India is the home to many diverse cultures, every habit of a person differs. It might be the choice of music, clothing, or beliefs, there is a certain diversity in everything even with people in the same city. This diversity is most prominent in food habits, and one of the most polarizing food habits is seafood. You either can't stand the smell of seafood or start drooling moment you see some red chili prawns with a lemon garnishing. So if you fall in the latter group, here are 5 seafood restaurants around India that everyone will love and where to find them.

1. Kasturi, Kolkata

One of the hidden gems in the city of Joy, Kasturi is a cosy restaurant in Dharmatala that serves traditional Bengali and Bangladeshi food. Fish and other seafood are an identity of Bengalis, the same goes for this restaurant which is famous for its amazing seafood. Bengali normally don't eat their own cuisine outside the home, because 'ma can cook it', but even then Kasturi draws in a good number of Bengali customers due to its appetizing seafood. Let it be the 'Daab Chingri' (prawns cooked in coconut), or Bhetki Paturi, the seafood at Kasturi is always going to make you happy. Some other dishes to droll over are the tel koi, Pabda shorshe jhal, The authentic Bengali flavours that Kasturi serves has made this place the go-to place to have Bengali seafood in the city. Kasturi currently has opened chains in Jadavpur, Ballygunge, New town, Newmarket and few other places, so if your hotel in Kolkata is nearby of these places, go treat your self to some appetizing Bengali seafood.

Address- 7A, Marqius St, Esplanade, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

Price- 500 for two

2. Ganjalee, Mumbai

Serving the economic capital of India for two decades, Ganjalee is more than a restaurant, it is an experience for its customers. Mumbai located on the coasts, seafood as a cuisine is a common occurrence in restaurants and hotel in Mumbai, but Ganjalee takes to a different level. The Bombil Fry is perfect crispy which melts into your mouth after every bite. Apart from that, their Tandoori crab, butter garlic pepper lobster and special pomfret curry are some more dishes to try. The restaurant also serves clams and oysters, but perhaps the biggest appeal of this place is the authentic flavour in every dish and ever-smiling staff. For the same reason, Ganjalee has been voted one of the best seafood restaurants in India by multiple magazines and features in many lists over the years for its tasty seafood. So if you're a seafood lover on a trip, sick of your mundane food in your hotel in Mumbai, give Ganjalee a visit.

Address- Kadamgiri Complex Hanuman Road, next to Icici Bank, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057

Price- 1500 for two

3. The Marina, Chennai

The Marina is a restaurant in Chennai, that standouts due to many reasons including its food, but main being its aim of providing sustainable seafood, and being part of the sustainable seafood movement. The Marina procures its ingredients in a way that doesn't harm the environment, something everyone should give a thought about. It serves two types of seafood cuisine, Chinese and Indian. The eatery has beautiful aquariums neatly placed for you to see when you enter. The place has a certain scent of the sea, which can not so ideal for people who are not a fan of seafood (you probably shouldn't visit the place in the first place then). Their Malabar curry, simmered in fennel enhanced red chilly with coconut gravy is to die for, apart from that their Milagu Kuzhambu and Mango curry are worth giving a shot. There might be many seafood restaurants and hotels in Chennai, but The Marina are the masters of what the do.

Address- 39, College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006

Price- 1600 for two

4. Nawras Seafood Restaurant, Kochi

Kerela is already considered one of the best places in India to try seafood, and most restaurant and hotels in Kochi serve seafood, so it isn't a surprise when one of the top seafood restaurants in Kochi is on the list. Nawras Seafood restaurant started a decade ago with one simple aim, to serve the freshest and tastiest seafood delicacies to customers. The interior is gorgeous and set for a serene environment where you can enjoy your food. Coming to the food itself, it is always fresh as ever, and the peculiar smell that most seafood has, Nawras can nullify with their cooking magic. The place also offers the option of the live kitchen when you can choose what spices you would prefer on your food also with the option to select your catch.

Address- 23, Chittoor Rd, near Bus Stop, Pullepady, Kochi, Kerala 682035

Price- 1000 for two

5. Karavalli, Bangalore

Karvalli is part of The Gateway, a hotel in Bangalore by the Taj Group. Being part of The Taj group Karavalli was meant for success from its implementation, and currently serves one of the best south India cuisines, and the same goes for its Seafood. In it is earlier days, the chefs of Karvalli were sent to local homes, to try their food and understand the recipes. This willingness to create good food has carried over the years and has made a go-to place for seafood lovers in Bangalore. The interactive dining experience makes a visit to the restaurant engaging, and the delicious seafood would make your cherish every bite you take. Coming to food, the Camaro Con Cilantro, prawns with some saffron coriander sauce or Allapuzha Meen curry, cubes of sear fish simmered in a moderately spiced gravy of freshly grounded coconut, ginger, mangoes are some must-try. In general, if you're are visiting Karavalli for some seafood, you will be not disappointed in any way, and the fine dining experience would want you to come back for more for sure

Address- Vivanta Bengaluru, 66, Residency Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

Price- 3500 for two

The list tried not only to show restaurants that serve amazing seafood but also represent different types of cuisines styles seafood is made in different cities, to showcase the diversity in India. We as a country are truly lucky to be home to so many amazing cultures that have given birth so many delicious food delicacies.

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