When you travel to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, you can experience the most memorable spiritual journey of your lifetime. You will not only learn to live in the present but they will also help you to discover the true meaning of life. You will not only feel cleansed but also energized after you have visited this holy place. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book an hourly hotel in Amritsar & visit the soulful temple. The following are 5 things that you can do for a soulful experience.

I. Witness the iconic Palki Ceremony of the Guru Granth Sahib in the evenings

Scene during the palki ceremony (Image Source: www.alamy.com)

You can witness the spectacular palki ceremony of the holy book Guru Granth Sahib. In Golden Temple, priests carry a sacred book in a golden palki (palanquin). Other devotees can also join in holding rods of the palki along the way.

This procession happens as early as 3:30 am before sunrise & late in the night between 10 to 11 pm. Prakash, the morning procession, is the procedure of carrying back to the main shrine of the Golden Temple from the Akal Takht building, along with loudly reading the lines from the Guru Granth Sahib. In Sukhasan (late evening ritual), the holy book carry from its main shrine to the Akal Takht's first floor. This procedure put the book to rest.

In Sikhism, the tenth Guru Gobind Singh decided to consider the holy book Guru Granth Sahib after him as their guiding Guru. From then, the holy book is considered as a Guru (holy person). So, these processions signify that as humans require rest & sleep and then wake up in the morning, a similar process will be carried for the pious book. Interesting ritual, right? So, ponder too much! Plan your trip, book a hotel for a few hours in Amritsar & witness this alluring palki ceremony of the Golden Temple.

II. Have Langar, but can do Sewa in the Langar Room too!

World's largest community kitchen serves organic food (Image Source: sites.ndtv.com)

Langar is free of cost meal provided by the community kitchen of a spiritual place. Then that same food is distributed among all the devotees & visitors entering the langar hall. In the Golden Temple, you can watch the cooking meal process from a distance. Here, the raw materials pass through large electronic machines that prepare food for the masses in less time. You will sit on a mat lying on the floor in a cross-legged position.

Interestingly, you can do 'Sewa' (or service) in the langar halls by serving the food, washing dishes & cleaning floors. Also, you can help in the food preparation in the kitchen area by peeling vegetables or making lentil soups (dals) & chapatis.
Sounds so amusing, right? Plan your trip & relish the blissful langar. Make sure to stay in a cost-effective hourly hotel in Amritsar or a hotel for a few hours in Delhi.

III. Dip in Holy water of the Sarovar

Dip in Holy water of Sarovar (Image Source: www.siasat.com)

For a soulful experience, you can dip yourself in the holy waters of the Amrit Sarovar. In English translation, Sarovar means lake. But why the suffix 'Amrit'? As Amrit refers to the divine water that has healing powers & repents you from all your sins, the lake is referred to as 'Amrit Sarovar'.

Taking dips in the waters of holy Amrit Sarovar along with background chanting & spiritual prayers sound from the main shrine will make you feel serene! In Golden Temple, there are covered & separate areas for bathing & changing clothes for women. Sounds so spiritual, right? Plan your holidays, schedule an hourly hotel in Amritsar & experience this beautiful feeling.

IV. Learn about the Sikh History in Ajaib Ghar

History of Sikhism in Ajaib Ghar inside the Golden Temple (Image Source: amritsartourism.org.in)

You can visit the iconic Central Sikh Museum (Ajaib Ghar) located within the premises of the Golden Temple compound. Breath-taking paintings, artifacts of important Sikh personalities, rare manuscripts, and objects used by Gurus are on display here. There is no entry ticket. So, book an hourly hotel in Amritsar for your stay & visit this historic museum.

V. Take plants as a prashad!

Plants given as Prashad in Golden Temple (Image Source: www.sikhnet.com)

Yes, you heard it right! Near the shoe-deposit counter, there is a place where you get small plants as a Prashad! Prashad is regarded as the devotional offering first given to God & it's believed that God blessed that food. So, devotees take plants home as a blessing from God. It's available for free. You can buy the dry Prashad packets from the shops to distribute them to your family & friends back home. Fascinating, right? Plan your vacations, book an hourly hotel in Amritsar or Delhi from MiStay for your economical stay & visit this amazing place.

VI. Sit beneath the famous Baba Budha's tree

Baba Budha's tree within the Golden Temple Premises(Image Source: www.discoversikhism.com)

While walking in the confines of the Golden Temple, you will come across a tree with a small gated boundary near the Sarovar. This historic tree shadows Baba Budha when he came to rest after the construction work of the Golden Temple & the holy Sarovar's well. He used to camp under this ber tree.

In 1604, the fifth Sikh Guru Arjan Dev compiled the first edition of the holy book Guru Granth Sahib & decided to install it in the Golden Temple. He appointed Baba Budha ji as the first Granthi (Guru Granth Sahib book's reciter). Still, the tree has been preserved by the gurudwara staff in the honor of Baba Budha. Devotees sit under the tree in quietness to seek blessings. It's believed that as such a great & wise personality spent their days under this tree, you would also feel peacefulness.

So, what are you thinking? Pack your clothes, plan your trip and stay in an hourly hotel in Amritsar for your comfortable stay.