The new year party is one of the most exciting events of the whole year. Everyone gets busy to welcome the new year and organizes different plans to spend the day with family and friends. This special day allows everyone to enjoy it to the fullest with new vigor to welcome the new year. Everyone is full of energy. Some people prefer to celebrate at home, and others prefer to go to clubs and hotels. Many partygoers gather in some of the lavish Hourly Hotels in Mumbai. Apart from Mumbai, the hotels in all other major cities are open to celebrate the grand party on the eve of New Year. But some of these hotels impose restrictions on carrying out certain activities. This article will let you know what types of things are allowed and which are not allowed at a hotel's new year’s party.

A few friends while enjoying New Year Party in one of the Hourly Hotels in Mumbai. Source: Pexel

Things allowed in hourly hotels in Mumbai

Many hotels, including Hourly Hotels in Hyderabad, allow many interesting things to do at the new year party. You will get the best experience by attending these parties.

  • Dance

Dancing is common at all types of parties. New year’s party is also not an exception to it. Everyone feels energetic and lively, and they do not hesitate to hit the floor. There can not be said to be real enjoyment without dance, as dance and party go hand in hand. The new year party is also flooded with dance with music. Hourly Hotels in Mumbai allow dancing at the new year party. People enjoy the occasion while dancing with their friends.

  • Sing

Like dancing, singing is also an inevitable part of the party. Even many hotels invite reputed singers to entertain at the new year party. Instead of DJ and dance, many hotels prefer to organise singing performances. Many sophisticated Hourly Hotels in Bangalore invite musical bands and singers to perform at the new year party. Thus the whole night is filled with musical delights. Even those who attend the party with a talent for singing are also allowed to sing in their way.

  • Family dinner
Family Dinner in a New Year Party in One of the Hourly Hotels in Mumbai. Source: Pexel

Many people prefer to celebrate new year’s eve with their friends. But some other people prefer to celebrate this special occasion with their families. Most of the hotels, including Dayuse Hotels in Delhi, provide special facilties and offer to have family dinners. Thus the family members get the time to spend the special day with loved ones and celebrate the occasion together. It is one of the best days to celebrate with family and friends.

  • Photo session

Very few people enjoy the new year party without taking photos with loved ones. Hotel authorities also take care of the guests' interest and decorate every corner so you can take your favorite photos with amazing backgrounds. Almost all hotels, including Couple friendly hotels in Pune, allow the guests to create sweet memories by taking photos with loved ones. You can take group and single photos to flood your social media accounts with a glimpse of a new year’s party.

  • Drinks within the limit

Although most hotels allow you to have drinks, you will have to consume alcohol within a certain limit. You won’t have to cross that limit. Even some Day-use Hotels in Chennai allow specific hard drinks for the new year celebration. You will have to consume hard drinks within this specific limit. There will be restrictions while consuming alcoholic drinks exceeding a specific amount. However, there may be different limits for different hotels.

Things may not be allowed

There will be certain restrictions while carrying out the following things. Different hotels may impose different restrictions. But the restrictions imposed in doing the following things are common in all hotels.

  • Swim

Most hotels, including Hourly Hotels in Mumbai, may not allow you to enjoy swimming. There may be many reasons for imposing restrictions on swimming. One of them may be to avoid any accidents. Since everyone gets busy enjoying the party on the verge of welcoming a new year, hotels try to keep a strict eye so that no unwanted situation can occur.

  • Some types of drinks

Some hotels, including Couple friendly hotels in Gurgaon, do not allow some types of alcoholic drinks. You will not get some specific drinks at the new year party to keep the atmosphere peaceful. Even if the restricted drinks are available on normal days, these may not be available at the new year party. Some powerful drinks containing a higher amount of alcohol are restricted in the new year party so the celebration can be done without any unwanted circumstances.

  • Taking massage

You may not be allowed to take the facilities like massage and spa as the massage centers may not open on new year’s eve. Since people come to celebrate the new year party, some hotels consider using the massage or spa center unnecessary. Therefore, you cannot get access to the spa and massage facilities even though you are ready to pay for them.

  • Play games

Some hotels, including Couple friendly hotels in Noida, may not allow playing certain games within the hotel premises. Games like Casinos may not be allowed at the new year party. Although there are no specific reasons, some hotels do not allow game-related gambling at the new year party. One of the common reasons may be to avoid police raids on the hotel. Since police become alert on the eve of the new year, many hotels strictly follow the guidelines.

  • Loud music after a while
DJ night in one of the HourlyHotels in Mumbai. Source: Pexel

Most state governments release guidelines restricting the loud sounds after some time, even on the eve of the new year. Therefore, hotels will have to abide by the guidelines. Otherwise a fine is imposed on the hotel by the administrative authorities of the state or district. Therefore, hotels often request the guests to enjoy the party with the music at a mild volume so that the neighboring areas do not get disturbed.

  • Booking a new room

You may not be allowed to book the new room if you accompany your partner to the party. It may be against the policy of the hotel to avoid any immoral acts during the party. Even many hourly hotels do not allow unmarried couples to hire a room on the eve of the new year. These hotels specifically restrict unmarried couples from booking a hotel room even for a few hours.

  • The organization of an event

Hotels will not allow any event when a new party is happening in the hotel. Even though some hotels with large spaces may allow such activity, hotels with small spaces may not allow organizing any event. It does not matter whether the event is formal or informal; some hotels will not allow it to organize it. Even if it is an official event, you may not be allowed to organize it during the party. It is the obvious reason that, during a particular occasion, the atmosphere will not be suitable to organize an event.


There are different rules for different hotels. But this article covers the common things allowed and restricted while carrying out the new year party. However, some of these things may not be the same with some hotels. Most Hourly Hotels in Mumbai follow the same rules as any other hotels while allowing and imposing restrictions from carrying out the above mentioned things. Therefore, when you decide to celebrate the new year party in a hotel, you will have to first decide which things you want to enjoy at the party. Otherwise, you may not be ready, and you may not be able to celebrate as per your expectation.