The famous Silicon Valley of India and the capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru is one of the leading contenders in India’s most developed cities. The city is no doubt an IT hub spot and home to some of the world’s biggest and most prominent corporations. But, Bengaluru is not merely a tech city, you know? It’s got so many other interesting facts that even its residents might not be aware of. So, what’re we waiting for then? Let’s get to know some of them!

1.Pub Capital of India

Pub Capital of India; Source

No one can go wrong with the nightlife of Bengaluru. The city homes over 1000 clubs and bars. As a matter of fact, you might find a pub here far more easily than a hospital. That is why the city is often referred to as the ‘Pub Capital of India’.

2. Rock Capital of India

Rock Capital of India; Source

Bengaluru is a hub of rock concerts. It has a never seen before un underground music scene and is often the preferred location when it comes to international festivals and music concerts. The city is often referred to as the ‘Rock Capital’ of the country due to this fact.

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3. One of India’s Oldest Radio Clubs

Bangalore Amateur Radio Club; Source

Bangalore Amateur Radio Club is one of the oldest radio clubs you’ll find in the entire country. Since its foundation in 1959, it has been the most radio-active club in India with over 200 life members.

4. Free Wifi Access

Being its usual techie self, Bangalore was India’s first city to give its residents free wifi, which is paid for by the State Government.

5. First Asian City to get Electric Street Lights

First Asian City to get Electric Street Lights; Source

Bengaluru became Asia’s first city to light up its streets with electricity in 1905. The wondrous sight took place around KR market which left the crowd utterly amazed.

6. India’s Third Most Populous City

India's Third Most Populous City; Source

With a high population density, Bengaluru has become the third most populous city in India. At this rate, it will soon cross the 13 million mark. After all, Bengaluru is a megacity!

7. High Traffic Density

Bengaluru's Traffic; Source

With this massive population, it is obvious that Bengaluru has a huge traffic density. This makes the residents daily life extra difficult. But they find happiness in this life crisis too and love to share funny memes and jokes so that their fellow Indians can get a piece of the cake as well. I love these guys!

8. The City with the Maximum Nobel Prize Nominees

CV Raman; Source

Bengaluru is counted among one of the finest Indian cities and this fact can be backed by the number of scientists that have been nominated for the Nobel Prize from this city.

9. You’re Bangalored!

With Bengaluru being a hub of outsourcing for foreign countries, Americans have come up with a brand new slang. Whenever someone gets laid off due to their job being outsourced from Bangalore, they use this particular expression. Wow! These slangs are surely getting out of hand nowadays.

10. Winston Churchill Owes Money to Whom?

Ledger Entry Showing Lt. Churchill's Due Amount; Source

Now, who hasn’t heard about Sir Winton L.S. Churchill, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? Did you know he owes Rs. 13 to our very own Bangalore Club? Blimey, I know! Apparently, the club was in huge demand during those times and why won’t it be, huh? This ledger entry was released by the club, commemorating their 125th anniversary. It was started in 1868 by some British officers.

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10. High Altitude


With an elevation of over 3,000 feet, Bengaluru is situated even higher than the dazzling Dehradun.

12. India’s First Heli Taxi

Bangalore's Heli Taxi; Source

Bengaluru became India’s first city to offer Heli Taxi services in Mar 2018 with an Electronic City Flight from Bangalore International Airport.

13. Home to the Highest Number of Engineering Colleges

AMC Engineering College, Bangalore; Source

The city of Bangalore houses the highest number of Engineering Colleges, which comes out to be around 105! Being the IT hub, the city is also the proud home of the highest number of engineers in the country.

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Bengaluru is surely a fascinating city, don’t you think? It’s the perfect city for any activity! It’s got history. It’s got architecture. Hell, it is the dream destination for the Gen-Z! So, what’re you waiting for? Go check out some of the best hourly hotels in Bangalore and plan your vacay today!