it, no?

Where to get them from:

  • Paranthe wali Gali (obviously)
  • Moolchand Parantha
  • Pt Babu Ram Paranthe Wale, Chandni Chowk

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4. Golgappe

Golgappe; Source: LBB

Oh, the dream of every Indian girl, golgappa! It may be known by a different name in the region you live in but it tastes the same and that is what unites us all. These fried airy puffs with spicy and sweet chutney are loved by many. To be honest, I can’t even remember a time when this dish wasn’t there. They have been constant basically through all timelines.

Where to get them from:

  • Rasili Chaat, Vasant Kunj
  • Prabhu Chaat Bhandar, Mansingh Road
  • Ashok Chaat Corner, Chandni Chowk

5. Chole Kulche

Chole Kulche; Source: Dfordelhi

If you have a good look then you’ll find that there are a lot of similarities between the lifestyle of a Punjabi and a typical Delhiite. This is one of them. Kulchas are fluffy flour buns that are complemented with spicy cholas and some additional dressings but lemme tell you these two makes a must-try combo together. This is one of the most divine street foods you’ll find in Delhi and you know it!

Where to get them from:

  • Kanshi Ram Chole Kulche Wale, Naraina Vihar
  • Haldiram’s
  • Kulachi ke Mashhoor Chole Kulche, Pitampura

6. Rabri Faluda

Rabri Faluda; Source: Aayush Sapra, Youtube

Faluda is kind of a sweet noodle that is often complemented with kulfi and hence, you get your favorite Kulfi Faluda. But if you’ve tried that and you loved it, you need to try this hidden gem right now! Rabri Faluda is a combination of the two of the best desserts that Delhi has produced, a sweet custard made of boiled milk called rabri and obviously, the delicious noodles called faluda. And for this very sweet escape, Giani Di Hatti is the first place that comes to every Delhiites mind.

Where to get it from:

Giani Di Hatti, Chandni Chowk

7. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken; Source: SpiceRoots

And now for our non-veg lovers, we have the most dreamy dish here, butter chicken! The name is enough to stir up your taste buds. Most people believe chicken to be the best part of this divine dish but trust me, nothing - I repeat - nothing can beat its gravy! The creamy rich gravy with buttery goodness will win over your heart in no time.

Where to get it from:

  • Moti Mahal, Daryaganj
  • Minar, Connaught Place
  • Havemore, Pandora Road

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8. Biryani

Biryani; Source: HerZindagi

A long battle has been going for generations between veg and non-veg biryani and the non-veg lovers don’t even consider veg biryani as biryani. They prefer to call it pulao. Well, whether you are a fan of veg or non-veg, this divine delight will never stop to please you. And Delhi can offer you so many options in this term. Awadhi, Hyderabadi, or Moradabadi, whatever you like, you’ll find it here!

Where to get it from:

  • Delhi 6- Delivers Food from Old Delhi
  • Kolkata Biryani House, CR Park
  • Andhra Bhawan, Connaught Place

9. Rolls

Rolls; Source: JustDial

This is another savoury dish which you can have according to your preferences. Rolls are flaky thin parantha, also known as rumali roti having a filling of veggies, cheese, chunks of chicken, and many more. Delhi has some of the best spots which specialise in Kathi Rolls and they’ll have you drooling over them in no time!

Where to get them from:

  • Chowringhee, opposite Venkateshwar College, Satyaniketan
  • Khan Chacha, Connaught Place
  • The Kathi’s, Saket

10. Chaat

Chaat; Source: HerZindagi

Delhi’s chaat has always attracted people to it. You’ll be a fool to be in Delhi and not try its very famous street chaats. An explosion of sweetness and spiciness, both at once will make you its fan. You’ll not go back without asking for another plate, I assure you!

Where to get it from:

  • Bittoo Tikki Wala
  • Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar, Chandni Chowk
  • Vaishno Chaat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar

11. Kulfi

Kulfi; Source: WhatsHOT

Oh, it’s getting a little spicy in here, isn’t it? Well, worry not! Kulfi to the rescue! This sweet and creamy Indian dessert is a must-have in Delhi, especially during the scorching summers. It is also considered quite a common delicacy during the onset of monsoons. Delhi has some of the best kulfiwalas you can ever dream of and you’ve to try them all. Pretty please!

Where to get it from:

  • Siya Ram Nannumal Kulfiwale, Kuchpatiram Bazaar
  • Roshan Di Kulfi, Karol Bagh
  • Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale, Chawri Bazar

And with this, we come to the end of this delicious-looking list. Delhi is a hub of sweet and savoury delicacies and we have tried to cover the best of the best that Delhi has to offer. But a single blog cannot cover the deliciousness of this divine city. You have to check them all out on your own visit to Delhi.

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