Attending their bestie's wedding is every person's dream. Wearing a fancy lehenga, dancing on their sangeet, enjoying the delicious food and fulfilling the bridesmaid or groomsmen duties sound very exciting. Let’s be honest, you probably have decided what you will wear and which song you will be dancing to. But have you decided what you will be gifting them?

The main question is, what could you gift a person so close who has always been with you in your ups and downs, put up with all your tantrums, teased you but also wiped your tears, laughed at your falls but picked you up immediately after, listened to your endless complains and gave you the best advice.

Although being there and walking alongside the aisle is the best thing you can do for them, we all like gifts and surprises and this would only add to the celebration. No need to worry. Here is a list of 10 unbiased gift ideas that will have your friend appreciating you for life-

  1. Gold

If you have a vast budget and want to gift something that stands out from the lot, it is gold. You could either gift a bracelet, ring, chain, earrings or something as small as a one-gram coin. The item you choose will depend on your budget, and whether it is for the groom or bride, a gold coin is mutual to both. Besides a unique gift, gold can also be a friend in bad times.

2.      Honeymoon trip

If you are a group of friends, this is the perfect option. Gift a five or seven-day holiday package to their favourite destination or any vogue metro city. In case of a tight budget, you could gift a part of a vacation, either pay for the hotel bill, flight tickets, or the activities they explore. For hotels, you could opt for hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Pune, hourly hotels in Delhi and other major cities. With hourly hotels in Mumbai, you only pay for the time you lodge instead of a full day. So, while your friend is busy exploring the sightseeing and romantic spots, you will save some money. Plus, hourly hotels in Mumbai give flexible check-out options making everything according to your convenience.

3.      Customized Hamper

You might be aware of the things your best friend loves. After all, we are assuming you both have spent decades together. Make a beautiful hamper with all the things they enjoy. Be creative. Chocolates, skincare products, soft toys, night suits, accessories, and flowers are some of the things you could include in the basket. Decorate the hamper with beads, net, ribbons and handmade origami to make it look fancy. Add a personalized message or card to make it special. If you are a rookie and can’t figure out this by yourself or are busy prepping for the wedding, there are several small businesses on the internet making cute and quirky hampers. You can even ask them to customize the gift basket as you like.

4.      Money

This is the envelope your parents fill with cash before attending a marriage ceremony, the most traditional and evergreen option. Although we can’t suggest how much cash to keep in the cover, we can assure you receiving money is everyone's dream. Your friend could do whatever they want with the money with no restrictions. Use it for the wedding expense, go shopping, buy a Netflix subscription, and use it for their honeymoon to reserve hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Bangalore or their chosen destination.  

5.      Gift a staycation in a luxury hotel

After those tireless months of wedding planning, your friend deserves a getaway, and you could be their knight in shining armour. Gift the newlyweds a staycation to a nearby lavish hotel where they could order in-room service, go for a relaxing spa, have a romantic movie night, and play some indoor games. You could also book dayuse hotels in Mumbai, dayuse hotels in Pune and your hometown to save money. To read about some luxury hotels in Mumbai, click here.


6.      Watch  

If your friend has exquisite taste and loves wearing a watch everywhere he goes, this is a good gifting option. Companies like Titan, Fossil, and Casio have some sleek and affordable options for both genders.

7.      Footwear

This is a present that you can give the bride as well as the groom. A white pair of sneakers or heels can never go wrong. They will harmonize with all outfits and complete the look. You can also get one in your friend's favourite colour to make it thoughtful.

Addidas, Reebok, Puma, Zara and H&M are some brands with fabulous footwear options to gift. They also have a sale once in a while, which you could use in your favour.

8.      Perfume

Customize a unique scent for your friend. Customization will make the present personalized and exclusive. It will remind them of you every time they use it. You can also buy a pre-made fragrance. Zara, Davidoff, Calvin Klein, and Body shop have some of the best and budget-friendly perfumes. Do not forget to use a fancy bag.

source-Emmas diary 

9.  Customized Photo Frame

Gift a frame consisting of memorable photographs of the newlyweds. Bombard it with cute messages and a carving of the couple's ship name in bold letters. You could either gift a frame alone or with other small tokens. Similar to hampers, many businesses on the web can make this possible.


10.      Wedding Night Room

Reserving a hotel room for the first night is the current trend, away from the hustle-bustle of home. You could book hotels for a few hours in Mumbai or whichever city the ceremony is at for your friend to have a peaceful and joyful time.


11.  Gift Card

A distinct and creative option is a gift card from their favourite store, granting them the liberty to shop for whatever they want.

We have listed a gift for all budget ranges. Hoping this blog helped you decide on a present for your best friend’s wedding.