Unfortunately, the Oxford English Dictionary doesn't provide a full explanation of what a travel blogger is. Essentially however, you have some sort of "blog", or an online journal, that is largely focused on sharing stories about your travels.

In my opinion, professional travel blogging entails two things. To begin with, it implies the business generates income. Secondly, it implies that you intend to stick with this for the long run, and you can be expected to provide both your readers and any clients you have a professional level of service.

In the travel blogging world, there are a host of ways to generate income, and there are a lot of varying opinions about what a travel blogger really is, ranging from looking at stories from a journalism perspective up to writing more personal narratives.

Well, you can find the following pointers useful in becoming a successful travel blogger.

1.Follow your passion

During the first year or two, if not longer, you should be doing something you enjoy even if you don't expect to generate a tremendous return.

As a general rule, most blogs on the internet don't last very long, with the average blog's life being about a week and one post. Travel blogs are no different, and seeking out full-time employment can be a challenging endeavor.

People often neglect this step since they don't write about what they are passionate about. You will find time to do something you are passionate about, no matter the time constraints, and the content you create will reflect high levels of engagement and interest.

The globe-trotting niche ranges from budget, to adventure, to family, as well as food. We focus on independent travel and photography on this site, because that’s where our passion lies. Make a blog about what you love doing, something you would do for no reward if it brought you no reward.

Then, let's be real: if you don't enjoy travel, travel writing, photography, self-management, the sense that no one cares, and experiencing hard work for little reward, travel blogging might not be for you. With new blogs appearing everyday, and success doesn't happen overnight as a travel blogger, starting out can be challenging.

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2. Pick your Blog Name

Making sure you pick the right blog name from the beginning is an essential step in setting yourself up. The most important features to consider are that the name of your blog matches your brand and goals, so that readers can tell instantly what your blog is about just from the name. It's also imperative you stand out from the crowd, and you don't want to do anything that will deteriorate over time, such as using a year, date, or other number in the name of your blog.

Making your name memorable will help, and I recommend avoiding any type of hyphenated name as people will almost always forget that.

Additionally, it is imperative that the name you choose is both memorable and appropriate for social media. Finding the Universe, for instance, is 18 characters long, exceeding Twitter's 15 character limit. Pick a name that's easy to abbreviate, or that's short and fits on all of the social media networks you want to use!

3. Create your blog

Having chosen your site name, you will need to begin setting up your blog. There are various ways to accomplish this, from using a free platform to setting up home-hosted servers. Using WordPress as your blogging platform, we recommend that you go self-hosted immediately.

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4. Regularly write with quality

To establish yourself as an expert on the subject, it is important to learn the basics of your topic.

In addition, it is necessary to write regularly or at least consistently. Typically, you should post every day, but there is no exact time limit or how long they should be. Come up with a schedule that works for you. You do need to spend time on it, however, and you also need to be consistent if you want to build an audience.

You might want to consider not overextending yourself by posting every day, but rather stick to at least a post a fortnight. Travel blogs that are the most successful tend to publish once a month to eight times a month, but there are obviously exceptions to that rule.

Source: Claire’s Itchy Feet

5. Content is all that matters

If you want to succeed, you must consistently write high-quality content that answers your readers' questions. Whenever you feel the need to start a blog or read advice on how to build an audience, it is common to hear people discussing things like search engine optimisation (SEO), using social media networks to drive traffic, and other tips and tricks to help you get more visitors.

Although these things are important, the most important thing a person can do to be successful is to make sure that the content they create is as good as it can be, no matter where they post it. It's not okay to throw something up just to meet some schedule that you have determined. Don't settle for less than the best.

Keep putting out high quality content, and your audience will find you, they will grow, and they will keep coming back.

So, these were the top 5 pointers you may keep in mind to become a successful blogger. Check out some similar blogs on our website.