The debate is never-ending. Both places have their own pros and cons. If Mumbai has the stunning Worli Sea face, then Navi Mumbai has the mesmerizing Sagar Vihar. If Mumbai has chaotic streets, then Navi Mumbai has peaceful roads. If in Mumbai you will find skyscrapers, then in Navi Mumbai, you can find lush greenery. If the former has Marine drive, the latter has palm beach road. It is exhausting to decide which city is better than the other and why.

Navi Mumbai is a carefully planned city by CIDCO to tackle and resolve the issues faced by Mumbai city. This itself gives us a glimpse of the shortcomings of the city of dreams. Although Navi Mumbai is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan region, it is far from similar to the central city. Here is a list of 12 reasons why living in Navi Mumbai is better than Mumbai, and when planning a trip by booking hourly hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Mumbai, don’t forget to take a short trip to this peaceful location. We all know Mumbai can be heavy on the pocket. By reserving hourly hotels in Mumbai, you can save some money.

1. Planning

The infrastructure of Navi Mumbai is much more organized and planned in detail in comparison to Mumbai. Being a developing city, it is now home to a lot of good projects. Navi Mumbai is divided into Nodes and thereafter, into Junctions. The roads and footpaths are cleaner, and the railway stations are well-equipped. In fact, the Sea woods station also has a mall where you can shop and eat at popular restaurants. Navi Mumbai has also been ranked 5th in Swatchata Abhiyan (cleanliness Campaign) conducted by the Government of India. So, whenever you visit Mumbai, take a detour to this pristine city by booking hotels for a few hours in Mumbai. Don’t forget to check out the street walls painted with cool graffiti.

source- Navi Mumbai

2. Pollution

Mumbai is ranked 31 in the most polluted cities in the world, whereas Navi Mumbai has a rank of 134. The ranking itself is self-explanatory. The number of factories and industries in Navi Mumbai is less in comparison to Mumbai, making the air more breathable. Besides, there is more greenery here. If you are a person who enjoys sitting amidst nature, visit this peaceful place near the city of seven islands by booking hourly hotels in Mumbai.

source- Water pollution in Mumbai

3. Environment

As already mentioned, the environment in Navi Mumbai is peaceful and calm owing to the numerous gardens. Migratory birds have nested their new homes in the creeks of Vashi and Airoli. There are fewer buildings and more scenic landscapes. The place is an attraction for many photojournalists and photography enthusiasts. Are you one of them? If you love capturing nature, the dayuse rooms in Mumbai are already waiting for you.

source-Belapur Mango Garden

4. Nightlife

The nightlife in Navi Mumbai is not as happening as in Mumbai. So, parents can have a sigh of relief. Since Navi Mumbai is small, there is a police station at every corner, making it easier to spot pubs, restros or people breaking deadlines and rules. Due to this, the crime rate in Navi Mumbai is also lesser. If you are a party animal, you need to go club hopping in Mumbai with your partner by booking couple friendly hotels in Mumbai.


5. Educational hub

Navi Mumbai is home to a lot of reputed institutes and colleges not limited to any profession. You will find medical, Engineering, fashion, Hotel management and architecture colleges and associations. Because the city’s infrastructure is so calculated and well-drafted, the railway stations are close to most colleges and easily reachable, just like the hourly hotels in Mumbai are close to the famous sightseeing spots.


6. Sports

If Mumbai has the Wankhede stadium, Navi Mumbai boasts the D.Y. Patil sports ground. Besides, life here is slow-paced, giving plenty of time for sports and recreational activities. A privilege the SOBO crowd might not get to enjoy due to their buzzing lives.


7. Fewer rallies

It can be very depressing when you get late to work because a politician wants to make fake promises for votes. Navi Mumbai doesn’t face any such problems, and there are fewer chances of you calling in late to work.

8. Conveyance

This is the best part about residing here. The city is not densely populated. So you won’t find much traffic. You can finally fulfil your new year's resolution of being punctual. If you are a fan of breakneck life, plan a visit to Delhi by booking hourly hotels in Delhi or Dayuse hotels in Delhi.

9. Roads

The roads might not be a living example of perfect but are better when compared to Mumbai. There are minimal potholes. A few lanes are a treat to drive on, and the reduced traffic is a brownie point. Another city to go on a road trip is Lonavala to Pune. After an adventurous journey, lodge at hourly hotels in Pune or dayuse hotels in Pune to rest.

source- Roads in Navi Mumbai

10. Scope

Since it’s a developing city, there is a lot of scope in all fields. Rat race and dirty competition are merely words here. Numerous institutions and colleges provide additional support for people to achieve their dreams.

11. IT Industry

Navi Mumbai could be the next potential IT hub of India. Many tech companies and MNCs have established headquarters in Airoli. A few include Capgemini, L&T, Reliance and Accenture. Large masses of fresh graduates are getting recruited to work in these corporations.

source- Capgemini

12. Real estate prices

As the accommodation rates are skyrocketing in Mumbai, many people are shifting to Navi Mumbai due to all the advantages and amenities it offers. There are affordable paying guests and hostels for working professionals. A similar version of this is the cheap hourly hotels in Mumbai.

The one con of living in this off-beat location is that you will get so comfortable in the calm that you won’t be able to adjust in any other city.