Most times you don’t realize how good the good old days are until they are gone. Right? As we age and experience life, school and college days now seem like the most blissful period of our lives. These days would not have been so memorable without your friends and all those experiences you had with your friends. More than anything else, you miss your friends the most. If you miss them so much, why not go ahead and meet them?

Our lives have gotten so hectic and when you are so busy running in this rat race, you tend to forget about your friends. We are all busy chasing deadlines, making ends meet, and catching up on sleep, we forget to prioritize ourselves or even our relationships.

Has reading this made you emotional, nostalgic, and craving for some time with your friends? Take this as a sign and call up your old buddies. Book a day-use hotel in Mumbai or anywhere you prefer and call them over and spend some quality time with those you made your childhood and teenage years so blissful and memorable.

What makes a hotel better for reunions with old friends?

Seeing your old friends is a nostalgic feeling. Suddenly you start feeling like that school child or the college-going teen. Such special moments in life should be enjoyed in peace. Cafes and pubs are so crowded that you cannot even enjoy your time in harmony. Now imagine a clean and quiet place like a hotel room where you can sit down and talk your heart out in peace. If you are having your old girl gang or old boy clan meetups, then you guys even use the banquet halls or restaurants which are available in these hotels to have a great time in solitude. Day use hotels in Mumbai are a convenient choice for those meet-ups that just last a day. For quick catch-up sessions, you can also opt for hourly hotels in Mumbai that provide rooms for 3, 6, or 12 hours depending on your requirements. If you want to make your next reunion with old friends a memorable one, opt for day use hotels. Read ahead to know more about how your next reunion is the most memorable one yet.

Ways to make your reunion unforgettable

Reunions with old friends are rare. So, one must make sure they are unforgettable whenever they happen. Day use hotels in Mumbai are a favorable choice for meetups with friends. For short meetups, even hourly hotels in Mumbai are ideal. The following are some activities that can be done to have an amazing reunion with old buddies at a day use or hourly hotel –

  • Reminiscing the good old days – Chit-chat about your school or college days. Talk about the good times, all those fun things you did together. Talk about your present life and anything below the sky. Sometimes, the most fun thing to do is to just talk. Time flies and so does all your stress and worries when you have a nice chat with your friends.
  • Go through old photos and videos together – You and your friends can go through the old photos and videos that you made in your school or college days. Relive your childhood through those photos and videos. This will be an extraordinarily emotional and a reuniting experience for you and your friends.
  • Retro movie marathon – Try and recall those movies which you watched with your friends during your school or college days. Watch those same movies again with them in the hotel room itself. This will be a guaranteed heart-touching experience.
  • Having a meal together – Ordering food to the room or having a meal together in the hotel’s restaurant is a good way to spend time with old pals.
  • Enjoy the spa together – Many hotels have spa and massage treatments for their customers. You and your friends should try out the spa and relieve your stress together
  • Go for some poolside fun – Pools are a great attraction at hotels. You and your friends can have a poolside party and have some fun in the water as well.
  • Playing board games – Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, or Scrabble. Play some board games and have a jolly time trying to win against each other.
  • Have a karaoke party – Music and friends are a great combo for any party. Have a karaoke party in your room. Sing and dance with your friends to all those nostalgic songs
  • Enjoy a wine party – You and your friends can bring some good wine. Sit around, sip on some wine and chat your hearts out.
  • Make reels/videos together – Dance and lip-sync to trendy new songs and choreography and post them on social media.  
  • Find something new – Try to find out something new about each of your friends. This activity will make you understand how much each of you has evolved during these years.
  • Organize a potluck – Bring your favorite dishes and have a party in the room. Relish each other’s delicacies.
  • Conduct a Talent show – Go down to the hotel banquet or restaurant or garden and have a talent show with all your friends. Dance, sing, and laugh out loud.
  • Games and sports activities – Try playing outdoor games or video games with your friends. Awaken your competitive spirits just like in the old times.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt – Scavenger hunts with nostalgic clues are an interesting approach to test your friends if they still remember the good old days.
  • Craft together – Make DIYs with each other and have a great time while doing them. Gift your crafts to your friends as a memento.
  • Host a bonfire – The hotel staff can help in organizing a cozy bonfire for you and your friends. Sit around, sing songs, and talk about old tales under the starry sky.
  • Patch up and vent out – Some old friends may have been broken due to the most insignificant fights. Call that friend and patch up. Vent out all your anger and negative thoughts about each other. Give the friendship a chance again.
  • Make a bucket list – Make a list of those things you want to do with your friends. Include each other's dream activities and destinations.

Dayuse and hourly hotels in Mumbai:

  1. Dayuse hotels in Mumbai:

Here are some of the popular hourly hotels in and around Mumbai –

  1. Ramee Guestline Hotel Juhu
  2. Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport
  3. Hotel Pearl's BKC Inn
  4. Oriental Aster
  5. The Park Mumbai, Juhu
  6. Hyatt Regency, Andheri
  7. Dragonfly Hotel
  8. Grand Hyatt, Santacruz
  9. Mango Hotels
  10. Lemon Tree Premier Mumbai International Airport

2. Hourly Hotels in Mumbai:

Hourly Hotels in Mumbai:

The following are a few well-rated day use hotels in and around Mumbai –

  1. The Byke Delotel
  2. Hotel Oriental Aster
  3. Hotel Ratna Mahal
  4. Hotel Royce Executive
  5. Hotel Juhu Inn
  6. Hotel Avenue
  7. Hotel Royal Grand
  8. Hotel Garden Creek
  9. Hotel Olive Nest
  10. Saya Grand Club & Spa Resort

Price Range for Day Use/Hourly Hotels in Mumbai

Day use Hotels in Mumbai - For day use hotels, the price range is within ₹1000 to ₹30000 per day. Hotels that have a rating of 4 stars and above are available within the price range of ₹3000 to ₹30000 per day.

Hourly Hotels in Mumbai – For hourly hotels, the price range is within ₹500 to ₹10000 for 3-hour bookings. Hotels that have a rating of 4 stars and above are available within the price range of ₹1800 to ₹10000 for 3-hour bookings.


It is said that a sweet friendship refreshes the soul. Friends make the world beautiful. So always ensure and prioritize your friends and family. Whenever you miss your old friends, go ahead and book rooms in day use hotels in Mumbai and spend some much-needed quality time with them.