Yes, it is here. The festival every human in India awaits eagerly irrespective of their race, caste or gender. The girls crave for Ghaghraas and the boys get happy with a loud Laxmi bomb. Numerous family selfies, tons of sweets to stuff your mouth and the rows of 'diyaa' to make the night sky look the brightest. We all are used to the regular Diwali celebration in our households.

But we all know how diverse India is as a country, where billions of people reside with their millions of customs and traditions. So this Diwali we decided to connect with some amazing traditions and beautiful places around India. So here are 6 places you need to visit this Diwali to make your long weekend getaway great!

A trip to Goa


The tidal breeze and the happening shacks happen to be the first image of Goa. But the Konkani tradition living midst all this makes Goa an unique destination to celebrate a different Diwali. It begins from the day of Narak Chaturdasi. The people make a paper sculpture of Narakasur, the demon. They gather at 4:00 in the morning to burn this effigy and make an explosive start of the day, literally. This follows by different Konkani customs like taking scented oil bath, crushing 'Kareet', a bitter berry, by feet and ending the festive season with Tulsi Vivah two days after Diwali. To stay in Goa at this time of the year, can be an experience to see Goa and Diwali in a new light(Pun intended!).

Ride to Jaipur


Imagine a place where you can see illuminated houses, streets and even palaces, in whichever direction you see. It is an overwhelming sight for a person who is spending Diwali in Jaipur. The Pink City looks like the biggest carnival city around on this festival. The royal customs followed by the Rajput families and the humble traditions of a Marwari family, bot keep us hinged and curious. And yes ofcourse, both of them serve delicious food. It will be a memory you can never forget, when the firecrackers begin to light up the sky, which will seem like a pure reflection of the city flooded with light.

Travelling to Amritsar


If to reconnect with peace and service is a self-goal for you this Diwali, then Amritsar is the place to be. You can stay in Chandigarh for your weekend too, and then come to the magnificent Golden Temple to be awed by the visual. So many people around, and yet you will feel calm in that hustle bustle. It can be an amazing getaway as you can spend your day wandering Chandigarh and Amritsar, and the night in the Golden Temple. It can be the break which you need from a long time.

Take a train to Kolkata


Talking about this month of year, and Kolkata gets left out? Not possible. The Bengalis are great devotees to Goddess Kali and this tradition continues here too, with a pooja for the goddess. No one does desserts like the Bongs, and that's another incentive if you make a stay in Kolkata this Diwali, a LOT of Sondesh. The festive nature of the city fills a different kind of thrill and joy in you, and the energy you get to feel is breathtaking. It is the place which will take your Diwali vibe on a next level.

A getaway to Purushwadi


Don't want the cacophony of your city? Want to just "Keep calm because it's Diwali", in the very literal sense? Head to this small village located on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway without any second thought. Light a bonfire on the night of Diwali, have local food, and listen to children move door to door, singing traditional songs, inviting each one to pour oil into their oil lamps, mounted on a handmade bundle of stick. And the best part, the sight of millions of fireflies! Travel and stay at any of the hotels in Mumbai, but then drive to this place for feeling the roots of our traditions.

Find yourself in Varanasi


To be honest, if you have never been to Varanasi before, you need to go on a Diwali. And if you have been to the city before, go again on a Diwali. One of the oldest cities, celebrating India's biggest festival in all its grandeur and splendour. If you are thinking to stay in Mumbai or planning to check-in a hotel in Delhi, you should think again and travel to Varanasi for the complete Diwali Week and you might get to see the true spirit and spirituality of our country. The mysticism of the ghats, amalgamated with wild energy of Deepavali, is one thing you should not miss.

You can spend all your Diwali bonus on firecrackers and make Earth more uninhabitable, or to buy clothes you won't wear apart from this Diwali. But travel to any new place, meet some people, try their food, learn their culture and trust me, you'll learn more what this festival truly resembles than you know now.

And yes, a very Happy Diwali to you all from our MiStay family!