Sitting beside a deep blue lake and getting lost with its serene beauty and magnificent landscape is one of the beautiful experiences. India is home to many natural and man-made lakes. They are widely recognized for their diverse attributes. Some are freshwater and some are brackish. Natural lakes are of various types based on the quantity of salt in it. The spectacular beauty of the lakes is a treat for the eyes. Besides being a tourist attraction, it is also home to many migratory birds. Many couples chose these sites to spend their honeymoon and book a couple-friendly room to make it hassle free.

From the large assortment of magnificent lakes in India, here are the top 14 that is a must-visit.

1-Pangong Tso, Jammu & Kashmir

Located at an altitude of 4350kms and covering an area of 700km, Pangong Tso Lake is one of the picturesque and beautiful lakes in India. It looks like a place from another heavenly world. Almost one-third of the lake comes under India and rest falls under Tibet. The Line of Actual Control passes through this lake. It is a perfect place for adventure trips and romantic escapes. May to September is the best time to visit here to witness the glittering water. If you want to view the spectacular frozen view then November to January is the best time. It takes only 5 hours to reach this place from Leh.

2-Vembanad Lake, Kerala

With a length of 96.5 km, it is the longest and biggest lakes in India. it has different names such as Punnamada Lake, Kochi lake, etc. Being a freshwater lake, it is the source of irrigation for many farming lands on the shores. It is surrounded by coastal backwaters, lagoons, mangroves, and marshes. It has a unique ecosystem with one half as brackish and one half as freshwater. The landmark Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is situated on the banks of this lake as well. Couples when on a honeymoon make sure to book a couple friendly hotel in Kochi and enjoy sometime by the Lake.

3-Chilka Lake, Odisha

Situated in the eastern coastal region of India, this brackish water lake is one of the important wintering ground for migratory birds. It is the largest brackish water lake in India. Spread over 1165 sq km, it is also the second-largest brackish water lake in the world after the New Caledonian barrier reef. It is home to some highly endangered species, especially Irrawaddy dolphins. A lot of tourists visit this place during winters to witness the arrival of migratory birds. It is 120 km from Bhubaneshwar and takes around 2.5 hours to reach Chilka. You can book a hotel in Bhubaneswar and can get on with your planned trip to Chilka

4-Dal Lake, Kashmir

Situated in the heart of Srinagar, Dal Lake is also called as the “Jewel of Srinagar” and “Lake of Flowers”.spread over 22sq km it is the second largest lake of the state after Wular Lake. Being one of the most scenic lakes of the country it has also been featured in many Bollywood movies. It is a popular summer retreat for many tourists. The imposing beauty of the lake can be best seen by the Shikara ride.

5-Loktak Lake, Manipur

Spread over an area of 287sg km, Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in India. The lake is fed by the Manipur River and has tributaries that are connected to both Myanmar and India. The unique feature of this lake is the floating swamps which are known as Phumdis. It rose to fame by the name of Keibul Lamjao National Park which is the only floating national park in the world.

6-Suraj Tal Lake- Himachal Pradesh

It is one of the stunning and most beautiful lakes of India. Being the third highest lake in India, it is perfect for some adventure trips. The best time to visit this place is between May to October. It is popular for its chilled and aquamarine water.

7-Pulicat Lake, Andhra Pradesh

It is one of the second largest brackish water lakes in India and is situated 60 km away from Chennai city. It is separated by a barrier island of Sriharikota. It houses a significant portion of the Pulicat lake bird sanctuary. You can easily spot some Siberia, Mongolia, Greater flamingos, painted storks, and pelicans while you are here. Every year a 3-day Flamingo festival held at this place in December that attracts thousands of tourists. Many couples book couple-friendly hotels in Chennai for their honeymoon and visit this place to spend a good time.

8-Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

It is the second-highest lake of the country which is situated at an altitude of 17000 feet. It is one of the most famous lakes just for its beautiful landscape. It is a rare phenomenon where the entire lake freezes except a mysterious little corner. It is one of the popular locations for family picnics and romantic escapes. Summer months are the best time to witness the lake’s sheer beauty and if you want to see the frozen magnificence then November to June is the best time.

9-Wular Lake, Jammu & Kashmir

Wular Lake is one of the unique lakes in the country because it has formed as a result of tectonic activities. It is the breeding site for many bird species like marbled teal and little egret. The wetland of the lake is a habitat for a variety of wildlife. The pristine beauty, ambiance, and geographical significance attract lots of tourists.

10-Ashtamudi Lake, Kerala

With a measurement of 61.4sq km, Ashtamudi Lake is the second largest lake in Kerala and is also known as the entrance to the Kerala backwaters. It is called Ashtamudi because of its eight channels/arms that give the lake a palm-shaped appearance. It serves as nesting and breeding sites for many migratory birds. Some of the common birds seen are tern, cormorant, and pond heron. Many couples book a couple friendly hotel in Kochi and spend sometime by the lake for a blissful vacation.

11-Dhebar Lake, Rajasthan

With a measurement of 87sq km, Dhebar Lake is one of the largest man-made lakes in India. Because of its historic charm and irresistible natural beauty, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Udaipur. It is in the vicinity of Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary and is also home to many migratory birds. You can always book a hotel in Udaipur and spend sometime by the beauiful lake.

12-Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan

Pushkar Lake is one of the ancient lakes in India situated in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It is regarded as one of the holiest lakes where people take a dip during the auspicious day of Kartik Poornima in the months of October-November. Being one of the sacred lakes of India, it is also mentioned in many Hindu scriptures and epics.

13-Sambhar Salt Lake, Rajasthan

Situated amidst the beautiful Aravali hills in Rajasthan, Sambhar Salt Lake is the largest saline lake in India. It is the major source of salt production in the state. It is also home to many migratory birds such as flamingos, pelicans, common sandpiper and redshank. Because of its sheer elegance and uniqueness, it has been featured in many famous Bollywood movies as well.

14-Kolleru Lake, Andhra Pradesh

With a measurement of 245sq km, it is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India. It is one of the important nesting and breeding site for many migratory birds such as painted stork and grey pelican. The lake was declared as a wildlife sanctuary known as Atapaka Bird Sanctuary. You can always book a hotel in  Kochi and make a trip to this beautiful lake.

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