Since the new year is around the corner, there is no limit to enthusiasm among the people. Likewise, the hotels are busy preparing their schedules to welcome the new year. Although there are many options to celebrate the new year, most hotels, including couple-friendly hotels in Delhi, adopt some unique ideas to celebrate the new year. These hotels have set an example of the celebration of the new year. Hotels are also all set to welcome the new year with some amazing ideas this year. You will be thrilled to know these ideas. Since new year's day is one of the most awaited days, hotels allow you to make the celebration special with some wonderful events.

Grand celebration of new year in one of couple friendly hotels in Delhi. Source: Pexel

Special Events in the New Year by couple friendly hotels in Delhi

Most hotels organize special events for everyone, including couples. It would help if you visited a luxurious hotel to make this new year celebration memorable with your partner. Hotels in the major cities, including couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai, often organize the following things in the new year. Probably, these hotels will also continue them this year.

  1. Organize Party - Many couple-friendly hotels in Chennai and other places organise youth parties to celebrate the new year. Young couples often attend these parties and enjoy new year’s eve with their partner. These delightful parties include many amazing things you can do. These parties will give you the best time you can ever have with your friends. Sometimes in the future, these party moments will make you nostalgic, and you will realize how wonderful these moments are. If you are a party goer and a true admirer of the party, you should never miss these new year parties. There will be many more things than dancing, singing and eating as it is not a normal day party. Just be ready to have the party experience.
  2. Dancing - Most couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata are famous for organizing dancing events with their partner. If you want to have lovely romantic moments with your partner, move a little with the rhythm of the music. You will feel like heaven when dancing with your partner to a romantic song. Even with your friends, be ready for the DJ night and welcome the new year with some energetic vibes. The swift movement of your body with the music will never let you realise how you have spent hours with your favourite people. But you will have to start slowly to have the energy till the last moments. Otherwise, you will be tired too soon.
  3. Invite Popular Singers - Without music, every party is incomplete. Therefore, the deluxe hotels invite popular singers to allow the guests to experience a delightful musical night. Some of the Hourly Hotels in Hyderabad are examples that invite singers to make the night before the new year a memorable one. The singers will make your night mystical with a magical voice. If you want to feel the rhythm and want it to become one with your heartbeat, you will have to attend such a splendid event. Everyone is enthralled with the performance of the talented singers who engrave a beautiful picture in everyone’s heart. You can also feel such a magical moment with your friends.
  4. Dinner Under the starry Sky - If you are a newlywed couple and want this new year to be special, grab the opportunity to spend some amazing moments with your partner by having dinner under the open starry sky. Many couple-friendly hotels in Delhi offer this opportunity for couples in the new year. You can experience a romantic atmosphere while enjoying delectable dishes. It will help to create wonderful memories together. The dinner under the starry sky is one of the best things you can do in the new year, and welcome the new day with a promise to be with each other forever. Do not miss the opportunity if you want to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year with new hope, promise, and experience.
  5. New Types of Drinks -
Enjoying drinks in one of the couple friendly hotels in Delhi in the new year. Source: Pexel

Hourly Hotels in Bangalore and other cities provide you the opportunity to try new different types of alcoholic beverages, which are rarely available on normal days. Even some hotels offer discounts on some brands or some types of drinks. You can enjoy your favorite drink or try a new one that you did not try earlier. You will come across a whole new perspective regarding the new year celebration once you have the experience of having dinner under the starry sky. Such an experience shown in fairy tales can also happen in real life. This romantic atmosphere will make you both special.

6. Plan a Photo Session - In this digital era, photo session has become an important part of every occasion. Hourly Hotels in Pune allow the guests to take photos to help them preserve the wonderful memory in the form of some beautiful pictures. You can upload these pictures to your social media accounts and preserve them as a memory. After a few years, these photos will make you nostalgic. Photos taken with your friends and partner will create a strong bond. When you see these photos, they will remind you of the old days.

7. Introduce Party Games - A party game is common in the new year. Many hotels offer the opportunity to play the game with your loved ones. There are many interesting games, including card games. You can choose any of these games and play them with your friends. Different games are available in different hotels. Therefore, if you have decided to participate in your favourite game, you must ensure that the particular game is available in the hotel you have decided to visit. To play your favourite game, you will have to do some research so that you won’t have to return without playing the game you wanted.

8. Display Fireworks  -

Display of fireworks in one of thecouple friendly hotels in Delhi on the new year day. Source: Pexel

Many hotels organise special events by displaying fireworks to make the New Year celebration more delightful. They invite people who are experts in showing fireworks. The firework display will make the night more interesting and exciting as you can consider it to fill the moment with excitement. Hotels, including Day use hotels in Gurgaon, often plan to display fireworks. If you have not seen the display of fireworks, you will gain a new experience when you see the fireworks in the hotels.

9. Decorate Drinks For You - Some Day use hotels in Noida offer a special facility to enjoy drinks by applying some decorating ideas. Apart from enjoying the test, the decoration will entice you to take one. Pouring the champagne into the wooden cup will create a festive vibe to the drink. This will make you feel more excited and give you the energy to enjoy the celebration.

10. Special Barbeque Dishes - Barbeque foods are a favourite to many. Therefore, many couple-friendly hotels offer the opportunity to enjoy barbeque foods with your favourite drinks. Mouth-watering barbeque foods will make your new year's eve more pleasant and exciting. Once you experience the test, you won’t stop yourself from having more.

11. Magic Show - Some hotels organize magic shows by inviting popular magicians. You can enjoy the show with your partner or friends, giving you a wonderful experience. These magic shows are more interesting when the magician takes any audience's help. These shows are filled with thrill and excitement, which increase the show's beauty. Some of the couple-friendly hotels in Delhi also organize such a show.


Hotels are the best place to celebrate your new year's eve if you want to have some new thrilling experiences. Many couple-friendly hotels in Delhi organise interesting events to give you the most wonderful experience. You will never regret it if you decide to make new year's eve memorable and also want to welcome the new year with joyful experiences.