Everyone loves a long Diwali holiday, from children to adults, but what we love more is a long Diwali getaway. It is no secret that going on a trip during the festival of love and light is as expensive as buying onions and something that will get the relatives talking. But this should not stop you from going on a vacation because money will come and go, but time will not. Here are 11 tips to still take that long waited Diwali vacation without making a hole in your pocket-

1. Budgeting

Keep a travelling budget. Pre-decide how much you are willing to spend on accommodation, food, shopping, and transport and make sure to not exceed the budget under any circumstances except when your spouse is angry. Besides a travelling budget, keep a Diwali estimate on gifts, clothes, sweets, bonuses, gold and home decorations. Allocate each section a little more than you plan to expend so that even if things go out of hand you have a safe cushion to fall on. Hoard and keep lamps and other décor items during the off-season.


2. Advance booking

Start planning your trip three months prior and make all reservations. This way, you are ahead of everyone else and can also get your hands on some exciting deals. With advance booking, you can get the place you like in your budget that could later be unavailable.

3. Choose a place Wisely

This completely depends on your goals, whether you want to celebrate Diwali by bursting crackers, watching breathtaking fireworks, lighting lamps and singing traditional songs or sightseeing, trying adventure sports and visiting museums. The good part is that both involve clicking aesthetic pictures. A few places like Varanasi, Jaipur and Amritsar can be crowded and expensive during this time.


4. Accommodation

Imagine going on a vacation with your family to the perfect destination with numerous sightseeing spots, say Mumbai. You stay at the hotel for hardly 8 hours, spending the rest of the time exploring the city and still have to pay the price for 24 hours. Doesn’t that piss off the Chunky Pandey in you? Luckily now you can book hourly hotels in Mumbai through MiStay. By booking hourly hotels in Mumbai, you only pay for the time you stay. So, in our scenario, you would pay only for 8 hours. There are hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Delhi, and hotels for a few hours in Chennai.

Air BNB also provides cheap accommodation options, gives an authentic experience, and you can get a lot of tips and insides from your host. Living in a hostel is another sustainable option also you can again get tips and information from your roommates.

Try to find accommodation near hot sightseeing locations this way you not only save time but also money. There are many hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Bangalore and hourly hotels in Pune near famous tourist spots to help you in your endeavors.


5. Transport

Opting for a train or bus instead of a flight is an affordable transport option while travelling within India. If travelling internationally, go for early morning flights s are they are cheaper than other times of the day. Apps like Make My Trip, Rail Yatri, Ease My Trips and MiStay offer many discounts.


6. Meals

If you are living in a hostel - ask around, shop at local markets and grocery stores and cook your own meals. Eat in local restaurants or relish street foods. No matter how tempting it is, do not dine in fancy restaurants and if travelling with relatives, ask them to treat you (Humorously! you do not want them thinking that you are a cheap stake). Try and avoid drinks and desserts post meals.


7. Shopping

I know that wall hanging looks fancy at the moment but trust me, it will be sitting in your storeroom collecting dust, and you will most probably regret buying it! Also, saving up for Diwali gifts, sweets, and clothing is much more important than getting a souvenir. If you still really want to get a remembrance, try shopping at local markets and do not buy from the first shop itself. Look around, compare the prices, and purchase where it's the cheapest. Do not forget the good ol’ tradition of bargaining! Thrifting is another way to be sustainable, woke, satisfy your shopping desires and save a few bucks.


8. Look for discounts, always!

The golden rule for all travellers! Fish around for discounts while shopping, on accommodation, flight tickets, etc. If you have a kid who is studying many international airways offer special student discounts. Also, apps like Make My Trip, Goibibo, and Trip Insider offer various discounts on flight tickets. The platform, MiStay gives concessions on booking dayuse hotels in Mumbai, Hyderabad and other metro cities.

9. Sightseeing

As it is said, all the best things in life are free! Sightseeing can be made plenty fun and cheaper by using public transport or walking to the spot, if nearby. Asking around locals is also a good option as they know the place better and can guide you for a memorable experience. And who knows, this way you might make a friend or two! As mentioned, reserving hotels near sightseeing spots is another convenient option.

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10. Avoiding wearing flashy things

Cities will be crowded with people like ants, this is like a free buffet for thieves, and you do not want to be their dessert. So, avoid wearing those new pair of gold earrings, expensive jewellery and watches.

11. Luggage

Maximum luggage allowed on domestic flights-32kgs and for international flights-15kg per person and a 7kg handbag. If your baggage exceeds these metrics, you are obliged to pay the extra money, so it is always better to pack what you need. Avoid taking unnecessary clothes as it is better to do laundry over breaking your bank account.


We are sure if you follow these tips, no one can stop you from enjoying the moon festival at your favourite destination with your family on your planned budget.