Bangalore is a busy, metropolitan city with constant hustle and bustle of daily life. Often times, people find themselves in want of a vacation, a silent refuge from their everyday woes. Of course, you could book hourly hotels in Bangalore for a while. But it is not always possible to travel cross country just for a weekend.

So here we bring to you an extensive list of a whopping 31 hill stations that are located near the city of Bangalore so that you and your significant other can have romantic trips without worrying about traveling hundreds of miles.

1.     Nandi Hills


It is a widely popular tourist destination and is located about 60 kilometres from the city of Bangalore. It is renowned for its romantic and beautiful sunsets.

2.     Coorg


Another very popular tourist destination, Coorg is a little farther than Nandi hills on the map. It is famous for its coffee plantations and numerous available activities along with the beautiful environment.

3.     Ooty


How could we leave out perhaps the most popular tourist destination in this area? Ooty, located on the Nilgiri hills of the western ghats, is known across the country as a beautiful southern hill station.

4.     Wayanad


Located at the foot of the Deccan plateau, Wayanad is located some 270 kms from the city of Bangalore. It is known for its lush greenery covered rugged slopes.

5.     Yelagiri Hills


A rather offbeat tourist destination, this hill station is known for its many orchards, gardens of roses, and lush greenery all over.

6.     BR hills


The BR Hills or the Biligirirangana Hills are a range of hills located at an altitude of 1200 meters from the sea level. It displays a unique variety of flora and fauna, owing to the fact that it is located at the conjunction of the eastern and the western ghats.

7.     Brahmagiri Hills


A misty hill station, Brahmagiri hills is yet another lesser known location. Owing to its secludedness from the rest of the population and many secrets that are to be discovered, it is a perfect romantic destination.

8.     Kemmanagundi


Also known as Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station, Kemmangundi is located more than 1400 meters above sea level. It is known for its picturesque valleys and mountains and gardens.

9.     Kolli hills


Also known as Kolli malai or the ‘mountain of death’, Kolli hills are a range of hills located in central tamil nadu and are located at an elevation of 1000 metres above sea level.

10. Anthargange hills


Located in the south eastern part of Karnataka, anthargange hills are a part of the Shathashrunga mountain range. It is popularly known for its temple dedicated to lord shiva, Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple, also known as Kashi of the South.

11. Coonoor


It is a popular hill station located in the nilgiri hills known for its sprawling tea gardens, and beautiful gardens with plants like rhododendrons, eucalyptus and roses.

12. Munnar


One of the most popular entries on this list, Munnar is a highly popular honeymoon destination and is also known as the Kashmir of south India.

13. Kundadri Hills


Kundadri hill is located in the dense forests of the western ghats, known amongst its regulars for its beautiful morning sunrise and tranquil beauty.

14. Kodachadri


It is the 13th highest peak of Karnataka and is covered with lush, green forests. It has been declared as a natural heritage site of Karnataka.

15. Devikulam

Located at about 5 kilometres from munnar, devikulam is a small hill station forever living in the shadow of munnar. Visit here for a secluded romantic trip.

16. Mullayanagiri hills


Mullayana giri hill is the highest peak of Karnatake, standing at an extensive height of 1930 metres above the sea level. It is a suitable place for those who are into trekking. At the top of the hill is a small temple.

17. Vythiri


A small town located in the Wayanad district, vythiri is a quaint little tourist destination with beautiful greens and an alluring weather condition.

18. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur translates to the ‘younger daughter’s town’, owing to a local tale. It is a small city located at the foot of the mullayana giri hill.

19. Kotagiri


Kotagiri is a panchayat town in the nilgiri district. It also happens to be the third largest hill station located in the nilgiri hills. A popular spot is the Mavathuru lake located nearby.

20. Kudremukh


A hill station and mining town, Kudremukh is home to a high of also the same name. It literally translates to ‘horse face’ owing to the side view of a particular spot which resembles a horse.

21. Agumbe


Agumbe is a popular hill station. It is a small village located at a high altitude, surrounded by the western ghats. It has a very popular sunset view and is also known for its many waterfalls including but not limited to Onake Abbi, Bakarna and Jogi Gundi falls.

22. Yerkaud


Yercaud is a quaint little township located in the Shevaroy Hills in Tamil nadu. It is known for its many coffee estates, fruits and spices plantations, and the lush vibrant orange orchards.

23. Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is a hill town located at a whopping height of 2000 metres above the sea level. It is known for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, grassy hills and lush green forests.

With that we end our list of 23 hill stations near Bangalore which you can visit with your partner. All these locations have been chosen keeping in mind their romantic aura. For booking couple friendly  and hourly hotels in and around Bangalore make sure to check out our website!