Travelling is inevitable. No matter how much you love your current location or level of exposure, you will surely find yourself travelling. We all travel for various reasons and to various locations, sometimes for business, school, sightseeing, a change of scenery, vacation, a getaway with friends and so on. But one thing that's common with all these travel reasons is the problems we sometimes encounter when we travel, especially to a foreign land.

As a businessman/woman that travels a lot or someone who likes to travel for vacations and holidays, you will agree with me that travelling can be very discouraging when you experience difficulties or unnecessary changes of plans or even incur unwanted expenses. There are a lot of issues we face when we travel and some of the common woes we experience when we travel are and are not limited to Accommodation Time difference, Currency difference, Language Barrier and Feeding. Let's talk a bit about these problems.


Hotel in Gurgaon

Accommodation is one of the most important things to get right when you travel and finding a good place to stay is one of the common issues we have whenever we travel. Have you ever booked a room before your arrival in a new city and on getting there you realize there was an error and the room has been given out already? And sometimes if you're unlucky the hotel is fully booked and you have to search for another one at whatever time of day it is. That can be a real bummer and if you're not careful it could disrupt your entire trip and leave you in a sour mood. Finding the right accommodation requires a lot of research and energy, whether you decide to stay in a Dayuse hotel or a regular hotel. If you decide to book a Dayuse room in Gurgaon for instance, you have the option of paying with a card or cash. With this at least you did not book for an entire day, but a specific set of hours so you're less likely to have your room given out.


The Time Difference in Cities

The difference in time is another major problem we face when we travel, it feels like time travel, oh wait, it actually is. You're literally travelling back and forth in time, with the different time zones of the world. Time difference is something that can affect our productivity if not properly managed. Imagine travelling from a country where the time is 18:30 on a 2 hours flight to a country that's 4 hours behind your time. You're literally going back in time to 16:30 that you have already lived through in your county. Whoever said time travel is not possible yet. There are different scenarios like that and sometimes you might find yourself arriving at an inconvenient hour either in the hour of the day or your time frame for why you travelled. Take for instance you book a Dayuse room in Pune and your flight gets delayed by a few hours and you arrive at a time when your booking has been cancelled already and you have to re-book. Going through such stress after probably a stressful trip or a few hours to your business presentation can be disorganizing.


Different currencies

Travelling to a country that spends a different currency from yours can be a little inconvenient. Having to change currencies and losing some value along the line can be a bit of a drag. Money is an important factor that can make or break a trip, so you need to make sure you have the right currency in cash before travelling or have plans set for a change of currency upon arrival as you wouldn't want to be stranded. Let's take for example you're booking a Dayuse hotel in Gurgaon, you have the opportunity to pay with a credit card or in cash, and if you have a card that does international transactions then you should be fine with that, but if you're not then currency difference becomes a problem. If you can successfully book your Dayuse room in Gurgaon then you've crushed one out of the many things you will need to pay for. You might still come across places that take cash only so you need to have cash on you.


Language Barrier 

Language is a culture and during travelling, we will encounter people with diverse languages and communication might not be so great. In whatever we do in life Communication is Key. Without communication, there can be no form of transaction. Whether you're on a business trip or vacation you cannot be without communication. Imagine travelling to Kolkata from Mumbai without the knowledge of Bengali, and you're trying to book an hourly hotel for a few hours in Kolkata in person and the receptionist doesn't speak Hindi or English. Or let's say you booked online and now you're there trying to verify your booking and be granted access to your room. There will be a disruption because of the lack of proper communication.


Different types of food 

Feeding is a major problem we encounter when we travel, especially to a new city or a city with foreign cultures. Just as language is a part of culture, food is also a big part of culture. Feeding here doesn't just cover the food you eat, it covers the water you drink and beverages as well. The question of "What to eat?" Or "What can I eat that will not upset my stomach?" is a question on the mind and lips of every traveller. whether they're occupying a Dayuse room in Gurgaon or Hourly hotels in Kolkata Some figure it out without hurt but some are not that lucky and they figure it out with experience.

The kind of food we eat and the things we drink when we travel should be a top priority for us to avoid getting sick and ruining our trip. Whether you're in a Dayuse room in Mumbai or an hourly hotel for a few hours in Noida, no matter where you find yourself, pay utmost attention to what you eat.


Travel woes are sometimes very disheartening and sometimes they are not so bad and we can even laugh at them. But woes are woes, no matter how little the damage is, so I will be sharing some hacks on how to avoid the ones listed above.

  • If you're travelling to a city as busy as Gurgaon or anywhere else in the world, be sure to book your hotel room before you even hit the road. And then make sure to get there at your scheduled check-in to avoid having your rooms given out.
  • It is advisable to book Dayuse rooms as you will only pay for a specific period of use and not the entire day if you only need a day and you won't be sleeping over. But if you don't need a day but just a few hours, then you can book hourly hotels.
  • Always have a Contingency plan for Everything. You can never be too sure of anything or anyone, so always have a backup plan to fall back on if things go south.
  • Have a contingency for your contingency. You can never have too many backups. Have as many backup plans and options for your accommodation, travel time, communication, means of exchange and Consumption.
  • If you're travelling to a different time zone, then you should do a proper calculation of the time difference before booking your flight. Make sure to take into consideration traffic on getting to the airport, delayed flights, weather changes, and whatnot, so pack appropriately and time yourself properly.
  • With the issue of currency difference, you can try to have it changed in your country before your trip or search for places where you can get it done over there and call ahead. You can have someone meet you at the airport or take a car straight there from the airport and have them pay the cab fare then you reimburse them once you exchange.
  • For the Language barrier you should know the country you're travelling to, so take your time and make an effort to learn the basic things of the Language. Learn how to say Hi, Hello, Excuse me, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, my name is, I am trying to get to, I am going to, can you speak English or any other relevant language? If the trip was spontaneous, then spend your time on the journey learning these basic things.
  • If you're a picky eater or someone with a light stomach then I'll advise you to research the type of food available in the country, what it contains and if you can stomach it. Try to eat before the trip, if it is going to be a long one.
  • If you can not stomach the local food, then by all means look for an international restaurant or a restaurant that serves the type of food you can eat because you don't want to get sick.
  • Travelling rule 101. Never drink water from a direct source at your lodge or in a restaurant. Buy packed water. Whether you're in a Dayuse room in Gurgaon or a 5 Star Hourly hotel in Noida, do not drink from an open source as you do not know the source of the water or how pure it is to avoid getting sick.


Well, that brings us to the end of our blog, I hope it's been useful to you. If you have experienced any of the five problems listed above, then I believe you can relate and if you haven't well, good for you. Just be sure to implement these strategies to if not completely avoid these woes, but reduce their impact to a minimum

If you have experienced any of these woes or all of them, How did you feel? How did you handle the situation? I would love to know.