Jaisalmer has always been one of the most fascinating cities in Rajasthan. It is a classic honeymoon destination; however, there is a lot more to Jaisalmer than just the golden dunes and the romantic desert nights. This is a city where you can enjoy a lot of activities that are quintessential for adventure lovers. Read on to know about the 5 adventurous things to do in Jaisalmer that you probably are doing for the first time!

I. Camel Safari

Camel Desert Safari (Image Source: www.visittnt.com)

One of the most exciting things to explore in Jaisalmer desserts is Camel Safari. Your ride will be unique and full of jumps & thrills as the camel walks. Carry your binoculars, sunglasses, and hats during this ride to protect yourself from the high temperatures of desserts. Sam Sand dunes in Jaisalmer are a perfect spot to explore camel riding. The best time to do this camel riding is either early morning or evening so that you can avoid the scorching heat of the sun. Make sure to carry your cameras or phones charged so that you can click your pictures as well as the surrounding beautiful landscapes. You can even watch camel races that are a part of the Annual Dessert Festival in February every year. So, when are you visiting? Plan your vacations, book an hourly hotel in Jodhpur during your interim stay & enjoy this memorable experience of camel riding.

II. Quad Biking

Quad Biking in Jaisalmer (Image Source: www.banbanjara.com)

One of the most unique adventure sports you can explore in Jaisalmer is Quad biking. In this, you will go through a breathtaking experience of riding a 4-wheeler bike on the dunes. If you are here for the first time, then quad biking is highly recommended. These ATV bikes ride will give you a major adrenaline rush. The good part is that these biking rides are performed under the supervision and guidance of a professional. Also, be sure to make your friend or a family member ready with a camera to click memorable photographs. So, what are you thinking? Plan for your holidays, stay cost-effectively in an hourly hotel in Jodhpur, and explore this adventure sport. You can book these hourly hotels from MiStay so that you can get a flexible check-in facility.

III. Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing of Jaisalmer (Image Source: blog.railyatri.in)

If you are under the impression that you can watch dune bashing only in Dubai or other gulf countries, then you must visit the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer. Called one of the popular adventure sports in Jaisalmer, Dune Bashing is a kind of desert rafting. Sam Sand dunes are the ideal place for dune bashing & other adventure sports of the desert. Lift your thrilling experience to the ultimate level when your vehicle toes up and down the dunes.

For Dune Bashing, you will sit in your vehicle with your tightly fastened seat belts to save from rocky jerks of the speedy jeep's movements. Dune bashing will feel as if you are rafting through the glittering dessert. So, when are you going to experience the same? Plan your trip, book an hourly hotel in Jodhpur and witness this spectacular adventure sport.

IV. Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer (Image Source: www.exoticluxurycamps.com)

Located 46.3 kilometers from Jaisalmer, you can go for adventure-filled jeep safari in Desert National Park. Spread over 3162 square kilometers, Desert National Park covers a huge area from Jaisalmer till India-Pakistan border. About 20% region of the national park is sand dunes. Along with the open jeep safari in sand dunes, you can explore natural landscapes filled with rocks, desert plains, cacti, thorny bushes, and other desert plants. You can even get a chance to see the wildlife like camels, wolves, chinkara, desert cat, Bengal fox, rare species of the Great Indian Bustard, blackbuck and more. Sounds thrilling, right? Pack your bag, book rooms in hourly hotel in Jaisalmer for stay & witness this incredible adventure.

V. Desert Camping

Desert Camping (Image Source: Unsplash, Parker Hilton)

Camping in the middle of the Thar Desert is one of the most exciting things you can do in Jaisalmer. Several desert camping packages are available in Jaisalmer. You can select luxury to standard tent accommodations from them. This adventure sport is perfect for honeymoon couples as well as families. In these camping, you can even watch the dance and music performances of folk artists. Many travel agencies offer these desert camping packages with camel riding, jungle safari, dune, and biking. Sounds exciting, right? Plan your holidays, book a hotel for a few hours in Jodhpur during your interim stay & experience this adventure.

VI. Parasailing & Paramotoring

Parasailing in Jaisalmer (Image Source: https://banbanjara.com)

If you want to experience flying like a bird, then parasailing is for you. You can do this sport in desert camp area. Looks dangerous sometimes for spectators, but the one who is riding high on the parachute will experience a different level of adrenaline rush. Truly a safe adventure sport, the parasailing should be on your to-do adventure list in Jaisalmer. In Paramotoring, you will be carried up by a light & open aircraft that's more personalized than parasailing. So, when are you going? Pack your suitcase, stay cost-effectively in hourly hotel in Jaisalmer and enjoy this adventure sport for once-in-lifetime experience.

Final Words

Jaisalmer is an Indian city in the state of Rajasthan. It is well-known for its architecture, culture, and wildlife. The city is a good getaway for people looking for a rejuvenating experience. It is a lively city, with a lot of things to do and see. From the Pink City to the Sam Sand Dunes, there is a lot to do here. Hope this blog on exciting things to do in Jaisalmer will help you make the most of your trip.