Can't decide where to go with your girlfriend this weekend? Worry not! The 'City of Joy' has a lot to offer to the all the lovers in the city. I have put together a list of places you can go and have a good time! The city offers you more than just parks and picnic spots, its offers serene beauty and Luxury as well. These 15 places will add the magical touch of Kolkata to your date.

1) The evergreen lovers point - Victoria Memorial

This historic marble building was constructed in the early 1900's in the memory of the Late Queen Victoria. Build across several hundred acres, the Victoria memorial was beautified by big ponds and beautiful gardens. Inside the memorial is a museum, which stores several beautiful artifacts from Kolkata's golden past since the time of its creation by Job Charnock, detailed portraits of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert lifestyles, their dresses, and other artifacts.

What can you do there?

A romantic stroll with your partner across the gardens witnessing the history of the city together. It will surely become a romantic memory at the back of your mind.

Entry fees and When to visit?

Entry fees is Rs 20 , and the best time to visit is in the late afternoons and on Sundays.

2) Love by the Ganges - Princep Ghat

The misty cool breeze and the mesmerizing view of the Hooghly River will be a cherry on top to your Romantic evening with your girlfriend. The park is stretched along the bank of  the river Hooghly and offers a range of street food options, scenic beauty and private boat rides. Surely a must visit for all couples in Kolkata.

What to do there?

Sit on the old Wooden Chairs and enjoy Ice cream and Pav Bhajji with your girlfriend. Boat rides are a beauty, but a bit costly.

Entry fee and When to visit?

Entry is free , and it is open till late night. It is best to visit during  the early evening hours.

3) Adventure at Nicco Park

Are you both adrenaline junkies? Enjoy riding at full speed?  No need to worry for that, enjoy a day with your partner at Nicco Park. The rides gives a wholesome experience of fun and thrilling experience at the same time. A roller-coaster ride with your partner will be something you will remember for a long time.  Also the water park Wet-o-Wild by Nicco park is amazing fun and refreshing.

What to do there?

Spend the whole day at the park discovering new rides. The Roller Coaster and Bumping Cars  is a must try. Tip: Enjoy the Dry park before entering the Wet park.

Entry Fees and When to visit?

Rs 250- for entry, includes a few free rides, Rs 750 for the water park(includes entry fee), Rs 910 for the Composite pack. Try Visiting as early as Possible and spend the maximum time at the park. The park closes at 6 pm.

4) Love in the shades - Botanical Gardens

Perfect for the nature lovers! Located just a few minutes away from the heart of the city on the banks of river Hooghly is another marvel The Botanical Gardens of Shibpur. The Garden is stretched accross hundred acres of lush greenery and is home to one of the oldest banyan trees in the world. Long walks along the side of the river and through the canopy of dense Banyan trees is a must for couples.

Entry fee and when to visit?

Entry Fees-Rs 10. The park closes by dawn, make sure to visit it in the morning or afternoon hours.

5) Love under the Stars- Birla Planetarium

Enchant yourselves with the history of the universe in the largest planetarium of Asia, right in the heart of the city. Stargazing with your partner at Mid-day ! Nothing more romantic than that.

What to do there?

Watch a 30 minutes show at the Planetarium. Tip: Keep an eye on the show timings before you visit. The Shows are typically orated in 3 languages Hindi, Bengali and English. Visit accordingly.

Entry fees- Rs 40 per show.

6) Enjoy the Couple Friendly hotels in Kolkata

Couple friendly hotels in Kolkata

Bored of the out door adventure? Take your date to the next level. These couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata provide rooms for unmarried couples, accepts local id's and provides the much needed privacy to you and your partner.  Hotels in Salt Lake, Kolkata provide a lot of options for an overnight date with your girlfriend.

What to do there?

You know it better than me!!

Tariff and when to visit?

Hotels on Hourly basis charge as per the hours you use the room. You can visit anytime you want.

7) Window Shopping and Movies at Malls and Multiplex.

Want to be the best boyfriend ever? Take her out for Shopping. Window Shopping with your girlfriend almost always ends up in Shopping with your girlfriend, so better take a fat wallet along with you. And do take her for a movie!

What to do there?

There are tons of malls in Kolkata, The Quest mall, The South City mall, The Acropolis , The Avani mall, The Forum etc. Walk around with a cup of coffee or your favourite ice-cream.

Entry fee and When to visit?

No Entry Fee is needed, if you aren't planning to watch a movie. Movie tickets range from around Rs 200-600 per head at major multiplexes.

8) Love the wild- Alipore Zoo

Animal Lovers? This is the perfect place for couples to get amazed by the diversity of animals present at the heart of the city. With more than 1200 animals inside it is the oldest and one of the biggest zoos in the country. Exotic , rare species of land animals and birds are there in the alipore zoo.

What to do there?

Do visit the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion , African Lion, Hippo, Jaguar, One-Horned Rhinoceros, Giraffe and Zebra Enclosures. Crocodiles and Snakes are also very fascinating to some.

Entry fee and When to visit?

Entry Fees is Rs-30 , the zoo remains closed on Thursdays . It takes about 3 hours to tour the zoo, and gates closes at 5pm. So plan accordingly.

9)Scientific Dating in Science City

Love can be found in weird places! Why not in the largest Science centre in India? Science and Technology amalgamated with fun and engagement. You surely will be surprised how fun it can be to do science experiments with your girlfriend, there is scope for gentle strolls on the lawns but better utilize your time exploring the mind boggling science experiments and shows.

What to do there?

There are a number of science shows which could interest you. Along with that there are a many science and technology backed experiments which you could do for fun. The Dinosaur enclave, Space Theater, Evolution Ride, Digital Panorama etc are worth visiting.

Entry Fees and When to visit?

Entry fees of Rs 50 per person is charged along with individual charges which ranges from Rs 20-120 per person per show. It closes at 7:30 pm.  

10) Love By the Lake- Rabindra Sarobar

This Artificial Lake created in the early 1920's is a romantic getaway for couples in Kolkata. Easily accessible by Road transports, Metros and Train, and surrounded by loads of couple friendly hotels and restaurants. It is a perfect place for couples to engage in heartfelt conversations and spend an romantic evening together.

What to do there?

Engulf yourself with the serenity of the place, take long walks with your partner or just sit by the lake-side and watch the rowers practice in the lake.

Entry fee and when to visit?

Entry is free and the place is open from 6 am to 6 pm.

11) Luxury Hotel room for Couples and fine dining

couple friendly hotels in kolkata

Apart from Couple friendly hotels in kolkata there is also option for a more Luxurious date at 5 star hotels accompanied with a fine dinning experience. Even luxury hotels gives room for unmarried couples at an hourly basis. 5 star properties have several dining facilities as well and serves a varieties of dishes from around the globe.

Tariff and when to visit?

You can get rooms for Rs 2000 ,at half the tariff if you book on an hourly basis. Dining for 2 will cost around Rs 4000-6000.

12) Love on a boat - Nalban Park

Located at Salt Lake, this boating park is home to the city's largest water body. Perfect place for a beautiful boat ride with your partner accompanied with tasty fish delicacies from Nalban food plaza and long lazy strolls. Plenty of Rooms for unmarried couples are available near the park , Luxury hotels in salt lake kolkata are also available.

Entry fee and When to visit?

Rs 90 per person is charged as the entry fee. Boating and restraunt charges extra. The park stays open from 9 am to 8 pm.

13) Ecopark

Perfect place for a couple who is looking for some adventure. Ecopark offers a lot of activities which couples would love to participate in. Ice skating, Kayaking, Cruising, Cycling, Zorbing, Sip in the lake( Boat cafe) etc. Also there are lots of food options available inside the park.

Entry fee and When to visit?

An entry fee of Rs 10 is charged, activity fees range from Rs 70-150 per head. The park stays open from 12 pm to 8:30 pm. It takes about 4 hours to enjoy the park, so plan accordingly.

14) Make your love story historical - Indian Museum

Let your love be witnessed by history. The oldest museum in the country will surely excite you and your partner if you both are history enthusiast. The Museum is the largest in the country as well and is home to million years old dinosaur fossils , 4000 year old Egyptian mummy, 100's of fossils of other extinct animals, birds and reptiles, and  1000's of Indian artifacts.  

Entry fee and when to visit?

Rs 50 is charged for entry. You can easily spend 2-3 hours at the museum and then dine at hotels nearby.

15) Park Street Cemetery

This cemetery is the final resting place to over 2000 men, among which lies great personalities such as Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, Job Charnock and many more. The eerie silence and melancholy of the place strangely adds uo into a very Romantic place for the couples.  And no need to worry about apparitions and ghosts, this cemetery has stopped functioning a long time ago.

Entry Fees and When to visit?

Entry is free and the cemetery remains open for visitors from 10 am to 5 pm. Tip: Do carry a camera with you.

Extra: Snow Park

Beat the summer heat with your partner at Axis Mall's Snow Park. Experience sub 0 degree temperatures and engage in fun Snow Ball fights with your partner. Will surely be a whole new experience for both of you.

Entry Fees and When to visit?

Rs 600 is charged for Entry. The park remains open for visitors from 10:30 am to 9 pm.