Mumbai, the city of dreams, is a must-visit place for all living in India. The vibe and the culture of the city are at a different notch, making this city one of the most visited places in India. The last thing you want while you are on a special trip, especially like a place in Mumbai, is the headache of booking hassles with hourly rooms. Making a booking at an hourly hotel may seem like a tough task, especially when you aren’t used to booking hotel rooms hourly. But you need not worry; this blog shares all the information you need before you start looking for hourly hotels in Mumbai.

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Booking Hourly Hotels

All of us love to go on trips - be it a group trip, an individual trip, or even a couple trip. However, for that perfect trip, planning is crucial. This does seem like a huge and tough task, particularly while trying to book a hotel based on your requirements. The Internet has made things easier for us, but there are so many loopholes. Does this confuse you? Don’t worry, we have a list of things for you to keep in mind before you make any online bookings. You could use this list to book hotels in any city in India, such as while booking hotels for a few hours in Delhi or hourly hotels in Chennai. Read on.

Things to Ensure While Booking Hourly Hotels

Traveling to different cities in India is one of the best experiences. However, the stay is crucial too. Also, festive times such as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day make it difficult to choose the right room for you and your family. Cities like Delhi especially get quite crowded during festive times, so you can check for hotels near Delhi, like hotels for a few hours in Noida. Our tips will help you make the right decision with your room. Following is the list of things to remember before booking an hourly hotel.

  • Always Compare

You must make the utmost use of all the various apps, and Websites on the Internet and compare them to get the best deals. It is important to compare all deals available on various websites. MiStay will present to you the list of all the available places to stay with the best possible prices. You can book the hotel you like for a better price. This works for any city in India, for example, while booking hourly hotels in Hyderabad. Always keep in mind the number of hours you intend to spend in the hotel. Will you be staying only for the night, only for a couple of hours, or using the hotel like a transit facility? Websites such as MiStay offer various hourly hotel booking facilities.

  • Location

You always need to check the exact location or place of the hotel which you intend to book. One never knows; there may be two different hotel locations with the same name. Another crucial reason that you need to verify the hotel’s location is that you can check the actual distance between the hotel and the city or the tourist destinations and estimate the charges for travel accordingly. This will give you a better idea of how much approximately you may have to spend on the trip. In a place like Mumbai, which is quite huge, you need to plan for the budget before booking hourly hotels in Mumbai. If you aim to relax, then a peaceful surrounding is what you should consider and book. If you plan to go out, explore the city and party, then do ensure to book a hotel in the center of the city. MiStay provides the exact location and maps for all the hotels in different cities. So, for example, even if you need to search for hotels for a few hours in Bangalore, log on to the MiStay website and search to get the exact location and price details.

  • Rooms

So, are just two friends of different genders traveling together, or an unmarried couple for that matter, then you have to check if the hotel is in fact, couple friendly. This is a very crucial thing to find out before finalizing your booking. Also, in case you have booked a room for three people and one more person decides to join, you should call up the hotel beforehand and check if you have the option of getting an extra bed. This way, you need not go ahead and book a separate room. Thus, you should never hesitate to call a hotel and get all your queries clarified before you check into the hotel. Most websites mention if the hotel is couple friendly or as a policy. Even if it is not mentioned, you can easily call in and check. Most hotels in metropolitan cities are couple friendly, so you need not worry. If you are visiting a metropolitan city such as Delhi, then search for day use rooms in Delhi

  • Reviews

You have to understand that a hotel always portrays itself as being the best in that specific area or also website. So, if you are looking for hotels in different cities, such as hotels for a few hours in Pune then ensure that you check the reviews. This is the best way to learn more about the different hotel services from the people who have actually visited that particular hotel. Never be too shy to ask family and friends about their experiences of the hotel where they have stayed. Also, you must never rely on one source only. You must always broaden your perspective with various inputs from different sources.

  • Cancellation Policy

The thing about travel is that when you plan a trip, then there is always a chance that there may be a change of plans and you might end up having to cancel the plan. So, you always need to check if the hotel you are planning to book offers a cancellation policy or not. You do not want to waste money unnecessarily, do you? You will be pleasantly surprised by how helpful reviews and suggestions from family and friends are. Never let a not-so-pleasant hotel stay experience ruin your whole holiday with someone you cherish the most.

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We also recommend that you fix a price range that you can spend for your stay, and then always stick to that specified price range. In this manner, you will for sure be able to accomplish a great hotel room along with the luxury that is reasonably priced. MiStay gives you excellent deals for hotels in most cities, such as Dayuse rooms in Chennai.


Travel and short weekend getaways are the ultimate ways to reconnect and spend quality time with family. Do plan and take a break and give that special someone the best gift – your time. If you're looking to reserve a day-use hotel in Delhi or other cities then check out MiStay. MiStay has excellent pricing when making hotel reservations in any part of India, for example, while booking hourly hotels in Mumbai. They have a large selection of hotels from several Indian cities.