Lovestruck couples are always searching for ways to keep the spark alive. But fast-moving life can be taxing on your body and soul. If you are a romantic person, then you must have been fascinated by the idea of a beautiful candlelight dinner. Well, it’s time you turn your dream into reality. Plan a short trip and surprise your loved ones with a beautiful, romantic candlelight dinner. Book couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai and spend some quality time together. These hotels are generally located in beautiful places with well-equipped rooms and impeccable services. First, the ambience and then the taste of lip-smacking dishes will surely capture your soul.

Why are candlelight dinners so romantic?

Simply lighting a candle can help you change the mood of your surroundings. It makes you realize how fortunate you are. The soft glow of a candle will encourage you to slow down and enjoy the moment, whether it's the food you're about to eat or the company you're dining with. We've also heard that dining in dim light might enhance your other senses, enhancing the flavor of your food.

Candlelight enhances your dining experience. You'll enhance the elegance and coziness of your meal by taking a moment to light that candlestick. Candlelit dinners are known for romance, just like long walks on the beach.

So, it is safe to say that planning a surprise candlelight dinner date for your partner won’t be a disappointment. You can look for couple-friendly hotels in Delhi which have beautiful stay options and creative dinner date setups.

Plan a romantic candlelight dinner date with your partner. Source: iStock

There are different locations where you can plan your surprise dinner. Keep reading to get inspiration for your next romantic dinner date.

Candlelight dinner in the garden

What can be more beautiful than enjoying a delightful meal with the love of your life? You can ask the hotel staff to arrange your dinner in the garden. Many couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata have beautiful options for your dinner date. The most beautiful among them is the one with hanging candles, string lights, and paper lanterns on the trees and plants. This setup gives a magical fairy-tale-like experience.

Golden hour creates a cozy glow. You can choose a floral centerpiece for a more classic setup or gather petals and place them on the table. Keep the meal light and flavorful to evoke the natural allure of the garden. A bottle of wine will complete this dinner date, and who knows, by the end of the night, you might just win the title of best boyfriend/girlfriend.

You can also surprise your partner with a short trip to Pune. Check out couple-friendly hotels in Pune for a romantic getaway.

Candlelight dinner by the pool

Many couple-friendly hotels in Noida can help you create the perfect dinner date set up by the pool. Hotels with artificial lakes also create magical setups. Floating candles in the water, soft music, and delicious food can help elevate the mood. Just pile up a lot of blankets and pillows by the lake and cuddle up! Finally, to make your date feel like a passionate escape from your monotonous life, serve exotic beverages in hues inspired by the sunset. Couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore have open-air restaurants for romantic date nights.

Candlelight dinner by the beach

A tasty meal with a beautiful view of the setting sun and the cool breeze caressing your face. Poetic enough? Nothing can beat a beautiful, romantic dinner set up by the beach with your partner. Couple-friendly hotels in Chennai can help you set up a beautiful candlelight dinner by the beach.

By placing candles along the route to the meal, you can make it visually stunning right away. If a picnic is what you're looking for, a pastel-colored setup will be a perfect choice. If you both enjoy seafood, then oysters are an obvious choice. If your date doesn't like seafood, artichokes and avocados are also renowned for their ability to make people fall in love!

Check out couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai and plan your date for a sweet coastal take on a picnic date.

Romantic candlelight dinner date setup by the beach. Source: 7 Eventzz

Candlelight dinner date at the picnic

Give this laid-back classic a lavish makeover to make it suitable for a date night. Decorate your picnic with jewel-toned candles of all different shapes and sizes to create a bohemian romantic atmosphere. You can ask hotel staff to help you out with the setup. Silk sheets or faux fur rugs can add a luxurious touch to your basic date setup. Hotel staff can guide you with the perfect menu for the dinner date. Choose something light, and don't forget to end your meal with a yummy dessert. Some fruits with a bottle of wine are a must-have!

Check out couple-friendly hotels in Gurgaon for beautiful stay options.

Candlelight dinner date on the balcony

A romantic evening is created with a private meal outside. You can plan your next surprise dinner date in a couple-friendly hotel in Mumbai with the perfect view of the Arabian sea. If your hotel’s balcony already has potted plants, you can add some candles to it to boost the romantic factor. Place the table and chairs so that both you and your date can see the view. Ideal seating for this entails close proximity! Carry some light blankets if the temperature becomes cold after sunset.

You can also check couple-friendly hotels in Hyderabad and book a beautiful room with a spectacular view for a memorable time with your lover.

Candlelight dinner date on a boat

A candlelight dinner date on a floating boat can be the perfect setup for a romantic and cozy dinner date. Are you and your partner suckers for sunsets and enjoy watching the sea at night? Then, planning a candlelight dinner surprise is your best bed. Couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai make yachts available at affordable budgets from Gateway of India. These semi-luxurious yachts are appealing to look at and are perfect for a cozy dinner date. Private cabins with small sofas are idle for a dinner date with your partner. Seafood with wine is perfect for a romantic nautical theme.

After a beautiful stay, a romantic breakfast in bed is known to provide the perfect ending. It will still make your sweetheart feel special and valued after a romantic overnight visit. This loving act will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on your companion and turn this into one of the most treasured occasions in their life!


A little planning can make your romantic date night unique, whether you're celebrating a holiday or anniversary or just spending a romantic date night in a hotel room with your partner.

Make your hotel room into a romantic restaurant to start, slow dance to romantic music in the background, indulge in a romantic dessert in bed, share a bottle of champagne, and unwind on the candlelight dinner date. The next morning, have a romantic breakfast in bed to put a beautiful end to your short trip and return with beautiful memories. Check out couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai and some quality time with your partner.