1.0  3 Reasons why being a workaholic is Unhealthy

1.1 Tips to know when you're moving from someone who loves his/her job or someone who works long hours to someone who is a WORKAHOLIC

1.2 Tricks to avoid becoming a workaholic

1.3 Tricks to get you out if you're already a workaholic.

3 Reasons Why Being a Workaholic Is UNHEALTHY

Work is great but excess work is unhealthy. You need to know where to draw the line between loving your job and being a workaholic. While it is understandable that as an adult you have to work to earn a living, in the process of trying to earn a living you shouldn't lose sight of who you are and be all about work. For instance, if work takes you to a city as beautiful as Noida, and you're lodged at one of the hourly hotels in Noida and you're so occupied with work to even take a stroll in the city or go on tour, even when you have spare time then something is wrong.

Let's take a quick look at the difference between someone who is a workaholic and one who loves his/her job.

Workaholic: A workaholic is someone who has a compulsive need to work. They can't stop themselves from working. They work almost 24 hours every day, they often don't know how to take a break from work or a break for themselves for other activities. All they know is work.

A person who loves his/her job: This is someone keen about their job, but also knows how to create time for other activities and people in his/her life. They don't obsess over work and know where and when to draw the line. They have other things going on in their life other than work.

There are a ton of reasons why being a workaholic is unhealthy and unideal but in this blog, I'll be sharing 3 of the major reasons why being a workaholic is unhealthy.

The first thing we'll talk about is


Anxiety. image source: Free pexels 

Anxiety is a state of agitation and restlessness. It is often accompanied by a distressing sense of oppression or a feeling of tightness in the stomach. It often comes with paranoia and you feel like there's always someone on your tail or out to get you, either in the office, at home or sometimes even at the supermarket, when you eventually make time to go. While it is not a completely bad thing to be anxious about something in life, it becomes a bad thing when your anxiousness/anxiety leads to stress, lack of sleep, paranoia, agitation or restlessness. It is okay to be anxious about a promotion, a presentation, a new job, a new boss or something unknown for a short while, but it is not okay to be anxious over regular day-to-day activities like going out of the house, getting dressed or other simple activities. One of the best ways to get over anxiety is to talk to someone, it could be a therapist or just a friend, just talk to a reliable person that can help you through it.

Another reason to consider will be


Depression - Image source: Free pexels

Depression is a period of utter unhappiness, low morale and self-isolation. It usually lasts longer than a couple Of weeks and may often bring about suicidal thoughts, feeling of inadequacy, ideation of self-injury and an inability to picture or visualise a happy ending or future. Depression often causes a high level of stress and anxiety. When a person works too much and has no time to do anything else, such a person is said to be a workaholic. Now, when you're a workaholic and all you know is the office (work) and home (more work), you have no social life, you don't keep up with friends, you're isolated from everything not work-related, and you slowly begin to slip into depression. No matter how much you love your job, or badly want that promotion or big account, you will definitely begin to feel the sting of loneliness and a life of mono-activity which is work. You will slowly but eventually begin to resent your job and thereby start to underperform, but you won't be able to quit because work is all you know. One of the best ways to avoid depression is to spend a good amount of time in the company of people who make you happy, and people who you care about that will help you see the beauty of Life. You could go on a trip if needed, I hear Kolkata has some really nice locations that can brighten a sad face. So why not head over, check in to a nice Day-use room, and go all out?

The 3rd reason we'll consider will be

Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems - Image source: Free Pexels

Sleep problems are issues you have with falling asleep or staying asleep. It is the inability to sleep properly sometimes due to a series of sleep deprivation activities, substances or pills. When you're a workaholic and you work round the clock, with no specific time allocated to work and sleep you tend to develop sleep problems.

When you take in a lot of coffee or any sleep deprivation pills just so you can stay awake to work, or you naturally stay awake at hours when you're supposed to be asleep because you have work to finish or you feel sleep is useless, you're slowly building up a resistance to sleep and it, in turn, causes sleep problems. Sleep problems can lead to inefficiency at work, paranoia, migraines, itchy eyes, forgetfulness, fatigue, high-stress levels, burning eyes and a lot of other things. One of the best ways to overcome this is to change your environment for a while.  Leave everything work behind and take a few days to unwind and sleep. You could try something new or visit a city you haven't. For example, if you haven't been to Noida, then you might want to get yourself in an hourly hotel in Noida, and just unwind and catch up on some sleep.  

Tips To Know When You're Moving From Someone Who Loves His/Her Job or Someone Who Works Long Hours To Someone Who is a WORKAHOLIC.

There's a difference between someone who loves his/her job and is dedicated to working long hours and someone who Is a workaholic. Let's look at a few tips to know when you're becoming a workaholic.

  • You start to spend extra time at work or working
  • All you think about is work
  • All you ever do is work
  • You start to see other day-to-day activities as irrelevant
  • You start to self-isolate
  • Your friends become a bother
  • You start to skip meals often for work.
  • Your relationship with your partner and family becomes strained or non-existent
  • Every form of travel not work-related becomes frivolous
  • You start to lose interest in going on holidays and taking a break from work to see the beautiful cities of the world
  • You become work absorbed

Tricks to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

Now, while it is a totally normal thing to love your job, you don't want to be a workaholic, so here are a few tricks you can do to avoid crossing the line.

  • Know when to stop
  • Know when to relax and maybe go on a vacation. For instance, you could visit the city that never sleeps, check yourself into a hotel for a few hours in Mumbai and go touring.
  • Know when to do less and give yourself a treat for the little victories achieved. For instance, if you visit Gurgaon for business, and you're in a day-use room in Gurgaon, you can explore the city before returning to your hotel.
  • Prioritise your activities
  • Manage your time properly
  • Eat balanced meals
  • Don't skip meals
  • Get a Team
  • Delegate tasks to different people
  • Don't take on all the work
  • Split your responsibilities into smaller achievable targets
  • Create SMART work goals
  • Set working hours and never exceed them

Tricks to Get you Out if you're Already a Workaholic

If you believe you're slowly becoming a workaholic or you're already one and you have gone through the acceptance stage and want to do something about it, here are a few tricks to help you retrace your steps.

  • Just Stop
  • Don't stop working, but stop making work your only priority
  • Make a priority list and make sure work is not on it
  • Take some time off
  • Go on a vacation and spend time with family or friends. You could go on a vacation to Pune. Check yourselves into a Day-use room in Pune where you can freshen up and drop your stuff while you treat yourself to a work-free day.
  • Book yourself in an hourly hotel in Chennai and go on a One-day vacation if you're in Chennai.
  • Similarly, if you're visiting Noida, Get yourself booked into an hourly hotel in Noida, take a shower and go see the beautiful sights that the city has to offer.
  • Don't just make a priority list. Follow it appropriately.
  • Set working hours and DO NOT spend a second more than that on work unless extremely necessary.
  • Go on a trip with your partner to rekindle your love and show them that they're important to you. You could check out some couple-friendly hotels in Hyderabad and explore the city of Hyderabad.
  • If you're married with kids, then you can take your family on a vacation, I bet the kids are dying to see the largest mall in India. You can go on a one-day vacation, get yourselves checked into a hotel for a few hours, where you can drop off your luggage and shower and go Exploring the Largest Mall in India.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you remember that family comes first above all else, so get your priorities right and let yourself live.