Kolkata and its fish is a never-ending love story, that given rise to a rich Seafood culture in the city. Let it be the Bengali fish preparations with Iilish, Pabda, Vetki or the Chinese preparations with Squid, prawns, Octopus, Kolkata can be an exciting place for any seafood lover. With time the food in the city has matured, and more different cuisines have made its way into the in the form of new restaurants and hotels in Kolkata. This has made the city one of the go-to places for most seafood lovers, and many bloggers travel to the city and book hotels in Kolkata to have a taste of all the diverse seafood cuisines running rampant in the city. So if you're one of these seafood lovers and is visiting Kolkata give these 5 must-visit seafood restaurants a shot.

1. Santas Fantasea

One of the most unique restaurants in the list, Santas Fantasea is a Tribal and Sea Food restaurant. Similarly, it's menu has two parts, the tribal part and the Seafood part. The tribal food part is quite intriguing and is especially known for it's Bash Pora cuisines, which look really orthodox. But the main appeal of the restaurant remains in its wide variety of seafood. From its delicious seafood momos to the chewy squid draped in species, the options in Santas Fantasea are endless. The eatery is famous throughout the city for its Octopus especially, with a wide variety of preparations like Butter Garlic, Chilli Mustard, Honey Glazed, Smoked and Shanghai. Other delightful options are Pampret, Crab and even Lobster if you are feeling a bit special. The décor is a mixture of tribal and sea colours, which makes the place look quite unique. If you're staying over at a hotel in Ballygunge, this place is highly recommended. Apart from that it also has a chain in Saltlake for all the visitors staying for at a hotel in Salt Lake.

Address- 9, Ballygunge Terrace, Dhakuria, Kankulia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700031

Price- ₹800-1000 for two people

2. Kasturi

A small restaurant serving traditional Bengali and Bangladeshi seafood preparation, Kasturi is one of the hidden gems in the city. Bengali's normally don't eat Bengali cuisine outside much, because of moms! Even still Kasturi attracts a good amount of Bengali customers. The main reason being the high quality of Bangladeshi food the eatery has been serving throughout the years, and it is just hard to resist 'Daab Chingri'. Not to mention the bhetki paturi, Tel Koi, Pabda shorshe Jhal and many more luscious preparations. Kasturi's caters a different authentic experience from its decor, to the staff which, and obviously the food, which has made this place one of the best seafood places in the city. If you're staying a hotel in Ballygunge, the Kasturi there is a must-visit for a big fat Bengali fish extravaganza. There are also few other chains of Kasturi around the city, the first being at Dharmatala.

Address- 11 A, Hindusthan Road, Rash Behari Ave, Dover Lane, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

Price- ₹400-500 for two

3. Fish Fish

Just like the name might suggest, this place only serves several kinds of Fish delicacies. There is an easter egg to the name, as Fish Fish in Bengali also means to whisper. Coming to the food, this is a fish lover paradise. The eatery is quite famous for is the Fish Basket, which you'll need some company to fish. Apart from multiple preparations of Bhetki, Pomfret, Katla, Pabda and the kings of fish Iilish is available. Being an exclusive fish restaurants, the preparations aren't limited to only Bengali but Chinese, Mediterranean and continental preparations are also available to please your taste buds. This eatery also being located in Ballygunge, gives travellers another reason to book a room in a hotel at Ballygunge.

Address- 13, 5, Anil Maitra Rd, Ballygunge Place, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

Price- ₹1000-1200 for two

4. Ectasea

Located in one of the poshest locations in Kolkata, Ectasea has been one of the go-to places for Seafood in the city. The eatery mostly consists of Indo-Chinese preparations, so if you like Chinese seafood, this is the place to visit. The portion of food is quite generous, with a reasonable price tag. The seafood soups are very well balanced and retain all the flavours of the ingredients yet being a light start before you dive into the main course. Juicy seafood momos, delicately cooked prawns, Chili crab with soft shells, flavorful squids and well-seasoned octopus makes this place a cosy place a pleasure to dine in. After a big meal, it can really be surprising, especially for tourist to see the humble bill one receives.

Address- P241, Lake Rd, lake Terrace, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Price- ₹650 for two

5. Pappadam

Unlike the other entries on the list serving Chinese or Bengali seafood cuisine, Pappadam here serves coastal seas food cuisine. Bringing coastal dishes from Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to the city of Bengal, and giving a fresh look to the seafood scene in the city. The culinary experience that Pappadam serves with its Goan fish curry is quite unique to Kolkata. Other pleasing dishes are Gung Mourala Fry in Goan style, Pomfret Malabar Curry, Andra Pradesh special Squid Chettinad, Mangalore Ghee Roast of a Whole crab and the list goes on. Having cuisines of the different coastal state means, ever visit Pappadam feels like a new experience altogether with new spices and preparations.

Address- 24, SR Das Rd, Mudiali, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700045

Price- ₹700 for two

These were a few of many amazing seafood restaurants you can visit in Kolkata. The food culture of Kolkata has grown more and more diverse as time has passed. This has truly made Kolkata a food heave, appealing to different culture and food taste throughout the world.

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