Ever visited a place with an air of serenity, the sound of ringing temple bells & aroma of sumptuous food? Yes, we are talking about one of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi. The city has many famous things to binge on and places to visit.

Whether it's Varanasi saree, Varanasi paan, or Varanasi ghat, things with the suffix Varanasi add unique touch & feel. Schedule your holidays, book an hourly hotel in Varanasi, and travel to the land of ghats. So, what are you waiting for? Let us go through five mouth-watering food items of Varanasi that are authentic to the taste buds that you may fall into a food coma!

Starting with the spicy street foods of Varanasi

I. Chaat

Chaat is a famous savory snack all over India. The usual chaat consists of a circular-shaped cutlet garnished with chutneys (cold sauces), chopped onions, spices & coriander leaves. In Varanasi, you can relish these below-mentioned unique kinds of chaat.

A. Tomato Chaat

Till now, you know the basics of the chaat & its ingredients. So, what's so different in the Tomato Chat? First, the chaat is served in kulhad (earthen bowl). Second, the base is mashed boiled potato mixed with spices, not the cutlet. Third, tomato syrup, lemon juice, gravy of potato curry mixed with paneer (cottage cheese) & khoya (evaporated milk solids), and boondi (chickpea-based fried snack) are used for garnishing.

Tomato Chaat (Image Source: Instagram, afoodiecookie account)

B. Palak Patta Chaat

This tangy & sweet snack is a spinach leave fritter, garnished with boiled potato curry's gravy, curd, tamarind chutney & coriander chutney for garnishing. Traveler Tip- You can visit Kashi Chaat Bhandar. This 65-year-old shop is near Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Better to book hotels for a few hours in Varanasi for an economical stay.

Now, let me walk you through sumptuous & spicy meals of Varanasi.

II. Kachori

Once you are done with the chaats, you can go for Kachori. These deep-fried bread are either stuffed with boiled potato mix or dried lentils. In Varanasi, the main thing about kachori is its garnishing. For serving, break open the fully cooked kachori and dress it up with the watery gravy of boiled black grams, jaggery & tamarind chutneys. Final garnishing is done with grated radish & carrot.

Crunchy Khasta Kachori & Curry (Image SOurce: Instagram, foodytravelmoody account)

Traveler Tip- You can visit 90-year-old Gauri Shankar Kachori Wale shop. Here, you get the satvic style kachori, which is without onion & garlic. They use gravy of Kaju (cashew nut),& Makhane (fox nuts) for the curry. So, if you are in Varanasi for a day, book hourly hotels from MiStay & have a bite of this mouth-watering kachori meal.

Then, come to the delicious lunch items available in Varanasi.

III. Poori Sabji & Jalebi

Vegetable curries & bread are stapled foods in India. So, why not plunge into that category when in Varanasi? Poori (deep-fried cereal or lentil-based bread), Sabji (vegetable curry), and Jalebi (sweet dish) is the epic combo of all times. In most restaurants & shops, the food is served on leaf plates.

Sabji & Jalebi Combo (Image Source: Instagram, banarasi_bites account)

Traveler Tip- You can go to a famous shop named 'The Ram Bhandar', which is eleven minute's walking from Dashashwamedh Ghat. Usually, it's crowded, but worth all the pain. So, don't forget to book a hotel for a few hours in Varanasi & relish this awesome combo. You can also travel to Prayagraj from Varanasi, where you can enjoy the view of Sangam & be sure to book hourly hotels in Prayagraj for relaxation.

Now, let's explore light-flavored snacks available in Varanasi.

IV. Unique Cesarion Toast

You must have eaten fresh cream toast & tea! But what's different in Varanasi is its preparation. Here, the bread is heated over burning coal till it becomes reddish brown. One more unique toast available here is Cesarion Toast. In this toast, bread is cut in between, and the melted butter fills in making it soft but crispy.

Malai Toast & Tea (Image Source: Instagram, Tonguetwisters___ )

Traveler Tip- You can go for a popular joint, Laxmi Chai wale that is serving toast & tea since 1950. Do visit there & enjoy the tea served in kulhad (earthen glass). Also, make sure to book a hotel for a few hours in Varanasi to enjoy the delicacies.

End with a sweet note & explore the famous desserts of Varanasi.

V. Dessert

Varanasi Paan & Mix Fruit Lassi

So, now if you are in Varanasi, the first thing is to book hourly hotels in Varanasi and the second thing is to have Varanasi Paan! Your visit is incomplete without Paan. The main ingredient of the paan is betel leaves. A mix of catechu, digestive aid calcium hydroxide (choona), gulkand, some thick sauces, and fresheners are spread on the betel leaves & then folded to become a Paan!

Traveler Tip - You can go to Ram Chander Chaurasia Tambul Bhandar in the Chowk area of Varanasi for Paan. Remember to schedule a hotel for a few hours in Varanasi from MiStay and enjoy your stay.

Mixed Fruit Lassi (Image Source: Instagram, greedy_goofy_ account)

Lassi is a full-fledged stirred mixture of thick & fresh curd, milk & water. In Varanasi, it's the game of garnishing that makes it a lot different. Traveler tip is to go for lassi in the 95-year-old Blue Lassi Shop near Manikarnika Ghat. A mixed fruit lassi is a must-try. This type of lassi is filled up with grated layers of coconut, apple, pear, papaya, pomegranate seeds & any seasonal fruit. Don't miss out on booking hourly hotels in Varanasi for your comfortable stay.

Final Thoughts

If Uttar Pradesh is on your list of visits, then Varanasi must be on the top! It has variety, whether in religious places, food items, shopping places, tourist places, education institutes, etc. This scenic city has everything to fill your soul with solace!

So, when are you visiting Varanasi? Book day use hotels in Varanasi for your smooth visit, and do try out these famous delicacies.