The commercial capital of the country is flocked by many tourists round the year. Tourists, businessmen, professionals and students visit the city quite often. Mainly people visit a few famous places in and around the city. But, there are a few unexplored surprises in the heart of the city. The next time you visit Mumbai, do keep this list in mind and visit the magical places.

  1. David Sassoon Library and Reading Room:

In 2006, the library was mentioned in the list of 47 global classical libraries. The library is a captivating place for all the book-lovers. You must visit the heritage sight in South Mumbai for an enriching experience. The interior decorations are equally classy and beautiful. Exploring the 40,000+ books in the library is enticing. So, as you leave your hourly couple friendly hotel in Andheri, remember to drop by the library.

David Sassoon Library and Reading Room

2. Reserve Bank of India Monetary Museum:

The museum is one of the most underrated tourist attractions in the country. Many people are unaware of its existence. The museum tells a fascinating story of the evolution of coins and currency in the country. You must visit the museum for an engaging tour of the coinage of India. As leave your hourly couple friendly hotel in Santacruz, do pay a visit to the museum.

Reserve Bank of India Monetary Museum

3. Walkeshwar Temple:

The kings of the Silhara Dynasty built the temple in 1127 AD. The temple was destroyed by the Portuguese and revived later. The temple has a peaceful vibe and exploring the vicinity is an enriching experience. There is a water tank next to the temple, famously known as Banganga Tank. The water is revered for its magical attributes by the local people. When you would stay in an hourly couple friendly hotel near Malabar Hills keep the temple in priority of your sight-seeing list.

Walkeshwar Temple

4. Cathedral of the Holy Name:

The beautiful church in Colaba is a must-visit. The tranquil environment and exquisite architecture is extremely captivating. Colaba has plenty of tourist attractions, but you must visit the church on priority and stay in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Colaba to relax and freshen up.

Cathedral of the Holy Name

5. Aarey Colony Chhota Kashmir:

The beautiful state of Kashmir is renowned for the scenic landscapes. The lovely park in Aarey Colony is so beautiful that anybody might mistake it for the state of Kashmir. An evening stroll in the park will be quite captivating and you should visit it during your stay. You would definitely reminisce about the park after checking into an hourly couple friendly hotel in Goregaon to rest for the day.

Aarey Colony Chhota Kashmir

6. Powai Lake:

The lake is renowned for its bio-diversity. A lot of measures are taken to conserve the ecosystem of the area. There are plenty of crocodiles in the lake and many birds migrate there during the winter season. Even if you are not a nature-enthusiast, you must stay in an hourly couple friendly hotel in Powai and visit the lake for tranquil moments with yourself.

Powai Lake

7. Sewri Jetty:

A vast variety of birds including flamingoes migrate to the jetty from October to March. It is quite a visual treat to see the flock of birds. If you happen to be around town during the migration season, you should visit the jetty for an enriching experience. The vast stretches of mud-flats and mangroves are also a treat for the sore eyes. Rest in an hourly couple friendly hotel near the Sewri Fort and visit the fascinating Sewri Jetty to connect with nature.

Sewri Jetty

8. Maharashtra Nature Park Society:

Well, not far from the madding cosmopolitan crowd is a beautiful butterfly park. Visit the park for a peaceful evening stroll or to connect with nature. The enchanting park is straight out of a fairy tale and would leave you searching for Narnia round the corner. While roaming and sight-seeing the city, take a break in an hourly couple friendly hotel near Dharavi and visit the park.

Maharashtra Nature Park

9. Pandavkada Falls:

The majestic waterfalls in Kharghar in Navi Mumbai are quite a splendid sight to behold. If you are in Mumbai during the monsoons, visit the enchanting falls to relax and chill. The nearby caves and hills add to the beauty of the place. After having a gala time at the falls, you can relax and freshen up in a nearby hourly couple friendly hotel in Kharghar.

Pandavkada Falls

10. Bassein Fort:

The Archaeological Survey of India has preserved the remnants of the Portuguese Fort. You must visit the enchanting Bassein Fort for a historical trip. After reaching Mumbai, relax at an hourly couple friendly hotel near the Churchgate Railway Station to beat the travel fatigue and prepare a list of places you must visit. Do not forget to add the name of Bassein Fort in the priority list.

Bassein Fort

11.   Boot House:

Enjoy the place with your kids or take a trip down the memory lane. Either way you would surely enjoy the visit to the Boot House. When you visit the city stay in an hourly hotel near the Malabar Hills and visit the Boot House.

Boot House

12. Chinese Temples:

Before the 1962 war between India and China, a small group of Chinese people used to stay in Mumbai. They had built a temple in Mazgaon. The temple is very beautiful and you would feel a sense of peace after entering the temple premises. After checking out of your hourly couple friendly hotel in Bandra, visit the temple and embark on a soul-searching journey.

Kwan Kung Temple, Chinese Temple in Mumbai

Well, it is quite evident from the above list that the land of dreams is also the land of surprises. The list is definitely not exhaustive. As you would explore the claustrophobic city, where people are packed like sardines, you would find plenty of tranquil places at each corner. You must visit Mumbai to marvel at the skyscrapers, connect with nature and savour the delicious Mumbai street food. Hope you have a great vacation and enjoy it to the fullest with hourly hotels.