It is often our biggest challenge to pack when we travel, isn't it? In any case, whether you are going on a long holiday or a short business trip, if you do not pack well, you may receive some inconveniences. It is commonplace for people to pack way too much and have hefty charges at the airport for extra baggage; others forget vital items like a cellphone charger or bathroom slippers and have no other option than to find one immediately or worse... forget it altogether.

Pack efficiently if you want to have a smooth trip and not worry about forgetting something. Using this strategy will enable you to save a considerable amount of money while also ensuring that your vacation or business trip runs smoothly. In this article we'll share eight clever tips on packing smarter:

1. Prepare a packing list

When it comes to packing lists, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, these are brief summaries of your luggage that include the names and count of each item you need to take. Creating this essential list has two major benefits: firstly, it will be helpful for keeping track of the items you are carrying with you, and secondly, it will ensure that nothing is forgotten on the way back.


2. Safeguard your gadgets

Devices constitute the most delicate and expensive part of your luggage, don't they? Make sure that fragile items are not damaged in transit or otherwise by storing them in Ziploc bags. Provided you put another layer of foam, bubble wrap, or clothes around the plastic bag, your gadgets will remain dry and will be protected from all types of damage. An old sunglass case can also be used to store cell phone chargers, headphones, and data cables.

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3. Organize your shoes smartly

Shoes occupy a substantial amount of room in a travel bag, so there is less room for other items. However, can you keep small pieces of clothing like underwear, socks, and handkerchiefs in your shoes so you don't have to worry about losing them? Don't forget to cover the soles of your shoes with shower caps after wearing them in dirty weather, so as not to soil your clothes. Additionally, if you have to travel light, make sure to wear your heaviest pair of footwear when you are on the go.

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4. Rather, roll than fold

To avoid creasing delicate clothing, fold the clothes easily and then cover them with two thin pieces of tissue paper. Roll the clothing once the tissue paper has been applied (from above and below). The benefits of this include keeping your clothing wrinkle-free and saving space in your travel bag, just in case you want to bring something else with you. Dresses made from linen and silk will benefit most from this hack.

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5. Pack a Duct Tape

What are the odds of your sandal strap or the handle of your bag breaking while traveling? These unexpected occurrences can be very annoying and embarrassing at times, if you know what we mean. Keeping a roll of duct tape handy while dealing with such mishaps can help you avoid being caught unprepared. This strong adhesive tape can easily fix a broken handle or strap for a short while. You can keep your duct tape rolled up on a pen in your handbag.

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6. Examine your luggage

Whether you're flying or simply packing up, always weigh your bags beforehand, as most airlines allow a limited amount of baggage per passenger (in terms of both size and weight). Choosing a lightweight suitcase is also important for the same reasons. The benefit of packing light and carrying an appropriately-sized bag is that, if the situation arises, you can easily navigate with the luggage without causing injury to yourself.

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So, these were some really useful hacks to pack smarter. Get your hands on these if you are a regular traveler. Check out some similar blogs on our website to get an interesting read every minute. Also, be a part of MiStay, India’s largest hourly hotels booking platform. Go check it out.