The museum is one of the most important resources for any country. They help in better understanding of different cultures and various groups. Museum help in promoting the heritage of different society and civilizations, and many important lessons can be learnt from museums. The can also aid in facilitating the curiosity of the youth towards their past, which helps in preserving the of history not only in a physical way but as well in the mind of future generations. India is some many amazing museums throughout the country which are helping to do the same. Here are few of the many marvelous museums that are giving their services to the citizens of India.

1. Indian Museum, Kolkata

Indian Museum is the oldest and biggest multi-purpose museum in India and Asia-Pacific. Found in 1814, the museum has fostered the city of Kolkata with immense knowledge about the rich history of the humankind. The museum has three sections, Art, Archaeology, and Anthropology with eight coordinating service units such as Preservation, Publication, Photography, Presentation, Modelling, Education, Library, and Security. Some important overviews of the museum are Gandhahara Gallery, Bharat Gallery, Bronze Gallery Egypt Gallery and Coin Gallery. The museum hosts occasional exhibitions on art, literature, biological and historical topics. The Museum also has an option on its website to go on a virtual tour, further extending the accessibility of the knowledge to the audience. The Indian Museum also has the feature on its website called Jatan - Digitized collection, a feature tool created by Human-Centred Design & Computing Group, C-DAC, Pune as per the agreement with Ministry of Culture, Government of India, used in creating the digital collections in various museums and for managing the national digital repository of museums. This is more relevant now than ever in the current times of the pandemic, and useful tools for all the history buffs out there. If you're are planning to visit The Indian Museum in the future you can book a room in a day-use hotel near the museum after a long day of learning.

2. Government Museum, Chennai

Established in 1851, Government Museum Chennai is a multi-purpose museum located in Egmore, the heart of the city. Encompassing an area of 16.25 acres, the museum consists of 5 building. These 5 buildings represent the 5 different sections of Archaeology, Numismatics, Art, Anthropology, Geology, Botany, Zoology and a Children's Museum. The 5 different buildings have their sub-divisions with the Archaeology being the biggest of them all. Apart from the showcases, there are also two shows hosted at the museum, the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ptero Jactylus (Animated models) by the Archaeological museum division, 3D Theatre by Children's museum division. If you're planning to visit the Government Museum Chennai with children, you can book a hotel in Egmore, to rest after an all-day fun exploring.

The brainchild of the first prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru, National Gallery of Modern Art or NGMA delivers considers it their responsibility to help people understand art and gather knowledge about it. NGMA aims to acquire and preserve works of modern art from the 1850s onward and organize galleries for their permanent display. They have also given the effort to create a specialized library of books, periodicals, photographs and other audiovisual materials. NGMA has also taken the responsibility to organize art exhibitions beyond its premise, and that so throughout the country. Additionally, NGMA organizes lectures, seminars and conferences to encourage higher studies and research in the field of art history, art criticism, art appreciation and many other disciplines. The gallery has paintings of artists like Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, Amrita Sher-Gil, Thomas Daniell, Raja Ravi Verma, Abanindranath Tagore and many more prominent artists. Coming to sculptors it has works by D. P. Roy Choudhury, Chintamani Kar and Ramkinkar Baij. If you are an amid art lover interested to visit the gallery, you can book a hotel near Connaught Place, and drown yourself in a marvellous art collection of NGMA.

4. Calico Museum of Textiles, Ahmedabad

Calico Museum of Textiles is India's one of the finest Textiles museum located in Gandhi's city, Ahmedabad. Its assortment of Indian materials is considered by numerous individuals to be the best and generally extensive on the planet. The materials, along with the Sarabhai Foundation's remarkable assortment of South Indian bronzes, Vaishnava picchavais, Jain workmanship, and little artistic creations have made the museum a hub for intriguing art. The majority of the materials and items in the Sarabhai Foundation assortments have been explored and researched by scholars and experts who are among the most prestigious on the planet in their particular fields of study. The establishment of present-day Indian material examinations was laid here, and the lists of the Calico Museum material assortment stay, numerous decades after their distribution. The publication program is one of the most thorough and important among Indian galleries. The examination distributions, just as welcome cards, material multiplications and banners, are accessible at the historical centre shop. The museum has galleries of Textiles for the Mughal and Regional Courts, and a substantial collection of regional embroideries, Tie-died Textile, miniature paintings. There are also galleries of block Making and Printing Techniques Gallery or survey of Textile Techniques.

5. HAL Aerospace Museum

MARUT aircraft at HAL Aerospace Museum

The youngest museum on the list, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum, Bangalore is a unique museum which showcases the prowess of different aviation vehicles through history from the 1940s to until now in one of the two halls it has. The other halls are used to showcase different functionalities of Aerospace engines. Real Engines such as Garret (for Dornier Aircraft), Adour (for Jaguar Aircraft) and Orpheus (for Kiran Aircraft) can be seen here if you are an aviation buff. One can also gaze at Outdoor display of Aircraft such as MARUT, MIG-21, HT-2, KIRAN, CANBERRA, AJEET, LAKSHYA (Pilotless Target Aircraft) which is sure to make most people excited even if they didn't dream of joining the Air force when they were young. For the ones more inclined towards aerospace from an academic perspective, there is a Library on Aerospace on all industry development since the 1940s. There are also audio-video resources to enhance the experience. If you are planning to visit this unique young museum, you can book a hotel in Indiranagar, don't forget to get a dayuse room if you aree planning for a short stay.

These were few of many amazing museums throughout India. The list tried to showcase museums of diverse background, as a testament to the fact museums is not just about some emperors and wars that happened many years ago or what animals existed when. There is much more to history, and these along with all the museums are trying to make the people of India more curious whilst spreading knowledge, so everyone understands the importance of museums.

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