Kolkata has always been a food lovers paradise in many ways. Let it be the tasty and cheap street food, or the dozens of Chinese restaurants located everywhere you visit, finding good food in Kolkata is never a worry. May it be staying over a hotel in ballygunge in the heart of the city, or a hotel in the modern Salt Lake there is always an ample number of restaurants with diverse cuisine options to choose for your meals. But if you are visiting Kolkata and want the best of food, it can a bit hard to choose from such a huge catalog, so to make things easier here are 5 must-try restaurants in Kolkata

1. Peter Cat

Located in the ever-busy Park Street, Peter Cat has been serving the city for more than 4 decades and still strong. If there is one thing you've heard about Peter Cat, it is their Chelo Kebabs, which was the brainchild of founder Nitin Kothari. While kebabs are normally a North Indian dish eaten with roti, Mr. Kothari in a Telegraph interview said, he liked the rice with his Kebabs, and the Bengalis love their rice so he put kebabs and rice together, he added egg because he loved that too, and everybody loves butter, and came the Chelo Kebabs. Hoisting a broad array of dishes, Peter Cat was initially an Indian restaurant serving lip-smacking rotis and naans along with Chicken and mutton chap. Eventually, Peter Cat branched out and started serving Sizzlers to appease their customers, and now sizzlers are the signature cuisine of Peter Cat. But Peter Cat has still stuck with his roots, and still serves one of the best Naans in the city. So if you're staying over at a hotel in Park Street, this is a must-visit but make sure to book a table or you might have to stand in long queues.

Address- 18 A, Stephen Court, Park St, opposite KFC Restaurant, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

Meal for two- ₹1200-1500 (without alcohol)

2. Fire and Ice Pizzeria

One of the oldest Pizza places in Kolkata, Fire, and Ice opened in 2005, a time when Kolkata crowd wasn't exactly familiar with Italian food. But Fire and Ice was adamant about serving true Italian food and Pizza, and now it is the city's one of the most famous dinners. Beautiful ambiance, with Italian music and great food, is what Fire and Ice stand for. As the name suggests, it is famous for its wood-oven pizzas all made with natural products, from the bread to the seasoning, you'll find an earthy taste to everything unlike the ready-made fast-food pizzas you find is big brand outlets. Apart from it is evergreen pizzas, it serves flavorful spaghetti and Penne pasta, and luscious Risottos. If you're staying in a hotel in Kolkata near Esplanade or maidan and feeling Pizza, this is your place to be.

Address- Kanak Building, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

Meal for two- ₹1500-2000 (without Alcohol)

3. Denzong Kitchen

This entry on the list is unlike any other, while others are well-reputed restaurants been there for a decent amount of time and with lot cost behind them, Denzong Kitchen was opened by two college students in 2009 with the aim to sell only momos. Now if you were to ask any young adult in South Kolkata about momos, the Denzong name with pop up. Initially, Denzong Kitchen started in Bikramgar, near 8B bus stand in Kolkata to sell the best momos in the city accompanied by one of the spiciest yet tastiest sauce ever. Eventually, they became well popular among college students, and their popularity only grew from there. The expanded into serving more Chinese dishes such as Noodles, fried rice, Gravy chickens, Thupka's, and Gayathuk. The moto of Denzong was simple they served good food at a pocket-friendly price. While initially, it operated either as a takeaway or stand-eat place, with multiple joints opening through Kolkata with better sitting availability, Denzong has become your go-to regular Chinese place. So if you're staying near a Denzong Kitchen joint in your visit to Kolkata, be sure to give their momos a shot.

Address- 9A Prince Gulam Hussain Shah Road, Jadavpur, Bikramgarh, Golf Green, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032 (the original joint)

Meal for two- ₹300-400

4. Cafe Mezzuna

A huge cafe, with great ambiance and a bar on the middle, serving appetizing continental and Mediterranean food. While the ambiance is a huge factor that makes you want to visit this place over and over, the extensive menu and how yet everything yet tastes so good just shows the finesse of the chefs at the helm. The dishes as picturesque, and you'll feel they are taken right away from the Pixar classic ratatouille, which they also serve in case you always wanted to have one. Let it be the pasta, steaks, or the pizza, you're bound to have gastrogasm if you visit Cafe Mezzuna, but remember to always keep space for their luscious dessert. From blueberry cheesecake to the Tiramisu, everything in Cafe Mezzuna feels perfect.

Address- Shop No. 401 – 402, 4th Floor, Forum Mall, 10/3, Elgin Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

Meal for two- ₹1200-1500 (alcohol)

5. Oudh 1590

What is a list of restaurants in Kolkata without a Biriyani place? The people of Kolkata love their biriyani so much that every corner now and then a biriyani shop pops off, and in every menu in a hotel in Kolkata Biriyani is a must. Oudh 1590 is an experience like no other. Oudh 1590 is famous for his Awadhi and Mughal food and serves the best Awadhi biriyani in the city with aa fragrant that'll make you coming for more. What makes Oudh 1590 biryani and its food standout, in general, is the high quality of food serves and how such a heavy cuisine feels light as continental food due to the preparations by Oudh 1590. The décor of the restaurant gives a royal vibe due to its Awadhi theme, even the cutlery they use showcases the same theme. If you are staying over a hotel in Ballygunge surely give this place a try but be sure to book a table or call in before or you might have to stand in long queues.

Address- P-562 Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, opp. Kamala Girls School, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Meal for two- 1200

These were a few of the must-try restaurants in Kolkata for your next visit. As multiple cuisines are prevalent in Kolkata, the list comprises mostly of 1 restaurant from a specific type of cuisine to have a much broader list for everyone. Even if you can visit any of the places, you will still find many amazing eateries in Kolkata from small takeaway centers to many beautiful cafes in every corner to dine at because to Bengalis food is an important affair.

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