New year’s day is the first and one of the most special days of the new upcoming year. This is the day that gives a chance for a new and fresh start. A good new year’s day sets the tone for the entire year. To have a special new year’s day, people tend to look for innovative ways to have a blast.

Hourly hotels in Mumbai are a great way for people to spend some quality time with their family and loved ones on new year’s day. Spending the day away from the chaos and in peace surrounded only by loved ones is a special way to start the new year. Many hotels also organize special events and functions for new year’s. You and your loved ones can celebrate and welcome the new year in style by staying at these hotels during new year’s day. If you start your new year with positivity and love, your whole year will also be filled with positivity and love.

Celebrate New Year at Hourly Hotels in Mumbai. Source: Nearbuy

Fun activities for New Year’s Day

Spending your new years with your loved ones, friends, or your partner at an hourly hotel in Mumbai can be more fun than you can imagine. Here are some of the activities that you can do in a hotel room to welcome the new year in style –

  • Have Lots of Snacks

Order your favorite snacks and foods. Many food items are prepared and eaten in the new year such as kheer in India, black-eyed peas in America, or roast beef in the UK. Gather and have a fun time, sharing snacks and sweets. People who eat together always stay together.

  • Dress Up

Wear new and fancy clothes. Different colors signify what you want for the upcoming year. If you want joy and to fulfill your ambitions, wear red. Wearing green means you want to welcome prosperity, blue for positivity, purple for power, and white for peace and purity.

  • Play Games

You and your loved one can play board games together. Organize a game night with family and friends. Play games and have an awesome time with each other. Games are great icebreakers and help to set the tone for the entire evening.

  • Watch Movies/TV Shows

Sometimes an emotional or a family-oriented movie with your friends and family can help you rejuvenate and forget all the negative events of the past year. Movies and popcorn with loved ones are mood changers. Spending quality time with loved ones is a great way to end a year and welcome the new year.

  • Have a Dance Party

Put on some funky music and day away all fears and worries. Have a fun-filled dance night with your friends and family in the hotel room. Have a dance-off between your buddies and crown the winner as the Dancer of the Year. Dancing releases so much positivity which shall be a great start for the upcoming new year.

  • Karaoke Night

Sing nostalgic songs with your family and friends in the hotel room. Have an Antakshari competition with your buddies. A few drinks and some gold old songs are the best cure and a great way to end a year. When the clock strikes 12, sing your favorite songs and welcome the new year.

  • New Year’s Resolutions

You and your family and friends can sit down and share your thoughts on what you had expected for the past year and how things turned out for you. Be grateful for the good things you achieved in the previous year and pick up learning points for those things which did not turn out the way you had intended. Pick up new year's resolutions for the upcoming and promise to fulfill all your resolutions when the clock strikes 12.

  • Make Reels

Make reels and short videos with your friends and family as memories for the past year. Take some good photos which you can look back upon and reflect upon. Videos and photos always help to bring families closer and help create some tangible memories of good times.

  • Spa Night

Many hotels offer spa and massage treatments to their customers. You and your loved ones can enjoy a spa or a massage together on new year’s eve to release all those negative energies of the previous year and have a fresh and energetic start to the new year.

  • New Year’s Kiss

Couples can book a hotel to spend new year’s night together. Kissing when the clock strikes 12 is a magical and romantic experience that will be always remembered.

  • Pray and Make Wishes

Prayers send positivity throughout your body and soul. It generates a positive aura and sends a hopeful message to the universe. Every new year, each of us has new wishes and aspirations. So, for a change, when the clock strikes 12, say a prayer and make your wish for the new year. Send a positive message to the universe to make all your dreams come true.

Hourly Hotels in India

Here is a list of a few popular hourly hotels in various cities in India.

Hourly Hotels in Mumbai

1. The Byke Delotel Borivali

2. Hotel Pearls BKC Inn

3. Hotel Elegance

4. Keys Select Hotel Nestor Mumbai

Hourly Hotels in Chennai

1. Keys Select Hotel Katti Ma Chennai

2. Lemon Tree Hotel Guindy

3. Hotel Greens Gate

4. Hotel KEK Grand Park

Hourly Hotels in Delhi

1. Foxoso Hotel

2. Lemon Tree Premier Delhi Aerocity

3. Hotel The Vegas

4. De Pavilion Hotel

Hourly Hotels in Kolkata

1. Pipal Tree Hotel

2. Giriraj Stay Hub

3. Howard Johnson By Wyndham Kolkata

4. Lemon Tree Premiere Kolkata

Hourly Hotels in Hyderabad

1. The Manohar Hyderabad

2. Bloom Hotel Gachibowli

3. The Down Town Hotel

4. Hampshire Plaza Hotel

Hourly Hotels in Bangalore

1. Radisson Blu Outer Ring Road

2. Hotel Regenta Inn Grand Koramangala By Royal Orchid Hotels

3. Keys Select Hosur Road By Lemon Tree Hotels Bengaluru

4. Sarovar Portico Outer Ring Road

Hourly Hotels in Pune

1. Lemon Tree Hotel Viman Nagar

2. Emerald Tree Hotel

3. Hotel Rapid Lakme Executive

4. Hotel Serenity By Monarch

Hourly Hotels in Gurgaon

1. Hotel Dewdrop Mizu

2. Posh Residency

3. Keys Lite Mayfield Gurugram

4. Lemon Tree Hotel Udyog Nagar

Hourly Hotels in Noida

1. Sandal Suites Operated By Lemon Tree Hotel

2. Ace Iconic Hotel

3. Bloom Hotel Sector 62

4. Hotel Noida International


Hourly hotels in Mumbai are a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends on January 1st. Spending some quality time is a great way to end the new year. Having some good food and cocktails, dancing to your favorite songs, and ending the night with prayer and wishes are some of the few instances to spend some good times with family and friends. So end this upcoming year by spending some memorable and special time with your family and loved ones by booking a room at an hourly hotel near you.